Saint Germain on advanced Alchemy Book

Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy

Saint Germain on Alchemy HeartStreaming in the Aquarian Age, Volume 1

by David Christopher Lewis


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Saint Germain has been called the Wonderman of Europe, the Master Alchemist, the Avatar of Aquarius and the God of Love to the Earth. He comes today to initiate spiritual aspirants into the deeper mysteries of divine truth through up-to-date teachings on advanced alchemy. 

This book is for those who would know the eternal flame of love and master the science of inner being to bring about a world of freedom, enlightenment, peace and prosperity.

“The radiance of the heart is the alchemical key in all experiments of the spirit. When you fully realize the intensity of this flame nothing shall be impossible unto you. Your life will take on a miraculous aura of peace and divine ecstasy which is almost indescribable. Your inner knowing and growth will be most tangible to you and also to those around you.” 
Saint Germain


Alchemy is the ancient science of spirit through which inner transformation takes place: the lead of our lower nature is transmuted in the gold of our true, divine Selfhood. In this inspired work Saint Germain releases new formulas for our lives today that assist us in raising our consciousness and accelerating enlightened love through what he calls heartstreaming.


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Mario Duguay - Wisdom

Mario Duguay - Wisdom

Mario Duguay - Regeneration

Mario Duguay - Regeneration

Mario Duguay - Creativity

Mario Duguay - Creativity


Living in the Light:
Alchemical Art for Self-Transformation
Mario Duguay

Enjoy 16 beautiful Mario Duguay images in this book!

With its colorful brush strokes, flowing energy patterns, and ever-present nature beings and angelic helpers, Mario Duguay’s artwork speaks to the living reality of the spirit world interpenetrating our world. 

As alchemy is the science of transmutative change, so Mario’s artistry is truly alchemical art for self-transformation. The sixteen divinely inspired images presented here invite us to self-assess, to ask the deeper questions about our reason for being, our truest path, and our ultimate destiny. Gazing upon his imagery becomes a meditation. Accepting the conceptual ideations behind the forms and colors into our soul transports us into higher consciousness. 

As you view each image, pause for a few moments to imbibe its essence. Allow the sacred to permeate your being and raise you into the living light of your Presence.



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"Electrifying! The incomparable Master of Divine Alchemy himself, Saint Germain, delivers his powerful new teachings through David on the all-chemistry of divine love. Read it!"

—DANNION BRINKLEY, New York Times best-selling author of Saved by the Light, At Peace in the Light and Secrets of the Light

"If you thought it would take a miracle to bring about planetary change, read this book. It is a miracle."

—MIKAELAH CORDEO, Ph.D. Author of Live in Love – A Life Handbook for the New Golden Age.

“In every age there are people whose sensitivity is sufficiently refined to perceive and commune with higher realms. In this extraordinary book, David Christopher Lewis brings us reports of a universe far more alive and sentient than most of us ever imagined.” 

—RICK ARCHERBuddha at the Gas Pump Website 

“A man of our time and a man of tomorrow, David Christopher Lewis takes us to the altitude of heavenly spheres, bringing to humanity the joys and virtues of spiritual practice. In this book, you will experience the primordial spring of his clear and transparent teachings.”

—MAMADE KADREEBUX, poet and author of Destiny, Life in the Shadows, Book of Journeys, and Journey to Ancient Arabia

“Grand spiritual teachings embodied in clear, elegant prose! This book provides a new benchmark on the laws and applications of spiritual alchemy, with thirty-three magnificent discourses by Saint Germain, meaningful commentary by David Christopher Lewis, and much more. Its teachings are apropos for today's mega-challenges and structured for practical use in one's everyday life—for anyone on any path. Bravo, Saint Germain! Bravo, David!”

—KEVIN D. RAPHAEL FITCH, author of Celestial Configurations of Africa and the Caribbean

“In your hands you hold keys to transforming the consciousness of humanity from its base, leaden state into pure gold through the alchemy of love. With this book you can learn the art of becoming a center of divine light.”
—WAYNE H. PURDIN, author of Pharaoh of the Sun: Akhenaten and The Culture of Love

About the Author

David LewisDavid Christopher Lewis is a spiritual teacher, author, composer, and talk-radio contributor. He is the cofounder of The Hearts Center, a spiritual movement and community dedicated to helping people everywhere realize their highest potential. He conducts seminars worldwide and hosts regular online webinars and live broadcasts on diverse spiritual topics. 

His published works include Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance; Now, Zen and Always: El Morya’s Treasury of Spiritual Quips; and Mother Mary’s Missions:Messages from the Divine Mother

For more information on his other published works, music CDs, broadcasts, and seminars, visit David lives with his wife near Livingston, Montana.


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