The ascension is a familiar concept throughout Christendom, yet has remained a mystery to many. The apostles recorded Jesus’ ascension in two of the Gospels and other books throughout the New Testament. Paintings have depicted Jesus being raised into the heavens and then disappearing from view, enveloped in clouds of glory. Roman Catholics celebrate the Assumption of Mary—her ascension into the heavens, every bit as dramatic as that of Jesus.

Others who have lived an exemplary life dedicated to truth and communion with God have also ascended from the Earth plane—Gautama Buddha, Kuan Yin, Maitreya, Saint Thérèse, Zarathustra, and Lao Tse, to name just a few. Is this experience meant only for great masters such as these? No. It is meant for every soul created by God, even though our ascension may not take place from atop a mount, witnessed by loving throngs. More important than the staging is the profound meaning of this rite of passage into the arms of God.

The Law of the Recycling of Energy

By creating us in his/her image, our Father-Mother God made us all co-creators. Each of us has been endowed with an individualized Divine Self comprised of God’s pure beingness, known as our God Presence, or Solar Presence.* We were also given the priceless gift of free will, a necessary ingredient for the evolution of our souls. With that, we have always had the choice to honor and nurture that seed that God implanted within us through right action. Yet our human creations—that which we have done, said, and even thought absent of divine inspiration—have often fallen short of the glory of God, making them temporal. And only that which is of God, or good, can be eternal, can survive and return to God. To reunite with our God Presence—the goal of the ascension—we must raise our consciousness in vibration through extraordinary devotion, consecration, and givingness. Then we can be subsumed into God’s Presence through surrender to the One Light and through loving God with our entire being.

The Karma Connection

We are all meant to go through a process of positive spiritual evolution in the sacred journey of life. Yet that’s easier said than done in this world of maya, or illusion; and creating karma—both positive and negative—during many lifetimes is inevitable. In Hinduism and Buddhism, karma is defined simply as “an action.” This action returns to the doorstep of its creator, without fail, either in one’s current life or future embodiments. Harmless and compassionate actions bring blessing to their originator. Self-centered and thoughtless actions bring their painful lessons so that through experience, we may learn the results of all that we think, say, and do. Therefore cleaning up, or transmuting, our karma is a key component of qualifying for the ascension, which ultimately results in the complete liberation of our soul from the rounds of rebirth.

*See the depiction of the Solar Presence in “The Buddha Nature Chart” on our website. The radiating color spheres surrounding the top figure in the chart attempt to capture the glory of this individualized God Self that we are.

Lovingly dissolving our karma purifies our energy by raising it in vibration and frequency, restoring it to the perfection of God. For only that portion of our identity that is divinely expressed will continue to exist eternally. No matter how slowly we learn, God will give us the opportunity to balance our karma and find reunion with our Source. It simply requires a humble and willing heart focused on working gracefully within God’s Over-soul. The opportunity to try again is one of God’s greatest mercies.

Requirements for the Ascension

There are thirty-three major initiations on the path to wholeness in God, and the ascension is the final, or thirty-third, step in the rising spiral staircase upon which the soul evolves. Along the way, we master time and space by awakening from duality to embrace the unity of being through heart-centeredness and compassionate living. Service to the light and to our brothers and sisters on Earth is also a major key to our victory.

Among the initiations leading up to our ultimate union is the mastery of the seven rainbow rays—the God-qualities, or sacred virtues, exemplified by a fully evolved, or Christic, being:

  • First Ray: Will, faith, and power
  • Second Ray: Wisdom and understanding
  • Third Ray: Divine love, compassion, and beauty
  • Fourth Ray: Purity, holiness, and oneness
  • Fifth Ray: Wholeness, truth, abundance, and music
  • Sixth Ray: Service and sacrifice to all of life
  • Seventh Ray: Forgiveness, mercy, and soul-freedom

The masters work with those who discipline themselves through a principled and authentic life of selfless service, sacrificial giving, and surrender to divine will, wisdom, and love.

Students of the ascended masters work toward their ascension by studying and internalizing the wisdom teachings, fulfilling their personal missions through service to life, and invoking the light of God into their lives. Their goal as they walk the Earth is the cultivation of a relationship with God that becomes more real, more vital with each passing day. Practicing daily meditation and silent contemplation, and giving devotional prayers, mantras, and songs assist in this process.* Sincere seekers master their thought and feeling worlds, which requires deep inner psychological work and intense co-creative work with God. A great adjunct to this work of the soul is the use of the violet light, which has been called the “cosmic eraser” and the real “fountain of youth.” Its sacred-fire energy can produce miracles in our lives and bring spiritual graces into play everywhere. We can visualize dancing violet flames or a vortex of light surrounding a person, a place, or a situation to bring its divine magic into our reality.

* To hear, view, or download The Hearts Center’s affirmations, decrees, songs, and videos to the violet light, visit our website under Broadcast > Prayers and Songs.

All May Make Their Ascension

Many have ascended from this planet, and many are preparing for the ascension even now. It is our choice to participate in this process, which includes maintaining a sense of peace, brotherhood, and holiness in our lives through our oneness with God. When you determine to ascend, the process has already begun! It is a supernatural experience, yet as natural as a butterfly emerging from her chrysalis.

The ascension is a dance into infinity. The universal beingness that you now experience is compressed within every cell of your being in a new glory of oneness.

The crystal cord, depicted in “The Buddha Nature Chart” on our website, is our sacred lifeline to our Solar Presence, and through this divine connection, we have access to universal light and joy. We then experience, day by day, the great grace of spiritual light frequencies flowing into and through our chakras and auric field for our use in raising all life.

The ascension is a transcendent awakening into total mindfulness. You have total recall of everything that has ever existed in your evolution— your book of life is opened.

The Ascension Process

During the ascension, we are divested of every last sense of limitation and enveloped in pure white light. The soul merges with her Solar Presence, experiencing freedom from the karmic pull of the Earth, and enters into the bliss of the eternal Presence of pure divine love. All human sorrow, suffering, and pain are gone forever; for we now know the meaning of everlasting life through love. Our hearts are perfected and we are embraced in the glorious presence of God. The ascension is a cosmic convergence. Everything you have worked for is fulfilled in this divine experience. It is a glorious flowering of Selfhood in God. Every solar cell of your new light body glows with holy radiance. You are now complete—released from of your divine chrysalis and free!

Life after the Ascension

Having mastered time and space and ascended back to God, you begin a new life as an immortal being, free of Earth’s gravitational pull. You may now know a new sense of freedom and joy as you continue to study, serve, and evolve in the beauty and enveloping love of the heaven world. Even in this ascended state of being, you will continue to expand your awareness, ever evolving into something more mystical, magical, and miraculous within the universe.

The ascension is an alchemical union—the most sublime, orgasmic release of pure bliss in that union with God, your Higher Self, your divine personality.

The ascension process itself transfuses into the auric field the very light frequencies that were the emanations of the Divine One in the beginning in the first fiat, ideating all that would manifest through the Word, “Let there be light.”

Give yourself to God in the ultimate act of surrender. Every time you surrender, you have a little bit more lift, because when you surrender you get rid of the ballast and you rise higher. So surrendering day after day what is no longer necessary in your life and within your awareness allows you to have greater levity and greater air in your sails.

You ascend daily!

The ascension, the closing act in this great drama that we call life, is an experience of the greatest joy one can ever know.

Our Ascension Benefits All Life

Each ascension raises our planet. When a certain quota of those who have ascended is reached, our entire civilization will abide within a golden-crystal age of love, freedom, and brother/sisterhood. We will witness a time of true peace and harmony upon Earth.

The ascension is a holy love-infusion in which your heart is finally yoked to the divine heart— permanently, forever.