REPLAYS of Quantum Leaps towards Solar Mindfulness



The Hearts Center of Sweden Presents:

The Hearts Center of Sweden hosts David Christopher Lewis for their 2014 European conference 

Quantum Leaps towards Solar Mindfulness

Heartfriends from Sweden, surrounding countries, and the United States will gather in Ó¦stersund/As at Birka Folk High School on the scenic shore of the Great Lake. 

Join David and our European heartfriends for spiritual fellowship and great teaching. Attendees will learn ways to…

  • Find and dissolve mental, emotional and physical blocks.

  • Free themselves from old habits that have prevented access to inner greatness.

  • Explore their inner being.

  • Work on themselves by using several transformative methods, meditations and mantras.

  • Receive teaching on solar mindfulness from the ascended masters.
All who attend will learn how to be free from old patterns of thinking and acting that limit spiritual growth. They will learn how to increase their solar mindfulness, and how to become more one with their own Solar Presence.

Guest Speakers on Aquarian Education, the Vibration of Stillness and PanEuRhythmy

  • Birgitta Sundvall will talk about the Alpha School, a mindful approach to education, sensitive to the requirements of the whole child.

  • Jorgen Tranberg’s talk is entitled “Vibration of Stillness—New Revelations through Quantum Physics.”

  • Arleta Brezinska will teach PanEuRhythmy, a sacred dance created by Bulgarian Master Peter Deunov, guru of the Ascended Master Omraam.
At the conclusion of the seminar, a cosmic clearance by Padma Sambhava will cleanse those participating from very deep-seated emotional, mental and spiritual issues. 

The conference is in English. Summaries can be made available in Swedish.

About PanEuRhythmy

Dance of the Soul…

…Exercise of the Body, Mind and Spirit in Harmony with the Universe

PanEuRhythmy is a sacred dance performed in circle formation. The creator of its music and movements, Peter Deunov, now ascended, was a Bulgarian spiritual master, a sacred musician, and guru of the ascended master Omraam. The word "PanEuRhythmy" means "the highest rhythm of the Universe." Every movement has its own symbolic meaning and expresses a particular thought, feeling or action. PanEuRhythmy is a harmonic manifestation of the Divine in the Universe.
PanEuRythmy PDF

Arleta Brzezińska, a native of Poland, is a disciple of the world-famous PanEuRhythmy teacher and author, Ardella Nathanael.


Since Arleta’s childhood, she has been interested in different forms of dance. Her passion is discovering the secrets and the potential of movement. When she began dancing PanEuRhythmy, immediately she felt its uniqueness and immense power.

Arleta practices this sacred dance with love and the belief that the more people who dance PanEuRhythmy the more peace will be felt in hearts and minds, and as a consequence also felt throughout the world.

The dancing circle symbolizes both a wonderful circle of life, beauty and unity and human awareness aspiring to perfection. PanEuRhythmy can be everything for you, whatever you need at the particular moment. It can be your prayer; your meditation; a way of healing; or a means to meet in co-creativity with others, with yourself, and even with your guardian angel. Or it can be just physical exercise, a soothing dance that brings relief to your body and releases joy and peace inside of your being!

PanEuRhythmy is a wonderful method of transformation and preparation of our bodies, minds and hearts for entering into a new age—an age of peace, harmony, freedom, unity and love. It unites us with the resources of nature, enabling a connection with healing energies. Thanks to the practice of PanEuRhythmy many people experience wholeness on different levels of their being.

Program and Information

Program (updated with MDT times)


Birka Folkhogskola, Birkavagen 25, 83695 As. As is situated 10 kilometers from the center of Östersund on the scenic shore of the Great Lake.

Onsite Registration

Fee is 1.850 SEK (Includes 3 lunches, 3 dinners, tea/coffee and fruit)

Register at or with Britt-Marie Persson at +4673-18 12 770 or Berit Westberg at +46705-770 390. Also call them if you desire more info or have questions.

Send a 500 SEK deposit to The Hearts Center’s postal giro account (plusgiro) 458922-2 to secure your place.

Send balance before July 20.
 Write “HC conf” and your name when you pay. 


Fish or/and vegetarian meals

Do you have special dietary requirements? Let Britt-Marie or Berit know.


Almost all rooms are single rooms.

Lodging A:
350 SEK/night including breakfast, sheets, towels and cleaning

Lodging B: 300 SEK/night including breakfast without sheets, towels and cleaning

Lodging C: 280 SEK/night without breakfast, sheets, towels and cleaning

If you only desire breakfast, the cost is 56 SEK/day.

These low prices are available only if you pay before August 1 at The Hearts Center’s postal giro account (plusgiro) 458922-2.

 After August 1st  the cost will be an additional 100 SEK per night.

Remember to write “HC acc A (B or C),” the dates of your stay, and your name.

There are no stores in As. Come prepared!

Travel to Ó¦stersund and Birka Folk High School. Please tell us when you arrive so we can help coordinate traveling from Östersund to Birka.

By Bus:

Bus 159 from the bus terminal in Ó¦stersund (busstorget) will take you all the way to Birka.

The busses leave at 6:55, 7:55, 8:50, 11:30 am; 1:30, 3:15, 3:55, 4:15, 5:15, 6:45 pm on work days.

You can also take a bus from the Central Train Station to busstorget (only 800 meters and 2 halts/stops away). It is included in the same ticket to Birka if you tell the bus driver when you pay.

By Car:

Pass Ó¦stersund and drive toward Are/Trondheim.
After 8 kilometers, turn left to As and Birka Folkhogskola.

It is the next exit after Lugnvik/As.  

By Air:

Fly to Are-Ostersund Airport (OSD) on Froson from Stockholm with SAS ( from Stockholm/Arlanda (ARN), or Malmo Aviation (BMA) ( from Stockholm/Bromma (a smaller airport).

From Stockholm it is 50 minutes to Östersund. There is a “flight bus” from the airport to the bus terminal in Östersund (about 8 kilometers).

By Taxi:

From the airport to Birka, As: 1 car, 1-4 persons: 551 SEK; shared 286 SEK per person