The Hearts Center Presents

Valentine’s Day Celebration
on Divine Love

Temple of clarity - Vista, CA  ·   Evenings of FEB 14-15, 2023



Event Information

Pricing & Registration

This is a Free Event

Two evenings, February 14th and 15th, starting at 7:00 pm PST.

Donations are accepted. The suggested donation is $33 for both evenings or $20 for one evening. If you desire to donate, you can do so in-person at the event or online using the button below.


Soul-Raising Sessions
with David Christopher Lewis

In-person Soul-Raising Sessions will be offered at the Temple of Clarity on Tuesday, February 14th, and Wednesday, February 15th, in the afternoon from 1:30 to 5:00 pm. To register for a Soul-Raising Session, contact Zully either in-person at the event or by emailing

This year we are offering a choice of the five different Soul-Raising Sessions described below. Choose the one that is best for you!

Holy Spirit Soul-Raising Session

During your session, wave patterns and initiatic cycles of light will be released through the agency of the Holy Spirit to perform an alchemy with your soul. The session includes a soul reading, aura clearance, chakra balancing, and question(s)* addressed. Receive a direct teaching from the Holy Spirit uniquely personal for you. Expect positive change, transformation and elevation!

Radical Forgiveness for Self and Others with Beloved Kuan Yin

Soul-Raising Sessions with beloved Kuan Yin focus on helping us to enter into radical forgiveness of ourselves and others. These sessions afford us the opportunity to commune with her great Bodhisattva heart as she overshines David, providing the impetus of light we require to have our victory. Through Kuan Yin’s presence, we may find the courage to ask God’s forgiveness for anything we perceive we’ve done in error. Or if we are not feeling the compassion required to forgive another, this session may be the catalyst for entering into that state of liberating grace. Yes, in Kuan Yin’s presence, we can move beyond all non-forgiveness. What a magnificent opportunity to receive her guidance, her sacred energies perfused onto our souls to help us experience the pure joy of living free in God’s bountiful mercy!

Healing Family Issues in This and Past Lives with Beloved Mother Mary

Our beloved Mother Mary, the ascended lady master who has given the most HeartStreams through our dispensation, comes in these sessions to help us to heal family relationships. This healing will go to a very deep level, including past lifetimes, the karmic cause of conflict with loved ones. Many of our physical ailments involve working out family karma. Mother Mary comes to help us resolve our troubled relationships so we may move on, so we can be in a place of divine dispassion. She blesses us with her comfort flame assisting us to love more deeply, appreciate more consistently everyone in our family.

If we have lost loved ones, Mother Mary will bring us comfort, especially if we feel any non-forgiveness toward that one. Also, our “family” can be our spiritual community. Often at the nadir of community conflicts is a past-life non-resolution. And we are placed in these relationships intentionally as opportunities to work through them. How wonderful to come to the end of our days without one regret regarding our interactions with a family member, or our interactions with a spiritual brother or sister.

David says, “I’m looking forward to these sessions with Mother Mary because I think they will be very profound and give us insights into what some have called the Family Constellations. ... If we see the Divine in others, then these human relationships can be resolved. So, a lot of this will be through the lens of Mother Mary’s perfect vision, her Immaculate Vision, where we have to choose to see, behold, and know others as God beholds them. And when we do this, a lot can be transmuted, resolved, and healed.”

Resolving Our Psychology with Beloved Kuthumi

Soul-Raising Sessions with beloved Kuthumi focus on the psychology of wholeness within ourselves. It is a time in gentle Kuthumi’s presence to come to terms with those little peccadilloes in our human personality that grate upon our soul’s ascent and can definitely grate upon others. And unless we resolve them, they can be stumbling blocks. One of the qualifications for the ascension is to resolve our psychology, moving beyond blame, shame, human drama, and past hurts that rob us of our progress and joy. Emotional, mental, physical, or sexual abuse are the most intense karmic scars that many of us may experience in a lifetime. And because of the intensity of these experiences, these scars from this and past lives, they can cause ongoing problems in relationships. Kuthumi, our master psychologist, will work with us to resolve these traumas, allowing us to maintain a state of complete wholeness within our spirit as our souls heal.

Accelerating Your Ascension with Beloved Serapis Bey

In his Soul-Raising Sessions, beloved Serapis Bey helps us to accelerate our pathway to the ascension. He teaches us how to be true to our Higher Self, to be directed in our approach toward oneness with God. We learn to recognize the dweller on the threshold, baiting and switching us again and again. We are encouraged to know the victory over habit patterns that have defiled our souls and our spirit, that have besmirched who we truly are as sons and daughters of God.Serapis, as a master tactician of light, uses the aspects of the ascension current and the fourth ray to pervade through our being such intense energy that it can literally dissolve ancient karmic traits and hang-ups. It moves us into a new and higher state of being, blessing us forever and keeping us charged and energetic. We live beyond the human state of limitation and a sense of powerlessness.

David says, “Serapis will help each and every one of us who choose to have these sessions to be so empowered with this joy field and the zest for life and this very high frequency that is the ascension current that it will prepare us, even if we have already qualified for the ascension, to have a greater and better resurrection and ascension so that the light released to the planet when we do ascend will be a blessing for great numbers of mankind who will be amazingly enfolded in that light of the ascension currents when we reunite with God and that sacred initiation.”

Serapis is willing to be there for anyone willing to be real about who they are, the error of their ways, and ready to face the reality of who God is inside of them. These sessions may be intense. Yet we come out unscathed, better than ever and shining like the sun! And the more we prepare ourselves for service, the more whole we will be for the rest of our lives if we maintain what Serapis Bey has to offer in our daily lives through our disciplines and through being in that glory state in God’s Eternal Presence.

*Questions at all of the Soul-Raising Sessions

You may ask one question during a 10-minute session, more than one question if the session is 20 or 30 minutes long. Prepare your questions in advance, focusing on progress on your spiritual path. Avoid questions about twin flames/soul mates, one’s divine plan, or the percentage of karma balanced.


10 minutes: $72

20 minutes: $144

30 minutes: $200

After your session you will be emailed a link to an audio file enabling you to listen to and save your message.

These sessions are alchemical spiritual experiences and are not intended or designed to be psychological counseling sessions. When purchasing a session, you consent to this disclaimer.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Beloved

You may say, well, right now I am in between beloveds or my beloved is in heaven or I never had a beloved. We have good news for you! Your Beloved is always with you, guiding you, healing you, validating you, encouraging you. And when we get together either in person or online with many beloved heartfriends in Vista for two evenings of immersion in divine love, your doubts about how much you are loved will be kissed away by love angels surrounding you and the wonderful masters who will teach you.

There is no registration. The event is free! Just connect to the broadcast or knock on the door of the Temple of Clarity. David, Dennis and many of our West Coast heartfriends will be there to welcome you.

Two EVENINGS of Transformational Messages—the Power of Healing, the Reality of the Ascension

Transcendent HeartStreams intersperse our prayers, songs and meditations. Lady Clarity teaches us how to win new friends to the Light. Beloved Sanat Kumara confirms that we are able to create the ascension experience on a planetary scale. Paracletus, right-hand man to the Maha Chohan and previously embodied as Saint Valentine, has a special gift for each of us. And how could any love celebration be complete without the presence of Mother Mary? In her emerald-ray momentum on wholeness, she teaches us how the power of healing love can manifest a New Heaven and a New Earth.