Who Is the
Medical Medium?

By The Hearts Center Staff | Aug. 8th 2021

Anthony William is a world-renowned author who receives advanced knowledge on nutrition and health directly from a cosmic being called the Spirit of Compassion. The ascended masters have spoken time and again about his work, recommending it for all spiritual seekers interested in divine diet, health, and longevity.

This page is a collection of Anthony William's books and some of his key recommendations, as well as comments from various masters on his work.


"Dearest ones, I assign all of you to secure and read this tome of light, which I say is 98.9 percent accurate in terms of what we the ascended masters recommend for diet, for health and well-being, for restoration of inner and outer wholeness for you in this hour."

Hilarion, on Medical Medium

What the Masters Say

The Ascended Master Hilarion has officially endorsed
Anthony William and his work:

"Now, dearest ones, I turn to the subject of a book and an author that is dear to my heart. For I am sponsoring him, along with a great cosmic being, Compassion, in his work, in his sacred healing work for the Earth and the people of this planet. This book is Medical Medium: Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal by Anthony William.  This is a seminal work for this time for initiates and disciples of the Word and of the emerald ray to study, assimilate and share with others. Therefore I will share with you one case history within this book as an example so that all of you may take heart from it in your own ministry to yourselves, your wholeness—your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being... "  "Live Your Truth and Realize Your Godhood", 4/6/16  

In addition, many other masters have commented on or reaffirmed Hilarion's words:

If you truly do study that work that beloved Master Hilarion has recommended, Medical Medium by Anthony William, many of you will have greater health and well-being. Take our words to heart, blessed ones.

– Afra, 1/21/17

The masters, through Hilarion, have said that Anthony William speaks the truth in terms of diet and health and wellbeing. And so I encourage all of you to follow his recommendations...

– El Morya, 3/24/20

If you would be a miracle worker with Helen Keller and other miracle workers—Padre Pio, Anthony William, Mona Lewis, Boyd Badten and others—then expect and accept miracles through the miracle Presence, the Magic Presence of your I AM God Presence, and feel it, know it, sustain it and glorify God within that holy magic.

– Virginia, 11/7/18

We, of the Darjeeling Council and other council chambers, reaffirm beloved Hilarion's recommendation that you study the works of Anthony William, sponsored by Compassion, to bring the truth of virtuous living into play through righteous choices and diet and other practices. We have seen tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of lives improved, transformed and benefitted by what Compassion has provided this initiate during this generation to mitigate the effects of impure foods upon this civilization.

– Lord Maitreya, 12/4/19

Celery Juice and Vimergy

Celery juice is a staple recommendation of the Medical Medium. He has stated its mineral salts help breakdown toxic viruses and bacteria, including EBV and streptococcus, and ultimately alleviate a huge variety of chronic illnesses.

"Celery is truly the savior when it comes to chronic illness. I’ve seen thousands of people who suffer from chronic and mystery illness restore their health by drinking 16 ounces of celery juice daily on an empty stomach."

– Excerpt from  the Medical Medium blog on celery juice.

The Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Juicer - Recommended by Anthony William

Additionally, according to the Medical Medium blog, the top four supplements we can take are Vitamin C, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin B12, and Lemon Balm. Anthony William recommends Vimergy for the highest quality and purest supplements.


If you desire to learn more, in addition to reading his books, you can connect with the Medical Medium through the links below. There are tons of free information available including recipes, health recommendations, kitchen and product recommendations, and e-books.