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Saint Germain: The Sacred Science of Alchemy

The Spiritual Work of the Three Kingdoms

Saint Germain over the Tetons
Gracious ones who are increasing in cosmic consciousness: Attending to the spiritual needs of mankind is the work of the Universal (Great) White Brotherhood, which includes angelic and archangelic beings, all ascended sons and daughters of God, and the Elohim-highly evolved, powerful light beings who wield vast, stellar energies to sustain the spirit/matter cosmos. These three kingdoms of created beings work in perfect harmony in the blending of love, wisdom and power on behalf of all sentient beings evolving through time and space to merge back with their source.

Those who know the names of these higher beings may key into their identities and vibration and call them forth into service in the domain and affairs of mankind. By free will, all have the opportunity to make wise choices in the judicious use of the energy that flows through the nexus of self-the heart-in either moving upward into the light, or continuing the rounds of rebirth until the ultimate choice is made to merge with the cosmic stream of light which is the outpicturing of the Creator's being everywhere. Spiritual beings who serve the one God or universal spirit of love, may assist mankind when they are invoked, for only through a conscious willingness and desire through prayer and meditation will they enter your world to aid your path to wholeness.

The Ordered Plan of Evolution

The mystery schools of the Brotherhood1 have always held in high esteem those who have brought the light of truth from higher spheres into the world for the enlightenment and freedom of mankind. Therefore there exists ample proof in certain tomes of ancient wisdom, within mythology and even in the subconscious memory of the race, the knowledge of highly evolved spiritual beings who may be implored to help raise the consciousness of all earth's evolutions into a golden age of wisdom.

If the true history of the evolution of life on earth were known, men would be amazed to see how through the direct intercession of spiritual beings your world has been sustained. Evolution does not occur through a chaotic or synchronistic synthesis of elements and energies which somehow merge to become what you see today as the miracle of life within mankind and within all of nature. An ordered plan and cosmic scheme has always been in play in your world, for if divine laws of balance and harmony were to be withdrawn from the manifestation of life, all would collapse into a cosmic void and be no more.

Assist Others in the Opportunity for Life

Value life as an opportunity for soul growth, for many who have passed through your world in the rounds of rebirth regret the poor choices they have made and they yearn to return to the arena of action where free will holds sway to mend their ways and to serve life until they too may evolve into higher worlds of light. You may assist these through becoming an example of purity and love through conscious service in teaching them the spiritual truths that you now accept as second nature on your journey.

Alchemy and the Science of Prayer

Your work in higher alchemy2 may be accelerated through the correct application of the laws of conscious cooperation with ascended beings. This includes maintaining a certain disposition of humility, expectancy and joy in receiving from our octaves the light and teaching that we would convey to you. It also requires that you employ the advanced instruction we give only for the greater good of all sentient life.

Thus, I, Saint Germain, admonish all serious students of alchemy to study and learn the science of invocation and prayer whereby you may accelerate the balancing of your karma through the invocation of the violet flame of freedom, mercy and forgiveness as well as the other colored light rays, which will be useful in all your spiritual experiments. Learn from those who have mastered this science the nuances of calling forth the higher energies of cosmic light substance into your world through the naming of divine benefactors and the rhythmic intoning of the sacred sound of life through prayers, mantras and songs of adoration, gnosis and God-empowerment.

Learning through Ascended Master Sponsored Activities

Through the activity of The Hearts Center or other ascended master-sponsored activities, you may become acquainted with this sacred science which will allow you to take years of struggle off your path and to increase the light in your aura whereby you garner more and more of the energies you will need to earn your own ascension at the close of this or the next embodiment, by the grace of God.

Beloved ones, soon many more among mankind will be chanting the songs of celestial praise to the Father/Mother God, invoking the servant sons and daughters who have long ago made the choice to return to His heart. Jesus and Mary, Gautama and Krishna, Confucius and Kuan Yin are only a few who continue to aid mankind in a most tangible way to return to the All in All. You, too, can be of great benefit to many when you master this alchemical art, which will no longer be so mysterious, but will become a natural and pleasant part of your daily routine when you understand the beauty and harmony it engenders in the auras and lives of all.

I am your cosmic benefactor as you pursue the upward climb to the summit of being, ever seeking to grace the lives of all with love-wisdom, flowing through your heart and mind each day. Yours for the manifestation of pure alchemy always, I AM Saint Germain

—Saint Germain through David C. Lewis, March 31, 2006

  1. Great White Brotherhood: The Great White Brotherhood, also referred to as the Universal White Brotherhood and the Universal Great White Brotherhood, is an association of saints and sages from all paths and religions as well as angels and cosmic beings. “It is the authority and governing body which represents the Godhead in this system of worlds.”* Many members of this august Brotherhood walked the earth or other planets in our system at one time, striving toward union with God. Some members are embodied. Because of their great service and devotion, those who are embodied have earned the right, even from the unascended state, to be considered among their ranks. Still other members have never entered the rounds of rebirth, residing in etheric octaves. White makes no reference to race but to the purity that emanates from this holy Brotherhood. The purpose of the Great White Brotherhood is the upliftment of mankind so that each individual may attain that self-same mastery and the ultimate joy of this divine reunion. (*from 080601 darshan with the Maha Chohan)
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  2. Alchemy: Originally used in medieval times as a forerunner to chemistry and referring to the pursuit of the transmutation of baser metals into gold or silver, in its esoteric context, alchemy refers to the science of spiritual transformation. According to the teachings of the ascended masters, it is the process through which the base nature of the lesser self is transformed into the permanent values of the Higher Self.
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