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The Hearts Center of Mexico Presents

The Victory of Aquarian Families:

Children and Youth Free in a New Age Dawning Now!

Livestreamed from Livingston, Montana
December 18-20, 2021
With David Christopher Lewis

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All about the Aquarian Family

An etheric retreat honoring children and families resides over Cuernavaca, a city sixty miles south of Mexico City. And the theme of our conference reflects the purpose and work of this heavenly oasis. Every day we engage in meditation, prayer and song focused on the unborn, our precious children, our dynamic youth, our individual families.

On Saturday, Saint Germain and Portia give us understanding of what it will take to become successful, resilient families as we fully enter the Aquarian Age. Later that day, the Divine Director shares a message with us entitled, “The Divine Archetype for Children and Youth of the New Age.” Sunday includes a darshan with Lanello and Clare de Lis, and a HeartStream from Jesus and Magda, who share ways to encourage loving relationships especially within our families.

Celebrating Christmas—South of the Border Style

Also on Sunday we celebrate Christmas enjoying the captivating harp music of Nicolas Carter as he plays a variety of traditional Spanish carols. Then Nicolas narrates in both English and Spanish the story of the Nativity, brought to life by his lively story-telling and music!

Another special treat is the presentation in costume and song of Los Posadas by The Hearts Center of Mexico and Nicolas. Las Posadas is an important Mexican Christmas tradition, taking place on each of the nine nights leading up to Christmas. Posada means "inn" or "shelter” and in this tradition, the Bible story of Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and their search for a place to stay is re-enacted as groups go from home to home in search of refuge.

2022 and Beyond—Getting into the Aquarian Spirit!

Many wonderful projects have been envisioned by our leadership for the coming year. You have received glimpses of those plans through their Golden Agenda sharings. On the final day of our event, we hear more from our council in a brief presentation. Later that day, experience the presence of Mother Mary and Raphael, coming with a reminder that invoking angelic help is the key to the victory of our children, our families, all our familial relationships. And for the grand finalé of this event, receive Holy Spirit renewal through our Group Soul-Raising Session.

Consecration of Karmic Board letters

At summer and winter solstices, it has been our tradition to make a request of the Karmic Board. It is a time to assess where progress has been made and where improvement is needed in our lives. We offer the Karmic Board our gratitude and explain what we will give of ourselves in the next six months in service, in prayer, in relinquishing negative habits. In this manner we are clearing the way to receive their help.

Prepare your letter prayerfully in advance. If you are attending in person your letter will be collected on the final day, consecrated and burned.

Celebrate the Holy Family with Us!

May you find yourself in Livingston, Mexico City (if you live in that area), or glued to our broadcast for three days of celebrating the Holy Family, your family, and the family of God on Earth this December 18-20. It will be glorious! ¡Será glorioso!

What some of our participants loved most from our Spring Equinox Prayer Vigil


"“I loved the format. I really felt a sense of family and community."


"Good Joyful, spiritual positive feelings. Lovely to see HC friends on video."


"The strengthening of our antahkarana of Light with heartfriends around the world participating! The sharing of a powerful vigil to a unified cause!"


"Many magnificent dispensations. So nice to see all my spiritual brothers and sisters around the world with their smiling faces."


"…Amazing tech to link us all together, thank you! Wonderful to see heartfriends around the world!"