Membership in The Holy Order of the Knights and Ladies of the Flame

The Knights and Ladies of the Flame is a holy order established by the Ascended Master Lanello on January 10, 2005, to support, through ongoing prayers, the messenger of The Hearts Center, as well as all others in the order, and all servitors of light throughout the world.

Membership is for those who have been involved with The Hearts Center through interaction with our website; participation in our daily broadcasts; attendance at events, in-person or online; and attending Meru University classes, live or on-demand. Through active participation, these heartfriends have felt the benefits of deep involvement in and support of our Aquarian Essene Community. They are at a point on their initiatic path where they desire to enter into a more dedicated service.

Members of The Holy Order of the Knights and Ladies of the Flame pledge spiritual support in the following ways:

  • They vow to support the messenger and mission of The Hearts Center.

  • They engage in devotion to God daily through any combination of prayers, decrees, meditation, chanting, singing; the giving of rosaries; participation in our prayer broadcasts; and simply talking to God.

  • They offer prayers in support of the various activities of The Hearts Center including conferences, expos, interviews, tours and pilgrimages.

  • They lead and attend Saturday evening Aquarian Prayer and Song Fests.

  • They attend an annual meeting in person or online, led by beloved El Morya, during our summer solstice event.

  • They also support one another by sending prayer requests via a dedicated Knights and Ladies email address.

If you are drawn to this opportunity of greater commitment, email to receive a more detailed membership explanation and an application. It would be our joy to hear from you.