Azrael, Angel of Transition

Azrael, the Angel of Transition

Beloved Azrael
David Christopher Lewis
June 11, 2013   7:18–7:32 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Snippets of Truth from the Angel of the Transition

Your Last Breath upon Earth Is a Transition to a New Type of Breath in God

            I am Azrael, known to some as the Angel of Death. Yet I prefer to be called the Angel of the Transition. For, dearest ones, when I come, I provide an open door to a new life that you may step into in higher realms of being. 

            When I extend my hand to you, you should not be fearful in any way that you are leaving behind who you are, your family, your loved ones, your very life. For you see, your life continues. There is an extension of opportunity for the expansion of consciousness in new realms. And when you step forward out of that matrix, that life form that you have lived within upon this world, there is always a newness of change and opportunity for you to accept who you are as a spiritual being composed of light, fine in its manifestation as your essence.

            The transition point of departure from one plane and entrée into another is always daunting. Therefore I often come as an angel of comfort, and I appear in a different guise than what some who have called me the Grim Reaper imagine. For, dearest ones, what am I reaping except light? For I AM light. And I extend light rays to those who can follow their impulses into the heaven world and receive from God, from the Source of all, new opportunity to continue their life in whatever way that the cosmos portends is essential for them, for their spiritual growth and oneness\ with the All in all.

            Some of you are moving onward, closer to that time of your transition. And therefore it is altogether appropriate, as the Master Omraam has stated, that you prepare your awareness for this time of departure from one world and entrée into the next.¹

            What are the requirements for the ascension? These many of you already know. Each of these requirements may be met in increments daily through your lives lived to the glory of God and focused upon truth, integrity, oneness, virtue. When you are invested in sacred service to the light of the one God in devotion and praise, in constancy and in that servitorial work that is essential for those who understand the disciplines of the path and the ways of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, then, dearest ones, engaging daily is no sweat at all. For you see, it is truly sweet.

            When you convert what you have called labor or strain, in the sense that work brings you anxiety, into the light of joy, your work becomes effortless and you are effulgent with divine happiness. Then you see that there are many transition points lined up before you within your life. And as you access each new doorway, many masters, angelic presences and divine beings may be there to escort you to new levels of awareness and God-possibilities, and there is always the freewill choice for you to emerge victorious through every doorway into the light of your God Presence.

            Yes, I come this day to give you certain snippets of truth so that you may understand that it is always God’s divine pleasure to provide impulses for you to improve, to learn, to grow, to expand your awareness into the dynamics of light, love and levity. Therefore, take my hand this day, not to make your physical transition, but in order that I may point you forward to your path of light. And thereby you may transit to the highest star of your own being, the most beautiful and magnanimous aspects of your God Presence available for you to ingest, to live within and to know with a depth of beauty and perfection that comes to those who would truly love to the ends of the Earth and the farthest reaches of the cosmos, and who would accept the continuous commission to multiply light, love and truth.

            Some of you have been trained in hospice work and you have seen firsthand the fruits of your offerings to those who are preparing for their transition. It is a sacred time, as one whom I would call the master Dannion Brinkley has said. Having mastered the energies of light and life, and even lightning, and its effects upon the human form, that one can lead many of you in the ways of compassion and in understanding the dynamics of what transpires when you shuffle off this mortal coil and accept, by God’s grace, the opportunity to ascend into a new spiritual life essence.

            Whether you make your ascension after this incarnation or not, having learned of this sacred process you are prepared. You know what to expect. And when that time comes when the Maha Chohan is there as the representative of the Holy Spirit to receive your last breath upon Earth, you will know that this itself is simply another transition to a new type of breath in God—of light, of cosmic prana and spiritual fire.

            Therefore, just as a baby is born upon Earth and cries often upon being thrust into this 3-D dense world of form, imagine what it will be like to exit it into the ethereal realms of pure light, where you, as one with the All in all, may breathe with the Eternal, may don the robes of your immortality, may truly be, as an integrated one, absorbed into the cosmic essence of the Great Spirit.

            I expand my wings now around you all and enfold you in the radiance of pure light and life! For you see, God long ago called me to be that one to escort souls to this new world. And therefore the only way that I could fulfill this great commission was to expand my own awareness of God’s eternal Presence of pure light and life and to shower upon each soul the sense of its worthiness, as one with the universe, the very cosmos itself.

            Therefore, dearest ones, know the value of your life. Live each day to the fullest. Expand opportunity as it comes to you from on high to invest your heart, your mind, your will, your very soul essence in the workings of the Spirit. And as your life becomes a blessing to many, you will see and feel and know a new Solar reality aborning within you that allows you to be—yes, to be; and not, not to be.

            I am Azrael. And the A to the Z within my name is the line of all that is real that I follow to my Source, to the one God. I encourage you to walk that line in love so that you too, dearest hearts, may always be real. I thank you.


 1. The daily meditation of the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov for June 11, 2013 was read just before this HeartStream. In it he said: "Each of us must prepare ourselves for the end, so that we will not be frightened the day the angel of death comes to take us by the hand and says, 'Leave this prison where you have been shut up. Go now, you are free.'"

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