What Are the Seven Rainbow Rays
and the Five Crystal (Secret) Rays?

What does the sight of a rainbow evoke within you? Hope, joy, beauty, the presence of the Divine, magic, fortune, opportunity, love? Indeed, its radiant, etheric colors and majesty are indicative of something beyond the ordinary, the mundane. Its rainbow rays appear as a gift from heaven, reminding us of a deeper reality, one that holds the keys to God’s as well as our very own higher nature—as Above, so below.

Through the wisdom teachings of the ascended masters, we learn that on a metaphysical level there are seven rainbow rays that emanate from the spiritual Sun of the cosmos, each representing one of the seven major aspects of the Godhead. As they shine forth to bless the Earth with their vibrations, they are available for us to utilize for our spiritual progress.

Below are the colors and God-qualities of the rays, and the day of the week on which each ray is most easily attuned to:

  • Blue: First ray—will, faith, protection, power (Tuesday) 
  • Yellow: Second ray—wisdom, illumination, understanding (Sunday) 
  • Pink: Third ray—divine love, compassion, beauty, creativity (Monday)
  • White: Fourth ray—purity, holiness, oneness, the light of the ascension (Friday)
  • Green: Fifth ray—wholeness, truth, abundance, science, music (Wednesday)
  • Purple and Gold: Sixth ray—service and sacrifice to all of life (Thursday)
  • Violet: Seventh ray—forgiveness, mercy, joy, freedom (Saturday

A Path to Wholeness

These colors can also be seen in the causal body that surrounds and interpenetrates the individualized Solar Presence (Divine, or I AM, Presence) of each person. Composed of seven spheres within-spheres of light, they are the accumulation of every compassionate act that we have ever performed throughout our lifetimes. Every person’s causal body, then, is unique in appearance, with some spheres being larger in size than others. This accumulation of positive energy is available for our use when we call it forth through prayer and intention.

As sons and daughters of God, our goal is wholeness and the realization of Christ consciousness, which we can attain through mastery of the attributes of all of the seven rays. Day after day throughout our lives, we can experience the seven rays as they manifest as opportunity for self-transcendence, for evolution, and for co-creativity with the Divine. In each of our embodiments on Earth, we focus primarily on the development of one particular ray, yet lifetime by lifetime, our souls evolve through the seven rays and upon various platforms of experience. Once having attained a certain mastery, balance, and integration of these rays within ourselves, we come to the point of fulfilling the requirement for the full blossoming of our Christic, or crystalline, consciousness.

Snapshots of the Seven Rays

First ray: Dedication to the will of God moves us from human desires into God-desires, into a greater field of awareness and activity than what is lowly, petty, narrow-minded, picayune. When we care about the will of God, God offers the full-gathered momentum of the blue-fire radiance of his/her heart and being so that it can manifest within the equation of our life’s mission, calling, and path—marvelously, magically, miraculously, mysteriously.

Second ray: Part of the work of lightworkers is to expose the ignorance of the not-self and to maximize the yellow fire of wisdom, the second ray, to bring to light the true path of wise dominion of energies through the God Self. This takes resources beyond the ken of the carnal mind and its machinations—it takes the Buddha mind. The masters teach that wisdom is an arising from within of deep understanding whereby we know the path of the golden-ray masters—those who have incorporated the higher mindfulness of Buddhas and bodhisattvas for many ages and have come to teach the Tao, the way of perfecting self within wisdom’s fire. To discern God means studying the greater God Self to realize the potential locked within.

Third ray: The purpose of art—whose expression is encompassed within the third ray of divine love, beauty, compassion, and creativity—is to expand love and to share something unique, beautiful, and divine that glorifies God. When this is the motive behind our creations, there is a nexus whereby divine energy may descend into our hearts, minds, and souls to sanctify whatever we create with angelic radiance.

Fourth ray: Purity is not archaic, outdated, drab, or unexciting—purity is fresh, new, and glorified and renews all within its grace. Purity brings the Divine Mother’s graces into play in every place, at any time, with any person, and in any situation. Purity harmonizes all disparate issues and thus is a great mediator and counselor. Purity accentuates what is brightest, best, and boldest within the soul and helps it to emerge from the latent into the real, from the passive into the active, from the underworld into the full light of the noonday sun. It is also the ascension current and fire that raises all unto immortality.

Fifth ray: The fifth, or emerald, ray is the ray of healing, truth, science, immaculate vision, divine mathematics, and music. Those who serve on this ray bless the Earth with their divine revelations expressed through these avenues of being. Well-beingness manifests from the emerald ray of truth; for if you see into the true you, you also see the elements that are at odds with your true sense of oneness, your purpose, your essence. When you participate with the healing masters of eternal truth, the scientists of the Spirit, in a higher form of healing, wholeness, and wellness, you see what limits the soul, what attempts to divert the spirit, what in any way is in opposition to the eternal aspects of your Self. When you work on these first and foremost, the other elements of self come into alignment naturally.

Sixth ray: We can qualify ourselves as ministering servants on the sixth ray through givingness and service, through living a sacrificial life, and through expressing peace and brother/sisterhood. To have true brotherhood and peace on Earth, we have to master our emotional bodies, for it is only by achieving inner peace that we can project brotherhood to all.

Seventh ray: When fully mastered, the initiations of the first six rays result in the freedom of the soul to pursue the path of the ascension, whereby she is loosed from the bonds of karma and rebirth to merge with the Divine Presence, the great individualized I AM source of pure light-energy. This ray’s qualities of forgiveness and mercy are exemplified in a more rosy hue of the violet light, as the love flame is accentuated; whereas the qualities of justice and soul liberation are exemplified in a more deep violet-purple, as the blue component within the violet light is accentuated.

1st Crystal Ray 2nd Crystal Ray 3rd Crystal Ray 4th Crystal Ray 5th Crystal Ray
Astriel & Aspira Regiel & Capella Oriel & Divina Persiel & Delfina Matriel & Vagela
Archangels & Archeiai
Auriel & Alena Celestel & Celena Christiel & Christyla Soliel & Astrela Virtuel & Vestrea
Accelerate the action of the crystal rays for the clerance and spiritualization of the auras of disciples of the living Word. A step-down transformers of cosmic beingness, bring God's jewweled light-energies from higher celestial worlds to mankind. Help widen the crystal cord between the Holy Christ/Buddha Self and the soul and raise the crystalline frequencies of our beings. Regulate and increase the starry photonic currents that descend from our Solar Presence as we work with the crystal rays. Deliver previously unknown virtues and gifts of the Spirit to those who qualify through heroic and sacrificial service over lifetimes.
Dhyani Buddhas
"Radiating One"
"Immovable One"
"Jewel-Born One"
"Buddha of Infinite Light"
"Almighty Conqueror"
  • Embodies wisdom of the law
  • Emanates the essence of Buddha nature
  • Lord of stillness
  • Embodies peace, honor
  • Emanates the essence of commitment, constancy
  • Lord of compassion
  • Embodies a free mind
  • Emanates the essence of the value of all beings
  • Mindfulness and truth
  • Embodies determination
  • Emanates happiness and abundance
  • Lord of practical action
  • Embodies fearlessness
  • Emanates the essence of selfless service
Right foot
Left Foot
Right Hand
Left Hand
Vajrasattva "Indestructible One" Lord of Purification

The Chohans of the Rays

In the ascended-master realm, there are seven masters known as the Chohans, or Lords, of the Rays who exemplify the divine attributes and full mastery of each of the rays. They are El Morya, Lord Lanto, Paul the Venetian, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Nada, and Saint Germain.

Each master is a Sun-source of light, inspiration, and the particular qualities of God that that one has embodied and manifested for the benefit of many lifestreams. Those on Earth who serve under them on a particular ray are inspired by that chohan, who is the epitome, the divine example of his or her ray. Cosmic beings glory and revel in the divine light and radiance that their disciples embody and express and in seeing them become a Sun-source of this radiance on behalf of many more lifestreams.

The Magical, Mysterious Five Crystal Rays

Once a student has mastered the seven rays, he or she can concentrate on the development of 10 the five crystal rays, which reside in spiritual dimensions, or vibratory fields, beyond the seven rays. Previously referred to as the secret rays, they have a mysterious and multidimensional quality, with scintillating and sparkling energy. They are the conveyance of the senses of the Godhead to those who qualify themselves through deep reverence for the things of the Spirit; those whose purity, internal balance, and love for God have been tested over time.

These light-energies are focalized in man within the sacred chakras in the palms, feet, and secret chamber of the heart. Many mystics who have first balanced the energies of the seven prismatic rays within themselves have undergone the initiation of the crystal rays, some receiving the stigmata—wounds corresponding to the places where Jesus’ body was pierced during his crucifixion. These include Padre Pio, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Catherine of Siena, Therese Neumann, and several others.

Hidden from the baseness of mortal consciousness, the qualities and action of the crystal rays allow the adherent to qualify light in an extraordinary manner for the raising of all life through the five elements (earth, water, air, fire, and ether). These quintessential energies, which are only discerned by the pure in heart, allow the acceleration of love-wisdom to occur through the five crystal-ray chakras so that one is literally catapulted into new dimensions of cosmic consciousness. As they are activated, it is as if the dial of one’s sensitivity to all vibrations is turned up exponentially and one lives in a new body of light.

Those in whom the crystal rays are activated live in an almost dreamlike state, detached from the cares of this Earth, communicating with elemental life, nature spirits, and angelic witnesses with ease, and they may seem to be somewhat aloof to life in the flesh. If you study the lives of many of the saints and mystics, you will discover that this was a very real conundrum for them; for when one sees God, one may no longer live as human. Therefore, these mystics must remain both vigilant and tethered to the reality of godly service in the Earth and not loose themselves prematurely from the daily responsibilities of fulfilling their obligations and completing the rounds of karma yoga while on Earth.

The Twelve Rays in Action

Before we have fully mastered the use of the five crystal rays, we can begin invoking them and becoming aware of their subtle presence in our lives. For instance, we can practice the various arts and sciences of consciously walking within nature as the natives did, without leaving traces of our having been there. This is an exercise in the refinement of the crystal rays within us, where all that is left is the essence of who we are in a state of oneness with nature—observing her cycles and being sensitive to all of the elements and the invisible spirits who lovingly co-create this planet with us.

The cosmic being Mighty Cosmos delivers the five crystal rays to the Earth, and we can call upon him to help us manifest them in our lives. Reciting the Golden Buddha Rosary, is another way to invoke the release of the crystal rays into our beings through the Five Dhyani Buddhas—celestial Buddhas who bear the crystal rays for the Earth. This rosary incorporates both Eastern and Western elements, including the Five Buddha Mysteries.

There are also Angels, Archangels, Archeiai, and Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays, who exemplify and magnify the light of the crystal rays at their level of cosmic attainment. The Rosary of Divine Quintessence honors the archangels and archeiai of the five crystal rays. When we recite the words of this rosary with deep devotion, meditating deeply within to feel, sense, and experience the crystal rays within every cell of our beings, an amazing alchemy can take place whereby the quantum nature of these light essences may heal certain deep pockets of karmic records and dense sticky substance lodged in the subconscious.

Invoking the twelve rays throughout our day—especially early in the morning in our meditation, when we’re out in nature, and right before we retire at night—and allowing them to perform their alchemy through their innate divine intelligence will help us to rise in awareness and be shown how to use them in any given situation, at any time in our lives.

All of the twelve rays—the seven plus the five—are living realities. They are not just something that we conceive of or try to visualize or feel. They are divine frequencies that, when understood, talked to, accepted, and allowed to act in our worlds, bring their cosmic energy, their joy, their enlivening spirit into action exactly as required, because each one is intelligent. Every ray that we utilize in our spiritual work—through prayer, mantra, tantra, sacred dance, movement, gardening, service, and any activity that is spiritually motivated—allows these rays to manifest in our world.

Expressing rainbow awareness by being centered in the prism of our Christic and Buddhic essence allows God’s light to shine through us, to make us whole, and to enrich every avenue of our lives. It allows all of the God-qualities and virtues of the rainbow rays to play upon our souls, our spirits, and the lives of those whom we care for and desire to help. When we as lightworkers can be those prisms 24/7, we will fulfill our reason for being in this time and serve as instruments of the Divine for bringing in the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius upon Earth.