The Hearts Center   Madonna and Child (Sassoferrato)
A New Year’s Celebration:
"Mother Mary Speaks on
the New Age Family"

It's Free for attendees


The Austin Centre
3809 South 2nd Street,
Austin, Texas 78704

December 31–January 3, 2010

Bilingual Program

“Mother Mary Speaks on the New Age Family” is a spiritual celebration of family.

New Year’s Eve will enfold you in magic! It all begins on Thursday, December 31st at 3:00 p.m. CST at the Austin Centre, Austin, Texas.

Come and feel the warmth of Lanello’s welcoming HeartStream entitled, “On the Preciousness of Every Soul.” Feel the radiance glowing in the candlelight and sacred songs. See it shining through the faces of familiar and new heartfriends.The Hearts Center of Austin, Texas heartfriends and heartfriends around the world welcome you.

Experience the holiness of family as you are held in the heart of Mother Mary each day. Hear Saint Germain and Jesus with Saint Francis speaking through David Christopher Lewis, our anointed messenger. Know the ascended master perspective on the new age family today, covering such topics as respect for children, new age education, the importance of fathers in the family and much more. Listen to teachings on the crystal vision for family life from Lady Master Meta, Clare de Lis (newly ascended messenger, Elizabeth Clare Prophet), the Master Orion, and Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus.

And how about a New Year’s dance! Learn to salsa, with a spiritual twist, and waltz with the stars! We’ll view, intermixed throughout the conference, powerful videos on family and education and conclude on Sunday afternoon having received many practical spiritual tools especially for the healing of families everywhere.

Register today at the Extended Stay Hotel’s Homestead Studio Suites in downtown Austin for only $69 a night while they last!

Our conference details include a super deal on lodging, a detailed program schedule, healthy meal options, easy online registration, special dinner reservations, directions to the Austin Center, how to request our shuttle, a beautiful poster and The Hearts Center’s flyer, all in English and Spanish. Yes, it’s all there…with a Spanish flare!

Mother Mary is waiting to bless you.

 Program (English)

 Program (Español))