Meet Us at the New Living Expo!

2019 New Living Expo in San Mateo, California

New Living Expo
April 26-28, 2019

San Mateo Event Center
1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403
Booth 247


The New Living Expo is a unique event that brings together thought leaders, teachers and respected authors in programs designed to enhance awareness, creativity and mindfulness in an ever expanding and complex world.

Show Hours:
April 26, 3:00 to 9:00 PM
Saturday, April 27, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Sunday, April 28, 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Parking: $15 cash only at the gate per day, per vehicle, with no in-and-out privileges.
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Visit The Hearts Center at Booth 247
The Hearts Center is back at the New Living Expo with Soul-Raising Sessions, books, orgonites, crystals, beautiful images of celestial beings, angels and nature spirits and free ascended master wallet cards and booklets on spiritual topics.


Soul-Raising Sessions

Soul-Raising Sessions with David Christopher Lewis

Each 10-, 20- or 30-minute Soul-Raising Session includes:

  • Soul reading
  • Aura clearance
  • Chakra balancing
  • One question answered

A 5-minute blessing with a gemstone talisman, also offered, releases a charge of light from the Holy Spirit.

Receive a direct teaching from the Holy Spirit, uniquely personal for you. Feel accelerated and invested with greater light, divine joy and beingness.

Schedule an appointment during the expo at Booth 247

After the session you will be emailed an audio file link, enabling you to save and listen to your message at your convenience.

Experience the Power of the Holy Spirit

During your session, wave patterns and initiatic cycles of light will be released through the agency of the Holy Spirit to perform an alchemy with your soul. The spiritual radiance flowing to you will be personal for you.

The session will bring you joy and a sense of support and upliftment as well as relief from burdens such as frustration or anxiety.

Expect positive change, transformation and elevation!

Free Lecture by David Chrsitopher Lewis

Saint Germain and Portia's Violet Laser Light Blessing for the Bay Area and All Lightworkers

Saturday, April 27, 4:00-4:45 pm in Room 1 

Saint Germain comes with Lady Master Portia to bring a violet laser light blessing to the Bay Area and all lightworkers. David Christopher Lewis will share the Aquarian avatars' keys to wholeness through advanced alchemy and accelerated love.

The audience will participate in a mindful, guided, group meditation with inspiring visuals to assist in precipitating greater clarity for one's life purpose and sacred mission. 20 minutes of audience questions will be answered by the masters.

Free Panel Discussion including David Christopher Lewis

Ascension Now – Bringing to Light Personal and Planetary Ascension

Sunday, April 28, 4:00-5:30 pm in Room 7

This Panel of Ascension Experts will share their experiential and up-to-date knowledge of the complex Ascension process taking place on the planet now, revealing practical step-by-step instructions that you can apply in your daily life.  Be open to awakening your hidden knowledge, activating ancient codes, and charging your energy field with Light Consciousness, to accelerate your personal evolution during this powerful time of global awakening!

The panel will discuss in depth the Current Cosmic Ascension plan, which includes: Steps to Prepare for Ascension; Activate Soul’s Ascension Timeline; Accessing the Quantum Field; Transcend Ego Resistance; Heal Core Wounding; Build Heart Magnestism; How to Activate the Merkaba Light Body; Scientific Technology of Transfiguration; The Role Crystal Light Plays; Living in the 5D Earth and The Event.

There will also be an experiential “Ascension Activation” where all that attend and are open can experience the higher dimensions and the receiving of Ascension codes. Come with an open mind and open heart so that you can understand and participate in this accelerated spiritual quickening that is happening for the planet, humanity and for you.


More Great things at Booth 247

  • Life-changing Books
  • Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy   
  • Mother Mary’s Missions—Messages from the Divine Mother.
  • Advanced Studies of the Human Aura (El Morya)
  • Living a Soulful Life (Afra)
  • Light on the Path
  • Other great products are on hand--new age rosaries, orgonite pyramids, blessed crystals.
  • Learn about the way our community assists in bringing in a golden-crystal age.
  • Find a free source for over 5000 HeartStreams from 200 masterful beings of the Universal Brotherhood of Light.
  • Sign up for a FREE e-book about a unique aspect of the violet flame as violet laser light.

About David Christopher Lewis

David Christopher Lewis

David Christopher Lewis, mystic, author and composer, is a spokesperson for the ascended masters, sharing their practical, progressive revelations for Self-realization. He is the co-founder of The Hearts Center, Meru University, and Paradise Permaculture.

David and his wife Mona live in Livingston, Montana where they have co-created their own foodscape on their 6-acre property—a model permaculture demonstration and teaching garden for Paradise Permaculture Institute.


San Mateo 2018: Hearts Center booth 247
Booth #247 San Mateo 2018:  More photos here

Lectures Before the New Living Expo

Free Lecture Divine Alchemy, Developing a Solar Aura and the Divine Mother

David Christopher Lewis, inspired by three ascended masters—Saint Germain, El Morya and Mother Mary—shares their insights to meet today’s challenges with greater spiritual focus and creativity. Saint Germain teaches us keys in the use of the violet laser light to accelerate the transmutation of personal and planetary karma. El Morya inspires devotees to develop radiant solar auras to bring light to our planet and her evolutions at this important time. And Mother Mary blesses each participant with a jade or emerald focus for their optimal spiritual health and well-being.

David’s books include Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy and Advanced Studies of the Human Aura.

Wednesday, April 24, 7:00 pm

Open Secret Bookstore, San Rafael


Thursday, April 25, 7:30 to 9:00 pm

East West Bookshop, 324 Castro Street Mountain View, CA


Soul-Raising Sessions and workshop after the New Living Expo

Monday, April 29 at East West Bookshop, Mountain View, CA


Soul-Raising Sessions with David Christopher Lewis 1:00 – 5:00 PM:

Call East West Bookshop at (650) 988-9800 to reserve a session


Workshop 7:00 pm

The Ascension: Serapis Bey’s New Teachings on How to Become One with God

David Christopher Lewis presents teachings from Serapis Bey, hierophant of the Ascension Temple over Luxor, Egypt, on twelve steps to accelerate our path to the ascension as disciples of light. Through sacred chant, Serapis invokes the ascension fire around participants, allowing them to experience greater divine light and love. A group meditation and clearance from Serapis removes subconscious blocks that may have negatively influenced those present for lifetimes dating back to Atlantis. And all attending receive a free booklet entitled, “What is the Ascension?” as a springboard for discussion and a more in-depth question and answer session with Serapis Bey.


David's Books Available at Our Booth

Saint Germain's book on Advanced Alchemy


Advanced Studies of the Human Aura

New Book Release - Light on the Path

Living a Soulful Life by Beloved Afra

Mother Mary's Missions Book