Creative Visualization

An Inspired Blueprint

Gautama's Thoughtform 2007 At the beginning of any successful project is a plan, a blueprint. Creating that blueprint can happen intellectually or it can be an exciting and cosmic experience—the tapping into more than human intellect to get results. As we begin to think about, see and feel the accomplishment of specific goals, we are participating in the almost lost art of creative visualization.

When we take a spiritual approach to this experience, visualization allows us to expand our field of awareness to receive pictures and ideas beyond our limited abilities to cognize. With practice, this ability becomes easier and yields more detailed results. But seeing greater results takes time, discipline, focused attention and desire.

The Law of Attraction Working through the Four Lower Bodies

Visualization deals with magnetic and electronic forces in which like attracts like. What we put our attention on is drawn to us. When we engage our physical senses, the attraction intensifies. So we feed our visualization with not only detailed seeing but intense feeling—and even tasting and smelling—to magnetize physical counterpart to our spiritual blueprint.

Let’s say we desire to experience more peace. The visualization we create could be of ourselves seated on the sandy shores of an ocean inlet at sunset or resting in an old hammock slowly rocking back and forth, back and forth in the summer breeze. Instead of just seeing these scenes in our minds eye, we feel the warm sand beneath us and experiencing the taste of the salty air. Or we smell the familiar mustiness of the canvas material of our old hammock and feel the cloth cradling our bodies.  

As we involve not only thought but inspiration and the activating of the physical senses, our blueprint takes on cosmic dimension. Our visualization moves through the four lower bodies,1 cycling from the etheric level2, or body, (spiritual); through the mental body (thought); then the emotional body (feeling); and finally into the physical body as smell and taste are activated and that which we desire becomes our reality.

Thoughts Are Things

We must not underestimate in anyway the power of visualization. From the Ascended Master El Morya,3 February 1, 2009, we receive this instruction—“Thoughts are things. Create nobly, beautifully, with divine intention.” He says that we could perceive our thoughts, and by extrapolation our visualizations, as our offspring—they are that real, that alive.

Focus and Motive

In addition, effective visualization demands focus. We must be able to perceive the object of our affection in order to receive it physically. The more time we spend focusing on our image, the more refined it becomes and the closer it comes to manifesting. It takes a withdrawing of our energies from outer activities for certain periods of time in order to paint on the easel of our consciousness. As more and more of our senses become attuned to the inner world, creative visualization is no longer just an exercise in precipitation per se. The more the outer senses are stilled, the more the inner senses hear the voice of God and see the patterns of God’s expression. Our reasons for engaging in visualization become purer.

Our lives take on a purpose and sense of mission beyond personal need.


So what are you desiring to precipitate today? A soul mate? A meaningful livelihood? Financial freedom? Health? Peace for a planet? Let divine motive guide your visualization as you co-create with God. Here is another key from El Morya3 from his HeartStream4 on May 29th—“Call to Apollo and Lumina5 to hold the field of divine intention within your mind, one with theirs, whereby these higher frequencies replace the lesser human impulses that are outplayed day after day. Let your thoughts be one with God. And then through joy, the divine world appearing right within yours will be fruitful as you multiply all of your gifts and talents for the victory of light upon earth.” In other words, allow the impression of the Elohim to flow through you. This is the perfect visual. Allow God to see through you.

Joy Is the Key to Creative Visualization

Another key to fruitful results in creative visualization is living in an aura of joy. Joy supplants fear, doubt and unworthiness. In fact, there is a cosmic being named Joy to whom you may call to assist you. She will “enhance your work through her cosmic essences encompassing your form and swirling all about you as the fragrance of pure delight.” What a mighty and co-creative endeavor we are called to. 

  1. The four lower bodies of man are the etheric, also known as the spiritual or memory body; the mental or thought body; the emotional or feeling body; and the physical body. These bodies clothe the soul as she travels in time and space. back to the four lower bodies...
  2. The etheric level, or body, is the highest body where evolving souls who identify with their God Source reside. In comparison to the physical body, the etheric is so accelerated that it cannot be seen with the human eye. But it is more real and concrete than the physical in the true sense of what is real. back to the etheric level...
  3. El Morya is the Lord of the First Ray, the ray of God’s will. Through such  embodiments as the Biblical patriarch, Abraham; the visionary King Arthur; the principled Thomas Becket, the renaissance Indian mogul, Akbar;  the stalwart St. Thomas Moore, and the sensitive and loyal Irish poet, Thomas More—the soul of El Morya excelled in its tenacity to principle and obedience to the highest understanding of the will of God. back to El Morya...
  4. HeartStreams are up-to-the-minute messages from the ascended masters through their anointed messengers in The Hearts Center movement. They may come in the form of dictation, discourse or darshan. These messages vibrate with the masters’ love and wisdom and anchor light in the Earth as they are being delivered and when they are replayed in audio or video format. They teach, exhort, bless, uplift and direct us in specific actions needed to assist not only ourselves but our planet. back to HeartStreams...
  5. Apollo and Lumina are Elohim for this planet on the yellow ray of illumination, the second ray. back to Apollo and Lumina...
  6. Hear Fortuna’s HeartStream from May 20, 2007 entitled, “Precipitating Abundance through Miracle Manifestations of Joy!” Find it along with more than 1,600 other HeartStreams in our library by clicking “HeartStreams” on the homepage menu bar. back to the fragrance of pure delight...