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Who We Are

The Hearts Center is a dynamic worldwide movement of spiritual seekers joyously growing in personal self-mastery. Our mission is to offer up-to-the-minute teachings and inspiration from the ascended masters through David Christopher Lewis, an anointed messenger of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. As a virtual community, we daily livestream free prayer services, including meditation, devotional singing, the giving of mantras, personal sharings, and teachings from the ascended masters. We gather in person for our local events, quarterly conferences, and occasional pilgrimages.

The Hearts Center was founded in 2005 in Livingston, Montana and is currently headquartered there. Since its inception, we have held over 100 conferences around the world, released over 170 original songs, 300 original prayers, 40 new age rosaries, and have received over 7000 HeartStreams from the ascended masters through David Christopher Lewis. All these prayers, songs, and rosaries are freely available in our Prayers and Songs page. Likewise, HeartStreams are available in our HeartStreams Library.

A Letter of Welcome from
our Co-Founder & Messenger

Dear Heartfriend,

“I feel I’ve come home!” is often the comment we hear from new friends to our Hearts Center community. Whether you are discovering us virtually, locally, regionally or internationally, we welcome you with open hearts! What do we have to offer you?

  • Our loving acceptance
  • Opportunities for healing, transforming and succeeding
  • Practical spiritual teachings and tools for your personal path
  • Up-to-the-minute revelations and teachings, blessings and clearances from the ascended masters and cosmic beings

We are grateful you have connected with us! And we honor your gifts, inviting you to join our dynamic movement of heartfriends worldwide in bringing in a new age of peace, freedom and enlightenment.

What do we do? We meditate, pray, sing, chant, dance, and sungaze to realize personal enlightenment. And we study and share the teachings of the ascended masters. We are all about loving, healing and thriving. My mission is to deliver the masters’ directly inspired, current teachings to carry on the work of the Universal Great White Brotherhood (and Sisterhood) of Light.

Again, Welcome! I look forward to meeting and greeting you at one of our many interactive online classes or live events as we share our path of oneness and light.

David Christopher Lewis

Our Community

The Hearts Center is an international community of heartfriends from all corners of the globe. We welcome any and all spiritual seekers who love God and desire to advance on their personal path. The Hearts Center does not require membership fees and is funded mainly by donations. All that is required to participate is to show up and have an open mind and heart!

If you are interested in connecting with heartfriends in your local area, click the button below.


What is an
Aquarian Essene Community?

In The Hearts Center, we trace our spiritual lineage back to the Essenes, mystical Christians who prepared for the coming of the Christ. Our spiritual practices of prayers, songs, meditations, rosaries, healthy diet, and more are reflections of their ancient practices, rooted in a love for God. Through them, we prepare the way for the awakening of the Christ within.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Within our Hearts Center Community, we realize personal enlightenment through our Higher Self and share the ascended masters' teachings and our love-wisdom throughout the Earth.

Our Vision
We live in sustainable Golden-Crystal Age communities in joy and in harmony with Mother Nature, using solar sciences of the Spirit. We radiate light, and we live and love as one.

The Golden Agenda

The Golden Agenda consists of the foundational principles that guide The Hearts Center, our endeavors, personal values, and spiritual practices.

Golden Rule
We live by the Golden Rule and lovingly welcome all seekers of truth, honoring their talents and religious backgrounds. We uphold the Divinity within one another and champion the freedom of each individual to make independent, informed choices ...