The Alchemy
of the
Violet-Laser Light,
Radical Forgiveness

The coming Age of Aquarius is an age of love—a time when souls may journey to the source of God-love within the center of their being and know the eternality of oneness. This can only come about when every soul is free to be who she is—free to be in the light, unencumbered by past negative momentums and burdens—and when people simply get it and resolve the karma among themselves and their cultures because they have decided that it is more important to live harmoniously as one people upon Earth, under God

The seventh Age of Aquarius is also an age of freedom, characterized by the seventh-ray aspect of God’s consciousness and the color violet—the seventh and highest in frequency in the visible spectrum of light. Its energy, when used by alchemists of the Spirit in prayer and invocation, becomes imbued with the power of the Holy Spirit to manifest an energy field of transmutation, or cosmic change, when projected into any situation or problem.

In this way, the Creator places a living essence of him/herself within this violet light, which becomes alive, as a flame. The power of love to change is at the core of the violet flame, as violet is composed of pink (love) and blue (power), which when merged create a pulsating violet energy that can consume on contact any darkness that it touches. Applying the violet flame in any situation facilitates the work of the Holy Spirit to be accomplished and fulfilled through the nexus of the hearts of those who lovingly invoke it.

A Healing Elixir for Troubled Times: The Violet-Laser Light

The violet flame is one of the most powerful energies that we can invoke for transformation in this age of cycles turning. Among its frequencies is the energy of freedom, with its many nuances, all of which are necessary for a Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius to emerge. Devotees in The Hearts Center movement, as well as other spiritual organizations, have therefore been invoking more and more violet-light to transmute the karma of the Age of Pisces in preparation for the great release of understanding, enlightenment, freedom, virtue, and brother/sisterhood on behalf of the Earth at this critical juncture of our planetary history.

The Ascended Master Saint Germain revealed the knowledge of the violet transmuting fire in the twentieth century and more recently introduced, through The Hearts Center, its accelerated action as the violet-laser light so that mankind would have the opportunity to more rapidly balance their karma through invocation of the mercy aspect of this light.

Students who invoke this light in prayer, song, and mantra use it in practical ways to enhance their daily lives as well as to perform all manner of divine alchemical feats. Those who have intensified their vision during heightened meditation and prayer sessions to allow the violet ray to penetrate the deeper and deeper layers of planetary darkness and the lower regions of the astral plane have seen its powerful effects to transmute the negative elements of the world’s lower auric field. As this transformation occurs, they envision the coming new age as a Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius.

Divine Magic, Mirth, Mercy, and Miracles

Alchemy, another aspect of the seventh ray, affords us the opportunity to engage in a science of the Spirit in which we precipitate what we envision in order to glorify God in our lives and to co-create with God something beautiful, divine, harmonic, and of value for ourselves, our families, our communities, our environment, our nations, and all peoples. This is the science of divine love practically applied, whereby initiates (white magicians) perform violet magic on behalf of God, bringing the full spiritual weight and integrity of who they are into play as they create something rich in mercy and mirth.

As lightbearers, we naturally desire to engage in alchemy because it brings us great joy, which is another aspect of the violet light. The jovial and jubilant joy that the effervescent energy of the violet light affords us—whereby life is no longer full of suffering and drudgery—allows us to be ourselves, to experience God’s light and life within our hearts, and to lovingly express our eternal Buddha nature. When this magnanimous joy is pouring through our chakras, our hearts, and our being, it coalesces as a beautiful violet frequency that raises people and shines its light to craft something magical.

The qualities of compassion and mercy, exemplified in the rosy hue of the violet light, are two crucial ingredients for the healing of our troubled world. When we are merciful and work with the angels and ascended masters of the violet ray to bring mercy into the world, it assuages hurt, pain, and suffering and allows the reconciliation of past karma that has been burdensome to our souls and the souls of others.

Mercy is a grace from heaven—a very subtle yet powerful frequency of the violet light—that can resolve conflict when we weave it through our consciousness and emanate it to those we interact with. When mercy is present, it is impossible to be full of angst, anger, or other negative emotions. Its energy instantaneously brings us to a peaceful, harmonious state of inner beingness and composure in our personalities, our emotions, and our minds. When we invoke mercy and the mirth of mercy and tap into the joy of the seventh ray, it smooths things out in our lives. The rough places are made plain and conflicts don’t keep arising again and again, because we have resolved who we are internally.

he seventh ray is also a ray of miracles. By sustaining the virtuous manifestation of violet light through our individual Divine Presence, we may begin to experience miracles of healing and grace for ourselves and for our loved ones. We have, in effect, invited the angels of the sacred fire to step in and proffer their heavenly light to bring resolution and the power of God’s Presence right into our midst.

Healing through Radical Forgiveness

The act of loving and forgiving our enemies is what the ascended masters have termed radical forgiveness. And by radical, they mean that the violet light can, as a grace, transmute karma very, very quickly. When we consciously choose to love and forgive our enemies even more than we love and forgive our friends, our loved ones, and ourselves, this level of radical forgiveness and love will help to heal and save our planet, our civilization—because if we don’t have true love in our hearts, we really aren’t a civilized society or a civilization at all. A true civilization is built upon the love of every citizen within it. Therefore, to be civilized, we must know love; and to have a Golden-Crystal Aquarian Age civilization, we must express divine love in all of its beautiful and myriad manifestations.

When we engage in radical forgiveness through the invocation of the violet light in prayer, meditation, singing, and even dancing, there is an action of such great mercy and grace that the forgiveness brings all to understanding in a magnanimous, alchemical, and miraculous way. When we forgive others, we actually unburden our-selves. When we forgive ourselves, we unburden both ourselves and others, because we are all connected—we are all one. And as we forgive ourselves and forgive others, we will all know ourselves as brothers and sisters of one great family of mercy.

Ho’oponopono: Radical Forgiveness in Action

What kind of forgiveness was able to heal an entire ward of the criminally insane and has the power to cleanse our memories? An ancient healing science, transferred from Lemuria to Hawaiian teachers and priests, Ho’oponopono teaches the way to return all to pure light. It is another way to invoke the violet light, which anyone can benefit from today. The practice is an alchemy of radical forgiveness that uses a formula of the Divine Mother, expressed beautifully in these simple words: “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” It is a spiritual art form that is profound and yet which any child can easily learn and master.

The process was used by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len when he was tasked with helping a chaotic ward of prisoners in the Hawaii State Hospital. As he reviewed each patient’s file in his caseload, and without ever meeting them, he would work on himself and accept 100 percent responsibility for their actions.

The active principle here is not to ascribe to another the problem that we humanly see outside of ourselves. Rather, we go deep within to see where that flaw is in us and work on our psyches, our subconscious minds, to find the elements that are in alignment with what we are observing in the outside world. As we work internally with God to transmute the cause, effect, record, and memory of whatever negativity we have accommodated, there is then, through the magic of the violet light, the transference of this same action of resolution to another with whom we have had an issue.

Blazing a Trail of Violet-Laser Light to a Brighter Future

With Ho’oponopono, then, the key is to work on ourselves as if we were the other person or people in any given situation, holding them in our mind’s eye as we go deep within and realize our oneness with all life. The more we work to change within the crucible of our own beings what we would like to see within society and root out the elements of darkness within ourselves, the more light we will be able to carry. And the more we will be a point of atonement for the karma of the world, of those who are ignorant of what they do. Ultimately, we can only change ourselves. Yet cosmic and planetary change is wrought by our choices and the change that occurs within each of us as individuals.

You can use the violet-laser light in your life through visualization as well as spoken prayer. By visualizing that light affecting karmic causes, an action occurs in the mental and even the emotional and etheric planes. In order to bring that action into the physical requires the use of the throat chakra in the science of the spoken word, as taught by the ascended masters.

For example, here is a simple yet powerful affirmation that you can speak aloud to bring radical forgiveness into your life: In the name of God, in the name I AM THAT I AM, I now radically forgive all whom I have ever wronged and ask that they also radically forgive me through divine love, accelerated by the violet-laser light.

Whatever quality or form of the violet light that you choose to utilize, if you invoke the presence of the ascended masters to assist you, they will be there to enhance the power of your alchemical work. Lastly, it is important to remember that all of the aspects of the violet light include divine love—the key to alchemy. When we have love at the center of what we invoke through the violet light, it always prevails, because love is what holds the universe together. Love is what compels life forward in its evolution at all levels of awareness and consciousness. Love is the key to our victory, to our oneness with God.