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2022 Spring Conference

How to Be an Aquarian Man or Woman—
Realize the Golden-Crystal Age Within Now

March 26-28


IHCC Third International Congress

April 2-4

 3-Day Prayer Matrix

Both livestreamed via Livingston, Montana
With David Christopher Lewis

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Our Conference and Congress—
Two Weekends of Aquarian Creativity and Fellowship!

Here come two consecutive weekends packed with prayer, HeartStreams, alchemical experiments, meditations, global fellowship, visioning ... and planning, planning, planning for 2022 and way beyond!

An Alchemical Spring Event

No matter what is happening in the world, in The Hearts Center community we are about our Father-Mother’s business! On March 26-28, our spring conference prepares for the Golden-Crystal Age manifesting in the physical plane as we accept it as already manifest within our beings. Through meditations, visualizations and presentations we will learn how to be alchemists at home, at work and in our communities.

On Saturday, be uplifted and encouraged by a HeartStream from Saint Germain and Portia and a presentation called, “Alchemists of Love at Home with the Family,” by Susana Abumohor. Sunday’s schedule enlivens us with a sharing by Lanello and Clare de Lis. Also, Fernando Cantillana shows us how to be “Alchemists of Love at Work in the Community.”

Monday, the last day of our event, enjoy a scrumptious presentation by Soledad Benavente: “Our Kitchens Are Laboratories for Delicious Alchemies!” And again we are blessed to experience together a Group Soul-Raising Session. The light garnered in these three days is magnified in us and around the world through this session with the Holy Spirit, followed by the blessed Maha Chohan’s timely message for our souls’ comfort, empowerment and growth.

Susana Abumohor

"Alchemists of Love at Home with the Family"

Susana is the president of The Hearts Center of Chile.  She has been serving the ascended masters and The Hearts Center Community since 2010.  A clinical psychologist for many years, Susana also gave her time as a volunteer for a state program in Chile to help homeless and neglected children. As a mother of five adult children and grandmother to ten beautiful grandchildren, her family life is full of Aquarian blessings. Susana lives with her husband Jaime in Santiago.

Fernando Cantillana

"Alchemists of Love at Work in the Community"

Fernando is a talented and successful graphic designer. He and his wife Ivonne live in Santiago and are the proud parents of a four-year-old son, Mateo Santino. They are CEOs of Estudio Paretti. Their studio has created art for organizations such as The Coca-Cola Company and Festival Viña del Mar, among others, and won international awards. In 2019 they designed a stand-out booth for the Centro de Corazones de Chile at the Mind, Body and Soul Expo.

Soledad Benavente

"Our Kitchens Are Laboratories for Delicious Alchemies!"

Soledad lives in beautiful Chiloe Island just south of Chile. On her property, she has developed "La Cocina de la Sole," a magical place where she is dedicated to preparing recipes for conscious dining, including vegetarian delights! She imbues each recipe with all her love. The teachings of the masters inspire and guide her when making her heavenly dishes. You can follow Soledad on Instagram at #lacocinadelasole.

Heartfriends of Chile, 2021

Our International Congress--Aquarian Synergy in Action!

The Hearts Center of Chile also sponsors the Third International Congress the following weekend, April 2-4. Saturday’s theme is “Tuning in with the Masters.” After prayers and songs, several group presentations are planned and then a HeartStream by Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus. On Sunday, the focus is “Group Work.” The group will set goals for the next three years and plan congresses eight years in advance. Supporting children and youth, and refining broadcast services will also be discussed. A HeartStream from Meta completes this day’s activities.

Monday’s highlights include a workshop entitled, “Expanding Our Blessings for an Abundant Life,” and a HeartStream by El Morya and the Darjeeling Council.

The International Hearts Center Council is planning big and into the distant future, knowing that the most exciting renewal, the greatest reawakening of souls is on its way! Pray with us! Plan with us! Believe with us that the best is yet to come for Planet Earth and the children of God!

Pictures from Previous Events