2013 Winter Solstice Conference

Celebrate the Season of Enlightenment with Us!
2013 Winter Solstice Conference
Enlighten Yourself with the Buddhas

December 19-22, 2013
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart 

Livingston, Montana


Listen to Your Heart 

Are the Buddhas calling your name? Use your inner knowing. Be guided to a place of enlightenment. Rise with us in the morning sun. Sing, pray, laugh, learn, and join together in the Christic/Buddhic presence of The One … in Montana in December. 
Be with the Buddhas and loving heartfriends this winter solstice, surrounded by the magnificence of the snow-capped Absaroka and Bridger Mountain Ranges and the quaintness of a classic western town. Penetrate into the heights of your own God consciousness as you enter our Sanctuary of the Heart and connect through silent mediation to the new etheric retreat over Livingston consecrated to the crystal rays. Livingston is referred to in the same HeartStream announcing this new crystal-ray retreat as “Living Stone.”

Buddhas Bring Bountiful Blessings

  • Lanello and Clare de Lis will shower us with mindful love—everything that happens during the event will also happen simultaneously in their retreat.  
  • BuddhiMa will show us how to reach Buddhahood through divine laughter, joy and happiness—the way to inner peace. 
  • Manjushri will remove lifetimes of anti-wisdom energies to bring us into greater mindfulness. He will also answer questions related to Buddhic/mindful practices.
  • Green Tara will work on our third eye to assist us in experiencing Buddhic/Mother vision. 
  • Padma Sambhava will transfer an energy field from and through the Ruby Ray lineage.
  • White Tara, singing her message, will wash us clean in her white light radiance. 
  • Maitreya will share with us the requirements for becoming a world teacher, one who can convey divine truth in
    transformative power.
  • Avalokitesvara (Kuan Yin) will conduct a heart-healing, dissolving up to one thousand years of our karma—possibly our most
    difficult karma—her merciful beauty enfolding us.
  • Buddha of the Ruby Ray will initiate our hearts with ruby fire in preparation for the initiation by Prajnaparamita
    later in the conference.
  • Gautama Buddha will update us on the Eightfold Path.  
  • Prajnaparamita (Mother of all Buddhas) comes to open our crown chakras.
Be with us to enjoy special presentations, meditation exercises, and the fellowship of holy community as we together invoke light to bless life and heal the Earth through our prayers, songs, laughter and joy. See you there! The Buddhas are calling. 

Hear Brian Sparks and His Tibetan Singing Bowls

A student of the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism, Brian Sparks, has received his spiritual teaching from several masters--Gochen Tulku Sang Ngag Rinpoche, his brother Khenpo Namchak, and translator Khenpo Sonam.  

Khenpo Namchak and Khenpo Sonam have empowered Brian's playing of the bowls by giving him a specific prayer for their use originating in an ancient lineage of teaching, and instructing him concerning the use and spiritual uniqueness of the singing bowls. 



Advanced instruction in the therapeutic playing of the bowls from Masters Santa Ratna Shakya and Shree Krishna Sahi from Katmandu, Nepal has allowed Brian to bless many through his sensitive understanding of their use these past four years. 

You will often find Brian at Buddhist fundraisers and in ceremonies at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee, Montana, playing his bowls.  To benefit the Garden, a CD of Brian’s playing is in its initial planning stages.

Brian's "incarnations" in this life have included service to his country in the army from 1971-1974, time as a ranch hand, a Presbyterian minister and counselor, a teacher at an alternative high school, a museum director; and fourteen months as a member of a fracking crew in North Dakota.

Brian is currently playing the bowls in his therapeutic practice, called Harmonic Harbor.



Special Guest - Porter Weldon

Porter Weldon Presents “Prajnaparamita and the Feminine Aspects of Buddhahood”  

Porter Weldon discovered the spiritual path in 1969 with a keen interest in the Eastern esoteric traditions, especially Tibetan Buddhism. He also has been a student of the ascended masters since 1977 and was on the staff of The Summit Lighthouse until 1982. 

For over for forty years, his interest has always been in the integration of the great esoteric truths of both East and West. And for the last twenty years, he has worked in an esoteric bookstore with its vast opportunity to study the teachings and to meet many great teachers and practitioners.

As an artistic expression, he has designed a line of malas, Asian prayer beads. The spiritual intention of the malas is to inspire those holding them to recognize their true nature of mind as an immediate perception. As sacred jewelry, malas hold and reflect the compassionate intent of the beauteous realms.

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2013 Winter Solstice Conference

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  • Register after December 6: $125
  • 33 and younger: $50

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Video: $100 per household
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Location and Parking


Masonic Temple

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

130 North 2nd St.

Livingston, MT 59047

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Location: Livingston, Montana

Airport: Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport  (BZN)

Shuttle: Register for the shuttle by Friday, December 13, to be on the pick-up schedule.

Airport Shuttle Service:  $20 each way
Shuttle service from and to the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport begins on Wednesday, December 18, and continues through Monday morning, December 23.

Hotel Shuttle Service  $10 total*

Pick-up times:
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8:30 am Thursday-Sunday

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8:00 pm Thursday and Friday
9:15 pm Saturday
2:30 pm Sunday

*$10 for Quality Inn to Livingston Sanctuary and back for entire conference. 

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