2014 Summer Youth Event

The Hearts Center 2014 Summer Youth Retreat

We Are Aquarius Now!
We Are Sustainable in Solar Love!

 Livingston, MT, June 23-25
It’s Time to Get Together, Young Aquarians!

The Age of Aquarius is happening here and now! It is your age, your time to shine! Got plans for summer? How about planning a few days together with other like-minded youth in beautiful Southwestern Montana? 

Teens and young people up to age 33, you are lovingly invited to enjoy the company of one another and the ascended masters as you experience camping under the Montana sky, planting in the Montana soil, rafting the Yellowstone River, and much more during our summer Youth Retreat,  June 23-25!

Work with Mother Nature

Join David and Mona Lewis on their 5.8-acre property just outside Livingston, Montana, dedicated to the principles of permaculture and living in harmony with nature. You will have an opportunity to garden on the land and see the results of your efforts growing more each year at each subsequent retreat, which we hope to have at the same locale each year.

Meet Zachary Weiss and John Bluefeather

Many outdoor activities await you. Learn the basics of Permaculture from a 26-year old expert, Zach Weiss, who owns PerpetualGreenGardens.org and who has been trained directly by Sepp Holzer. Working with the land in a natural way is the way of Aquarius. 

John Bluefeather looks forward to sharing with you tips for living in the wilderness. Having explored and photographed the wild places of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest for many years, John knows how to live in nature and how to allow nature to live in him.  

What Else Is Happening?

There will be….
• A 3-night camp out under the stars.
• Cooking over the campfire and live guitar music 
• Daily swims in a fresh, new Yellowstone River-fed pond. 
• A few mountain hikes around Paradise Valley.
• Time to soak and swim at Chico Hot Springs.
• Volleyball, badminton, basketball, horseshoes, Frisbee, capture-the-flag, etc.
• Time to talk about what’s in your heart and what’s on your mind.
• Time to commune with the sponsors of our retreat, beloved Mother Mary, El Morya and Meta and another master of your choice.
• Time to plan for future retreats with other fun excursions around Big Sky Country. 

Building Community

Building community starts with the youth, because you are our future. David shared this with us about his own spiritual path, “As a young person of eighteen when I found the teachings of the ascended masters, what I desired was community. I had hoped to work on a pristine property, exactly like what we’re co-creating now, where I could go to participate with others in building a community of light.”

While having lots of fun you will also be learning about how to create a better future for our planet. So make your plans. We are making ours and growing our Youth Scholarship Fund to help you make it to Montana in June! 

Registration FREE!

Register now for onsite attendance!

The Hearts Center 2014 Youth Retreat is FREE to all youth, ages 12 through 33. 

1. Fill out the
Registration Form, save it on your computer and then email to youthretreat@heartscenter.org
(If you are unable to fill out the writable form print out and mail to the address below.)

2. Print out the Appearance and Liability Release and sign (if under 18, have a parent sign)  
If under 18 years of age, print out the Children’s Liability Release and have a parent sign 

Mail forms to:
The Hearts Center Youth Retreat
PO Box 277
Livingston, MT 59047

If you require any assistance, call our help desk at 312-253-7600. 

Scholarship Application
3. Scholarship money is available for assistance with travel expenses. Print out the Scholarship Application, mail to the address above.
Lewis property, just outside of Livingston, MT

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Youth Scholarship Fund

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The Hearts Center will cover the cost of our 2014 Youth Retreat. We hope to sponsor some youth by paying most or all of their transportation costs. Donations to the Youth Scholarship Fund are heartily welcomed to help support this and future events for our youth.  

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Book your flight into the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN).