Heartstreaming for Personal and Planetary Change

Heartstreaming—Emanation of Divine Love

Brazil sunrise with David in meditation “Heartstreaming,” a recent term coined by the ascended masters through The Hearts Center, defines the ancient practices of the flow of love and life through the heart. “It is a shift in consciousness that moves us from seeking the best mental models and ideas…to evolving or even magnetizing inspired solutions….”1 From prayer, affirmations, decreeing,2 meditation and mindfulness to team work in finding creative solutions—if you are communing in your heart with an awareness that is beyond human thought, you are heartstreaming!

“Heartstreaming is the emanation of divine love from and through one’s heart center, the central of the seven major chakras of the spiritual or etheric body of sons and daughters of God. It is the science of connecting with one’s Higher Self or Divine Presence by attuning to the frequencies of the Spirit through deep meditation, prayer and devotion. It is contacting one’s Solar Presence,3 or Source, and allowing a sacred flow of radiant light-energy to consciously course through one’s being to bring joy, love, harmony and peace to the world. [It] is an ancient art and yet one that all can know today by learning the science of Presence or living in the Eternal Now.”4

Heartstreaming in Community

The Age of Aquarius is the age of team spirit and team work—the coming together in teams and in community to achieve common goals for the common good. Team heartstreaming builds relationships, strengthens community and finds answers.

Heartstreaming may also be done with only one member of the community or team aware of the process and silently praying that the Higher Selves of the other members participate. But when all members are consciously involved in group-heartstreaming, there are certain requirements that, when met, assure success. They are that each member comes to the practice in the spirit of goodwill, having worked at surrendering prejudices, desiring harmonious interactions with others, having faith in the process and achieving a certain amount of heart-centeredness.

  • Goodwill: A sincere, heartfelt presumption of goodwill lays the foundation for mutual respect and trust. Mutual respect implies an approach that is free from preconeived notions as to who will produce the best ideas, who will exhibit the greatest mental prowess, or who holds what hierarchical position within the group. Sometimes the perfect idea springs, crystal clear and complete, from one member. Other times, the group may come up with a seed thought that requires refining.
  • Surrender: The surrendering of all prejudices, even a favorable disposition toward some individuals, will lead to a more positive outcome in decision-making and the reaching of collective goals. A prejudice—positive or negative—is a quality of the ego-mind not of the heart.
  • Harmony: Maintaining a state of group harmony is key. When there is a sense of argumentativeness, impatience or frustration, stopping dialogue and taking a deep breath does wonders. The group may offer a brief prayer, meditate for a few minutes, or use other techniques for quieting the mind.
  • Faith: Faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit. We can ask God for it. Having faith in the process of heartstreaming brings positive results, and it is not the same as controlling outcomes. Faith never impinges on any one’s free will but creates an atmosphere, through the presence of the angels that have been summoned, that removes many blocks preventing individuals from making choices that bless all and benefit all. When feelings of confidence in God’s purposes and faith are active, productive change occurs. Exercising faith helps us to tune into all possibilities. There is no limit to what our Presence can do through us when we have faith.
  • Heart-Centeredness: Communion with the heart is strengthened through practice, just as working out with weights each day develops bodily muscle. Daily times of prayer, recitation of mantras, engaging in meditation and contemplation develop the heart. Sending God feelings of gratitude throughout the day in thought and word ties us to our heart and through it to God’s. Heartstreaming comes naturally when there has been a cultivation of the heart, an ongoing spiritualization of the heart. The heart is our bridge to the subtle world of Spirit. (Lewis, McNeil 2005, 282.)

The Benefits of Heartstreaming

We can know an increase in vitality and joy through heartstreaming. Compassion for others as well as a growing inner peace are products of this practice. We will naturally gain a heightened understanding of our purpose and mission in life also. Achieving solutions to personal and societal problems and enjoying healthier relationships are additional benefits of heartstreaming.

Heartstreaming in groups confirms the spiritual law that the whole is always more than the sum of its parts! There is truly a multiplication factor of inspiration that emerges in group heartstreaming. The ascended masters have told us that there is a squaring factor of released light when individuals come together to achieve a common spiritual goal—the more individuals who are capable of working together in harmony, the greater the exponential release of light and spiritual power.

Heartstreaming with the Ascended Masters

Heartstreaming with the ascended masters5 occurs when specific masters are invited through prayer to intercede on our behalf. Also, an ascended master will speak to a community through a messenger, an anointed representative of the Universal Great White Brotherhood,6 trained to receive telepathic communications for the edification of receptive hearts.

Heartstreaming Is for Everyone

There are so many ways to heartstream that each person can choose what works for him. The Hearts Center website offers assistance with various ways to heartstream. The Threefold Flame Meditation is a visual journey assisting us to connect with the heart and also integrate the seven major chakras. The Prayers and Songs page of our site offers prayers, or decrees, in both audio and print version. These prayers are also included in Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, our print-published prayer book, available in the Store. Audios of our songs, as well as lyrics, are also uploaded on the Prayer and Songs page for your use in heartstreaming.

In the words of El Morya, “Heartstreaming is a sacred event each time it occurs in whatever way the disciple by intention sets forth his or her purpose in that moment…. And when you enter the great heartstream of God as it courses through life itself, you may truly understand what it means to live in the very heart of God.” (El Morya, April 7, 2008.)

  1. David C. Lewis and Michael K. McNeil, “Heartstreaming” chapter 28, Healing the Heart of the World, Dawson Church, Ph.D. and Elite Books. (2005): 280.
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  2. Decrees are poetic, spoken prayers that invite the light of God to descend into the Earth and into our beings. Their rhyming pattern facilitates memorization and repetition. And repetition intensifies this light within our chakras, producing positive change in us and in the world. Decrees are much like the mantras of the East, and their action of light can be more intense than the light that is released through prayer or meditation, depending on the focus, attainment and momentum of the individual offering the decree. Click Prayers and Songs to read and hear decrees given during our services and vigils.
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  3. Solar Presence is a new term, introduced by the ascended masters through The Hearts Center, to describe that part of our being that is God, depicted as the upper figure in Your Buddha Nature Chart. The Solar Presence is also called the I AM Presence, the Divine Presence, the God Presence. It is the individualization of the One, our true divine identity. In the wording Solar Presence we see the image of our total being as a radiating sun center which continually emanates divine love and every virtue to all life.
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  4. Excerpted from a HeartStream by El Morya on April 7, 2008.
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  5. The ascended masters are the saints and sages of all religions who once walked upon this planet and other worlds and have earned the right to ascend back to God. They are called “ascended masters”, for they have gained mastery over the world in which we live. And in the heaven world, they work together on projects that assist us here so that we may attain that self-same mastery.
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  6. The Universal Great White Brotherhood, also referred to as the Universal White Brotherhood and the Great White Brotherhood, is an association of saints and sages from all paths and religions. This Brotherhood includes angels and cosmic beings as well. “It is the authority and governing body that represents the Godhead in this system of worlds.”* Many members of the Universal Great White Brotherhood had walked the Earth or other planets in our system. Some individuals who are currently embodied have earned the right, even from this unascended state, because of their great service and devotion, to be considered among the ranks of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. Still other members have never entered the rounds of rebirth, residing in etheric octaves. White makes no reference to race but to the purity of each member. The purpose of the Universal Great White Brotherhood is the upliftment of mankind so that each individual may attain that selfsame mastery and the ultimate joy of divine reunion through the ascension. (*Excerpted from a darshan with the Maha Chohan, June 1, 2008.)
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More on Heartstreaming

Healing the Heart of the World book

For more on heartstreaming see chapter 28 of Healing the Heart of the World, now available in our store.

Heartstreaming Testimonial

David Relates an Experience of Heartstreaming

I had a conflict with an out-of-state client in my Montana art business wherein a promised timeline to deliver a signed and numbered unframed lithograph as an anniversary gift was not going to be met because of a slip-up on the part of a third-party gallery in Texas who had the rare print. Just before I picked up the phone to relate the bad news to my clien,t I felt an impulse to heartstream.

I entered into a deep state of relaxation and meditation and asked permission for all three parties involved to meet in their finer bodies to heartstream for a solution to our dilemma. I decided then and there to have complete faith in the process and trust that something could be done to resolve the issue. I visualized light streaming forth from the hearts of all of us and then released all sense of urgency or attachment to the situation, ending the session with a great sense of peace that all would be well, and then returned to my other business at hand.

Within twenty minutes I received a call from the Texas gallery. They located the same rare print through a wholesaler in a city within a half hour’s drive for my client. And in order to make up for the faux pas, they were covering the cost of having a courier hand-deliver the print to my client that day, thus meeting the timeline! I was floored at the instantaneous response and the outcome.