A Sacred Weekend in Chicago
With the Magi, the Holy Family, and the Saints Robed in White
July 11-13, 2014
Geneva, South Elgin, and Wheaton

The Heart Chakra of America Gets an Infusion of Light

Yes, Chicago is the heart chakra of America. Golden ages have come and gone here. Chicago was part of Atlantis as one of its great cities of light. And it will be that great city again. Of all of our physical organs, the heart is definitely the “heart of the matter.” No heart—no life. What does this tell us about the importance of our spiritual support of Chicago? 

The Three Magi Are Coming! (July 11)

And the Three Magi are drawn, by the love of Chicagoland heartfriends, to be there for David’s two presentations on El Morya’s book, Advanced Studies of the Human Aura. Kuthumi and Djwal Kul join El Morya in sponsoring the first day of our weekend, Friday, July 11, all day long, and especially during David’s talks, the new blue wave blessings, and book signings at…


  • Prana Yoga Center, Geneva    1:30-3:30 pm

       - One of the largest and loveliest yoga centers in Chicagoland

       - Located at 321 Stevens Street 

For more information call Lisa Bertke at 630-262-9642.

Visit www.pranayogacenter.com

  • Crystal River Gifts, South Elgin    6:30-8:30 pm

       - Tina’s store sparkles with crystals and radiates with sacred statuary.
       - Her ample meeting room will be our book signing venue.
       - 310 N. La Fox Street (Rt. 31) South Elgin across from Fox River 

For more information call Tina Higens at 224-535-8708. 


Two-Day Prayer Vigil for Chicago (July 12 and 13)

On Saturday and Sunday, we meet for services at the Loretto Center. Covering sixteen acres, this former convent, nestled—almost hidden away—in suburban Wheaton, is a perfect setting for the delivery of light through our invocations, songs, meditations, loving fellowship, and HeartStreams. 

On Saturday afternoon, right after lunch, a 90-minute Q and A with David and the ascended masters is scheduled, especially for heartfriends new to our movement. And anyone present will be given the opportunity to ask questions of ascended masters of their choice during the darshan. HeartStreams from Godfre or Lotus, and Valiant are scheduled. 

The Holy Family sponsors Sunday’s prayer sessions, with HeartStreams from each—Mary, Jesus with Magda, and Saint Germain.


It’s Saint Germain’s Town!  And You Are Invited!

Chicago is Saint Germain’s town!  He said so! Chosen by Saint Germain in the 1930’s to be the place where his teachings on the I AM Presence and the violet flame were released through Messengers Guy Ballard (Godfre Ray King) and Edna Ballard (Lotus Ray King), the students of the I AM Temple on Washington Street in downtown Chicago continue to bless Chicagoland with their services and sacred music concerts.

Vigil attendance is free. See our list of accommodations in the Wheaton area and our program on this page. 

If you are making plans to come, contact Carol at 630-894-4410 

or email her friends@heartscenter.org.

Replays of Event

Audio Replays of The Sacred Weekend in Chicago 2014

(Please allow some time for the audios to load before they play.)

Saturday morning, July 12- including Godfre's dictation and prayers for Chicago.

Saturday afternoon, July 12- including the Great Divine Director's darshan question and answer session and Valiant's discourse.

Sunday morning, July 13- including personal blessings from the Holy Family.

Images and videos of Heartfriends on Flickr



Chicago’s Spiritual Past and Future

Through two ascended master dispensations, messages of Chicago’s glorious past and future are an encouragement to all students of the light. From Ascended Master Godfre to Gautama to Mighty Victory, their blessings for this city and prophecies about it abound. Here are some:

• Godfre (1939): “Chicago will be a focal point for the ascension of America, and with it, the entire earth.” And “the Mighty Unfed Flame within the city of Chicago will grow brighter, expand, rise and release tremendous light.”

• Godfre (1950): “Chicago is a permanent atom in the heart of the Earth.”

• Lord Maitreya (1983): Chicago is a “great white focus of the Great White Brotherhood” because the Goddess of Light and Queen of Light held “a most magnificent flame there.”

• Victory (1987): Chicago is “an ancient focus of a golden age.” Victory drew a circle of light around the city in a 100-mile radius and planted his rod of power in the center.
• The Cosmic Being from Out the Great Silence (1987): He called those who had reincarnated from previous golden ages to locate in Chicago. He reminded us that we had volunteered to return to this city to “enshrine the heart of a nation as a celebration of the Heart of God in life here below.”

• Gautama Buddha (1987): Gautama revealed Chicago as the heart chakra of America and prophesied its importance to America’s victory by stating, “As Chicago goes, so goes the nation.”

Saint Germain Creates a Permanent Focus of Divine Love over Chicago

And through The Hearts Center, Saint Germain and many ascended masters continue to focus their attention on Chicago, blessing this city, offering dispensations, goading heartfriends here to continue to hold the vision for its victorious destiny. During last year’s May weekend event in Chicago, Saint Germain delivered a passionate May 1st Ascension Day Address, charging the city with a magnificent action of light, once again: 

                    Let us create now around the entire environs of Chicago, a heart, with its radiant field of perfect joy, perfect presence and perfect love manifesting so that every lifestream within this heart feels God’s love…. This spiritual heart, and its divine fire and radiance, now suffuses itself throughout this area as a blessing to life.

And by the power of God vested in me, I, Saint Germain, create this heart as a permanent focus of divine love and freedom over the heart chakra of America."