Pure Meditation

Sweet Communion with God
The goal of any meditation technique is to bring us closer to the heart of God wherein we can listen to the intimations of the Blessed One and maintain that sweet communion and contact. Although meditation is experiential, ultimately we must come to the point of not seeking for anything but simply being. Being requires a sensitivity that is born of purity of heart, mind and soul. One must first purify the receptacle of self through an emptying process—emptying oneself of all desire. When one is free of all desire, then one can contain God-desire, which is simply to be light and love. 

To the self-observant one, this process requires getting outside of one’s self. How does one do this? First, through the control of the breath. And, second, through raising one’s consciousness above the physical senses into the higher senses, or secret senses. These senses are activated through the opening of the chakras which occurs when one has first purified and emptied the self through love and service to life—pure desire. It is acceptable to have pure desire. This is the true desire of the Buddha, which is to become happiness, centered in the motive of giving. When one desires to give, then love can flow. When one desires only to receive, then love ceases to flow.

Creating through Perception 
Modern physicists tell us that our perceptions actually influence our environment and definitely influence all scientific experiments. If this is the case, then our consciousness not only influences the outpicturing of what we observe, but we are creating through our perceptions all the time. I say that we need to realize that we have more power than we have previously believed and that ultimately each of us is responsible for all that occurs in our environment and our life. Our attitude of gratitude must be accentuated and our limited thinking must give way to divine gnosis. 

Therefore, I suggest that true meditation is not simply the sublimation of all external senses to allow God to speak to and inspire us but that we as co-creators must begin to enter into the eternal mind and heart by observing light, love and purity in all. This is becoming a type of immaculate conception in our own right. Each of us must conceive immaculately the universe that we desire to be outpictured in our lives, and then it may be so. If we delegate this responsibility to others—priests, rabbis, ministers or those whom we think have more training or spiritual development—then we will never stretch our wings and fly.

Made in the Image and Likeness
Dear hearts, we are always conceiving something. Isn’t it better if our conceptions or creations are immaculate, joyous and lovely? Isn’t it time that our perceptions are no longer clouded by doubts of the future, fears of what may be coming upon earth and the entering into a death spiral through the giving away of our internal God-power unto others? If we are to have a golden age, isn’t it time that our perceptions become immaculate conceptions for all—for ourselves, our families, children and communities? 

The blessed Mother Mary has been called the Immaculate Conception. Although the Church has, for reasons of explaining her being chosen as the mother of Jesus, claimed that she was conceived without sin, I say to you that all of us were conceived without sin! We were all made in the image and likeness of God in the beginning. What we have made of ourselves through our many incarnations does not change this fact! 

Therefore, each of us may claim to be the Immaculate Conception if we desire from this day forward, to create in purity each thought that we think, each feeling that flows through our consciousness and each word that we speak. We may be exemplars of perfection, conceiving as God conceives with the full range of vision that is necessary to ideate the completeness of a project, a business, a family, a community and a life lived to the fullest.

Life is Love in Motion
The gift of self is only fully given when one becomes love. This is not an emotion but a God-quality that wells up from within in periods of adoration and praise unto the divine and most especially through pure meditation upon the One. Therefore, acceptance of the light and love of the Infinite flowing through one’s being is the key to pure meditation. This occurs when one is centered and keyed into the centrality, or core, of that One through congruence. One way to attune to this core of purity is through the technique of walking meditation. 

Life is love in motion. Without movement, life ceases. I have found that one of the best forms of meditation is that which is natural for children because it involves movement. Except when sleeping, children are always in movement. They are continuously learning through that movement. A new-born infant moves its hands and feet and in doing so learns how to express itself and to extend its consciousness beyond its internal organs and processes. As Buckminster Fuller commented, an infant sees much more wholistically than we do, not always distinguishing between all the elements of its environment, judging them as we do but simply witnessing and observing all.

Seeing Beauty and Perfection 
Scientists have recently done studies that tell us that what we imagine or perceive with our eyes closed can be as powerful as what we see fully with our eyes open. Therefore you don’t even need to have perfect outer vision to conceive in beauty and perfection. You can re-experience the memory of a beautiful sunset, a walk in an Elysian garden or a sandy beach or a hike up an etheric mountain pathway. But you can also bring to your remembrance from past lives the glory of past golden-age civilizations on Lemuria and Atlantis or where the Sahara or Gobi Deserts are now. And you can elicit the wonders of cosmic sunsets on Venus or other systems of worlds with binary stars in other galaxies. 

What will a world of beauty and perfection look like? I perceive it as one where people are all expressing the Christic or Buddhic consciousness; where each one honors all others, their unique cultures and the inner radiance that makes them unique. It is like the best of Disney World and the Epcot Center where the multi-colored aspects of the various rays are expressed in their purity of form and function rather than in the jaded manifestations that we see today. It is a true United Nations, not one of political expediency where the lowest common denominator of a devilish mind is exalted.

Can you imagine if television were used for its true purposes of education and the sharing of divine imagery and stories of heroism and beauty rather than the violence, decadence, horror and astral conceptions that flow as a sewer from the minds of those who continue to conceive but not as God conceives? Can you imagine children being inspired by classical music, beautiful ballet, angelic themes and ancient spiritual sagas? 

Heartstreaming Our Way to Positive Change
I suggest that in our meditations we can change the earth, one person at a time. An experiment was done in Washington, D.C.whereby hundreds of people came together of many different spiritual practices to meditate for a full month. Crime decreased dramatically during that time. We have had national days of prayer and fasting, solstice celebrations, harmonic convergences and other times of spiritual focus where great good has been done. We need to make each day a holy day, a type of Sabbath, where we experience the oneness of union with our divine nature hour by hour and not simply one day a week for an hour or two.

The ascended masters recently coined a new word for a spiritual practice that we engage in: heartstreaming. This is the essence of our spiritual practice within The Hearts Center. Whatever we do, our hearts should be open and should be streaming forth the essence of the divine. The blessed Mother Mary recently told us in Miami that each of us exudes a unique and special aroma from our hearts and that the angels know us by this aroma. The angels smile and praise God when we are in prayer and meditation, focusing on good thoughts, beautiful visions and ideations of perfection.

Heartstreaming is by nature a heart activity. We know that the heart is intelligent—much more so than the brain. The energy activity of the heart extends far beyond our own body, especially when we are engaged in holy, inner work.

A Visit from a Sufi Master
I have told you the story of the mystic that walked into my art gallery back in Montana one day on a Sunday. I was usually closed on Sundays, but for some reason I had come into the office after my usual spiritual routine and was about forty feet from the entrance to the gallery when a gentleman walked in to my store. Instantly I felt a spiritual rush through my entire being from head to toe. This was most unusual. Although I had had spiritual experiences of being in raptured states of glory, they usually occurred after a certain period of deep prayer and meditation, often very early in the morning when most people are asleep. When this man walked in, the effect was instantaneous and profound.

What I learned a year later was that he was a living, breathing Sufi master who meditates daily for many hours. He had become God so fully that his aura extended out for at least forty feet so that I felt the radiance of his being, his heart of love from even that distance. Fortunately I was in a state of sensitivity which allowed me to feel his radiance, my own chakras spinning and attuned to higher vibrations. And though I had really not studied Sufism at that time, it didn’t matter because this man and I were of one accord.

When the Student Is Ready…
We spoke to one another words of beauty, and we each recognized the perfection within each other. Later I came to realize that I had known him in a past life and that he had indeed been a teacher and guru of mine. He had come to initiate me, having traveled from Berkeley, California where he had numerous spiritual students. Had I been caught up in religious dogma, I might have been prevented from being receptive to another way of thinking or believing, and I would have missed this entire opportunity and experience.

G.I. Gurdieff and P.D. Ouspensky communicated many mystical experiences and meetings with remarkable men. How many of these experiences have you had? If you are open, they will happen. If you are ready, the master will appear. If you are receptive to higher truth, it will come to you. In the past, it might have happened when you least expected it; but now, through expectancy, you will magnetize these wonders to you daily. Each day and hour can be miraculous. Each meditation that you have can be glorious. Your life as a co-creator begins now, and what you experience and become is fully up to no one else but you—God in manifestation in the now.

 — David Lewis