“You can live a life that has divine meaning. It begins here. It begins now…”

The Sacred Circle of the Family

The Purpose of the Holy Family

I, Saint Germain,1 would speak on the holy family, of the purpose of having members within an intimate circle of fellowship born of the same mother and father and of the greater family of heartfriends2 within communities, and of how this is, dear ones, the establishment of a new order of light in the earth—truly heartfriend by heartfriend—first, within individual families and then within the greater family of friends of light.

We nurture each other; we accept each other; we honor the gifts and graces that each has brought from etheric realms of light. It is not so known that my blessed Mary and I had a number of children—seven—six others beside the Jesus that you know so well. And if the whole story were told, you would know of Mary and my work with our children, of how each one was valued, taught, fed and clothed and given the resources by which they could live a life of intention, of spirituality in that hour.

Each of you has grown up in a family. And whether that family was dysfunctional or not, it laid the foundation for your life, of who you are, of your mission, your education and training, of the greater context of your life within a community, a city, a nation, a people and a planet.

Family—Creating Sacred Bonds and Working Out Karma

When you work within this circle of family and give and receive in love and fellowship and in harmony, there is the creation of sacred bonds, of a blending of your auras through the communication that occurs through the sharing of values, of your time together, your meals, your projects, your struggles, your vacation and holiday time. All of this is for the purpose of the working out of your karma and the fulfilment of your dharma3 within the sacred circle of life.

Each of you has a story to tell of the interactions, the blessings, the graces that have flowed to you through your family time. Each of you also has the experience of lessons learned through the process of evolution and what you have undergone in the way of challenges, initiations and hopefully of the overcoming of these tests through grace, through forgiveness and through joy.

If we are to have a golden age,4 there must be again the rising of the holy family within many circles of light, community by community, nation by nation. For when this sacred circle is secure, the nation and the people are secure. But when there is the fractioning of the family whereby members go here and there, and there is no longer the magnet of the bonding of your hearts one with another, generation to generation, then there is the dissolution of the foundation of society. And you see war, suffering and all that has transpired upon this planet that is not according to the divine design.

The Building of the Community

Blessed ones, what has occurred this weekend5 is more than all else the bonding of heart to heart between each of you in a new and meaningful way, is it not, whereby you have shared with each other something of your selfhood in God? You have given and received from one another the holy impulses, the radiation from your hearts, the musings of your minds, companionship, seeking to understand and then to be understood yourself. This is the building again of sacred community, circle by circle, heart by heart—the forming of new links to the divine world, first within your world and then unto ours. If you could see this dynamic from our dimension, blessed ones, it would be the most beautiful merging of many bubbles of light into one great bubble that then rises upon wings of light and currents of air to ascend unto the heavens.

Creating a Framework for a New Family of Mankind

Each sharing from your heart with one another creates a new bond of fellowship, a union of the Spirit right where you are in time and space. This is what will heal the earth; this is what will bring about a new culture of Aquarian6 joy, receptivity and divine love. Take to heart what you have received in terms of teaching, directive and initiation. And even if at times the message seems intense or delivered unto you in ways that you do not yet fully understand, all of this is for the holy purpose of bringing you to the point of being a world member in the Holy Order of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, truly one who can be counted upon by us to sustain the light where you live such that we, together, may sustain and magnify that light everywhere.

It was my great vision as the father of Jesus and of his six siblings to create the framework by which a new family of man could be formed through the Christ Light that he bore on our behalf to those to whom he was sent. For truly he was sent to all mankind, though not all knew him in the flesh. But all have known the emanation of the Christos, of the anointed one, who was subservient to God in all things, surrendering the lesser self to embrace the highest aspect of his own Higher Self and mission. Each of you may do the same as you fully embrace your mission to serve to set life free. And as you fulfil your fiery destiny in this way, the new world that I have envisioned and that I have carved out for mankind to walk in will fully manifest upon Earth.

Enter the Age of Freedom

Embodiment by embodiment, I moved in the stream of freedom to pursue on your behalf the new way of light unto the dawning of this age of freedom for the world. And many of you have followed that path wisely, walking in the light, incarnation by incarnation, until you have come to this point on your path whereby the light is so tangible in your aura and in your world that nothing else but service to the Divine One will suffice for you. Nothing else but going all the way to the heart of God will be meaningful in the greater context of your soul’s evolution.

Truly, blessed ones, you are powerful spiritual beings having a human experience, but that human element is not long to be upon the Earth, for you are fully becoming divine. Just as Jesus entered the divine world in thought and feeling in word and deed throughout his life, you can live a life that has divine meaning and it begins here and it begins now.

Earth Can Be Freedom’s Star

Blessed ones, I come to Scandinavia to lend you my momentum of fiery determination to be a star of freedom for the Earth. For if Earth is to be Freedom’s Star then I must have many starlets. And each of you, as a diamond in the crown of my blessed Portia,7 may be that shining one through whom the light of freedom, mercy, forgiveness, opportunity [and] liberty may blaze forth as a beacon of light to all. Yes, freedom for Europe begins in this space, in this place made holy by your presence blended with ours.

And if, by intention, you choose to be a part of this great movement and stream of light, then you will see fulfilled in your life the greater mission of blending the energies of your heart with the greater family of lightbearers, of light-sharers everywhere. You will meet many more in coming months and years with whom your heart resonates, those whom you will instantly know as your heartfriends of old, come again into your purview into your life. Look around you now. Do you not see the faces of the heroic ones who have stood for the light of freedom for centuries?

Yes, it is so. Each and every one has the stuff of God locked within their hearts and has stood firm in many embodiments to be the true and noble one that God could count on in an hour of need for a nation or a people. Though you may at times trip and fall or be chastised by us or the messenger, worry not. Be at peace in the full solemnity of knowingness within your heart that you are valued, that you are honored, that you are no longer bereft of that which you require to fulfil your destiny. But the energy, through alchemy, is available everywhere, always—locked within your heart, one with God.

A Vision of the Future for Heartfriends

Blessed ones, I give you a vision of the future of many heartfriends holding hands, locking arms and shoulders as we have done this night to experience the divine reality of the great community and family of man. And if Jesus, Mary and I have anything to do about it, this movement will grow and expand through you and you and you until thousands and millions understand in the greater context this divine mission of brotherhood, of sisterhood in God.

Nation by nation we build. Heart by heart we fulfil the divine edict to go forth and multiply light. It has ever been so that you have had every resource to fulfil your personal divine calling, but I ask you this night to consider in the greater context of the mission of the Universal Great White Brotherhood8 what you can offer to us in teams of two and three and more to bring this mission in a more tangible way into manifestation in your communities, in your cities, and in your nation and your people.

Come together, worship together, have conversation of the future that is now that you may enter through the looking glass and see just what is the opportunity for service through the bonding of your hearts, your common striving, the vision that you hold and the greater mission that you are about.

Blessed ones, I consider each and every one of you a Knight and Lady of the Flame of the Table Round of the community of hearts of this Hearts Center movement. And with Morya at the lead directing the course of this movement, you will have the sure-fire delivery of that will of God through our directives, our requests and all that will ensue in coming dictations and instruction to you.

Welcome to the Family of Saint Germain

Take the proffered gift of this dispensation and make it real in your life if you so choose. For if you choose wisely in this way—one year from now, two years from now and ten, you will not be the same person that you are today. But you will have evolved and risen into higher spirals of light, leaving the past in the dust to embrace the destiny of gods and goddesses-in-the-making. Truly, O holy ones, each of you is valued by the angels, the Elohim, cosmic beings. And if you truly knew how much you are loved, all would flow easily through your heart as you embrace the divine light, moment by moment, in the evolution of your soul and spirit.

As a father I say to each of you, my children and holy brothers and sisters, I am proud of you, your progress, your striving, and the value that you place on divine ideals [and] principles. Because you are here, I am here. And with Jesus and Mary I say, welcome to our hearts. Welcome to our family. Welcome, my friends.

—Beloved Saint Germain through David C. Lewis on August 9, 2008

  1. Saint Germain is the Lord of the Seventh Ray. As Jesus Christ was the master of the Piscean Age, Saint Germain leads us into the Age of Aquarius, the next 2,000-year cycle. His great gift to mankind is the knowledge of the violet light, an aspect of the Holy Spirit, whose vibration is mercy, forgiveness and freedom. Praying for these qualities to enter our beings allows us to become free of non-resolution, sadness, anger and all forms of mental revolving that tie up our energies. Instead we experience the joy of being free to love, serve and create.
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  2. Heartfriends, a term coined by the ascended masters themselves, are individuals who have been drawn to the universal message of The Hearts Center and the radiance of the ascended masters through our HeartStreams. And any and all who serve God’s purposes on earth we joyfully consider heartfriends also, whether they are a part of our movement or not.
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  3. In Buddhism, dharma means reality in its highest definition. It can also mean the teaching itself or the work to be done based on the teaching. And it can be the spiritual practices that are followed, the duties of spiritual service.
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  4. The golden-crystal age is an age of wholeness, peace and harmony upon Earth when a majority of mankind lives together in brotherly love and unity and in service to God and man. Educational, religious, scientific and governmental institutions elevate and serve its citizenry. Music and the arts rise to new heights of sublime beauty and perfection. Nature is unmarred by any form of blight, environmental pollution or violent weather condition. Climates are consistently moderate with the precise precipitation needed to grow delectable fruits, grains, vegetables, lush flora and healing herbs. There is a lessening of disease and lifespans increase. Pure solar power and the use of spiritual science techniques have advanced technology at every level. And nature spirits, angels and ascended beings walk and talk with us daily in full view. Heaven in great measure is integrated with Earth in this golden-crystal age of Aquarius.
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  5. The Hearts Centers’s Sweden Event, August 7-10, 2008, A New Spiral of Freedom for Scandinavia—Saint Germain’s New Teaching on Communication with the Spiritual World
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  6. The Aquarian Age is another term for the golden-crystal age.
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  7. Portia, a cosmic being who ascended many eons ago and twin flame of Saint Germain, is also known as the Goddess of Justice. Sponsor of Eastern Europe and a member of the Karmic Board, her etheric retreat is over Ghana, Africa.
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  8. The Great White Brotherhood, also referred to as the Universal White Brotherhood and the Universal Great White Brotherhood, is an association of saints and sages from all paths and religions. This Brotherhood includes angels and cosmic beings as well. “It is the authority and governing body that represents the Godhead in this system of worlds.”* Many members of the Great White Brotherhood had walked the Earth or other planets in our system. Some individuals who are currently embodied have earned the right, even from this unascended state, because of their great service and devotion, to be considered among the ranks of the Great White Brotherhood. Still other members have never entered the rounds of rebirth, residing in etheric octaves. White makes no reference to race but to the purity of each member. The purpose of the Great White Brotherhood is the upliftment of mankind so that each individual may attain that selfsame mastery and the ultimate joy of divine reunion through the ascension. (*Excerpted from a darshan with the Maha Chohan, June 1, 2008.)
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