Creating an Aquarian Essene Civilization

Vesta's Teachings on Solar Living with Meru, Morya and Maitreya

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Sanctuary of the Heart, Livingston, MT

June 19, 2024 · Anastasia In The Garden VII

June 20-23, 2024  · Main Event

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In-Person Attendance MU Permaculture: Anastasia in the Garden VII
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Financial aid is available for families with children. To apply for a scholarship, click here.

See store page for reduced international and senior rates.

*Spanish translations will be broadcast on an alternate channel whenever possible by our volunteer translators.
If you desire to sell consignment items or donate items to be sold at the event, please see The Hearts Center Consignment Policy.


Community, Community, Community!

With joy, we invite you to our community of light at this special time of summer solstice. Meet with many heartfriends whose souls you may recognize as friends of old. We are family. Meet with El Morya, Lord Maitreya, the God and Goddess Meru, and beloved Vesta in a celebration of sacred community! Come to beautiful Livingston to be refreshed and renewed by every handshake, every embrace, every blessing.

Living a Solar Life

What does living a solar life mean? Beloved El Morya has a perspective on that topic, which he will deliver on Thursday. Remember it was he who gave us the Great Central Sun Meditation , prayer 20.023A. It was he who taught us the connection between our personal auras and that of the Sun in the center of cosmos. Yes, he knows about solar living! Through his message, The Magnificence of Living a Solar Life , we will receive new insights and practical applications of solar living and its transformative ability.

EESystems Scalar Energy

This year, our sanctuary environment has been super-charged with healing energy by the installation of an EEQube. By being present in this scalar wave atmosphere, your cells receive the benefits of this amazing Aquarian technology.

Creating an Aquarian Community and an Essene Civilization

The necessity for holy communities has been evident over the millennia. These schools, secret societies in some cases, were responsible for the protection and advancement of sacred teachings. These communities held a balance for the birth of great spiritual teachers at vital junctures of Earth’s history.

Now as we enter fully into the Aquarian Age, sacred communities are more required than ever. They are the amplifying of spiritual muscle to counteract all that is manifesting as returning negative karma at the end of many cycles. Our beloved Lord Maitreya will be heartstreaming on Friday, giving us strategies to raise our Hearts Center community to new levels of loving service and to hold the vision for creating many Aquarian communities around the world. On Sunday beloved Vesta will take that topic and expand it to a global level as she presents, Creating an Aquarian Essene Civilization .

Our Children's Program

We invite all families with children to attend our event! We have a program for them filled with fun and excitement. Your children will enjoy hands-on activities, interactive story-telling, and games that will spark their creativity and ignite their spiritual journey. Rest assured they will be nurtured and cared for by our loving staff. Please click on the help section if your family needs financial assistance to attend the conference.

The Youth—Creators of the Aquarian Essene Civilization of Tomorrow

On Saturday, the beloved God and Goddess Meru will darshan with youth. What an opportunity! And whether the young person is involved in our community or not, whether they are present or not, they are invited to ask questions. If they are not present, the question would be asked on their behalf by a heartfriend relative. Of course, those youth present at the event and online will be given priority.

Paneurhythmy, Outings, and More

Opportunities to breathe deeply the crisp high desert air and feast your eyes upon the snow-capped mountains all around you have been scheduled into our event. Daily we will bless all elemental life as we come together outdoors to engage in sacred Paneurhythmy. And more information about our outdoor activities will be posted soon!

Well, will we see you in person? How we hope so. This pristine basin, Paradise Valley, high above the distractions of our everyday lives, is the perfect setting to re-energize our Earth and to be re-energized ourselves!

A Permaculture Morning

A time of interaction with elemental life and the beauty of nature is yours if you arrive one day before the start of our summer solstice event. In the Garden w ith Anastasia, VII, begins at 8:00 am on June 19, at the property of Mona and David Lewis, a model permaculture demonstration and teaching garden for Paradise Permaculture Institute.

First, meditation and Paneurhythmy prepare you for the joyful work ahead. Then a tour of the outdoor institute ushers you into a new world of full cooperation with Mother Nature as even in the high desert climate, vegetation of many varieties flourishes.

From the rolling high tunnel to the amazing cordwood building to the food forest, you will be inspired with ideas for your own garden no matter what size it may be.

After the tour and in the midst of all the verdant magnificence, a time of communion with the ascended masters through a HeartStream will draw you closer and closer to the gnomes, fairies, and devas teaming all about you.

After an intermission, get ready to learn from Mona during her 90-minute class ways to work with nature in co-creating abundant foodscapes and sacred spaces and adapting permaculture practices to your garden and climate.

An Afternoon at the Healing Light Retreat

The afternoon session begins at 2:30 at the Healing Light Retreat, a secondary healing retreat for Mother Mary’s devotees in the West.

On this dedicated property is a Vaastu Temple,* which you can experience as you explore the HLR grounds. Inside the HLR center, a talk from David and a HeartStream are planned. Also you will hear a brief presentation from the HLR board, and engage in a time of prayer and song.

Nancy and Dan Lach, the owners and stewards of HLR since March 2023, and the entire HLR board invite you to join them to find out what this healing center can offer you.

So arrive a day early. The elementals are waiting. And the Deva of the Vaastu Temple anticipates showering you with her healing presence!

* A Vaastu Temple is a building created by vastu, an ancient and mystical form of architecture that brings together science, art, astronomy and astrology for the designing and creation of buildings. A vaastu building creates a space, full of life, making it possible for those who dwell there or pray there to know the realization of their aspirations.


  • Please submit your act by Friday, June 7.
  • Keep your act to five minutes or less.
  • Send a description of your act—the script/the music/the cast of characters.
  • Tell us the time it will take, the title of it, and your name, in an email to
  • If you are not able to attend the conference in person, you may submit a video of your act.

Soul-Raising Sessions
with David Christopher Lewis

In-person Soul-Raising Sessions will only be offered at our event on Thursday, June 20, from 2:00 to 3:30 pm. If you would like a Soul-Raising Session, be sure to plan your travel accordingly. Schedule and pay at the onsite store when you arrive at the event.

Choose from the six different Soul-Raising Sessions described below.

Wave patterns and initiatic cycles of light will be released through the agency of the Holy Spirit to perform an alchemy with your soul. The session includes a soul reading, aura clearance, chakra balancing, and question(s)* addressed. Receive a direct teaching from the Holy Spirit uniquely personal for you. Expect positive change, transformation and elevation!

The focus is on helping us to enter into radical forgiveness of ourselves and others and to commune with Kuan Yin’s great Bodhisattva heart, providing the impetus of light we require to have our victory. Through Kuan Yin’s presence, we may find the courage to ask God’s forgiveness for anything we perceive we’ve done in error. Or if we are not feeling the compassion required to forgive another, this session may be the catalyst for entering into that state of liberating grace.

These sessions help us to heal family relationships. This healing will go to a very deep level, including past lifetimes, the karmic cause of conflict with loved ones. Many of our physical ailments involve working out family karma. Mother Mary comes to help us resolve our troubled relationships so we may move on, so we can be in a place of divine dispassion. She blesses us with her comfort flame assisting us to love more deeply, appreciate more consistently everyone in our family.

The focus is on the psychology of wholeness within ourselves. It is a time in Kuthumi’s presence to come to terms with those little peccadilloes in our human personality that grate upon our soul’s ascent and can definitely grate upon others. And unless we resolve them, they can be stumbling blocks. One of the qualifications for the ascension is to resolve our psychology, moving beyond blame, shame, human drama, and past hurts that rob us of our progress and joy.

These sessions help us to accelerate our pathway to the ascension. Serapis teaches us how to be true to our Higher Self, to be directed in our approach toward oneness with God. We learn to recognize the dweller on the threshold, baiting and switching us again and again. We are encouraged to know the victory over habit patterns that have defiled our souls and our spirit, that have besmirched who we truly are as sons and daughters of God. Serapis, as a master tactician of light, uses the aspects of the ascension current and the fourth ray to pervade through our being such intense energy that it can literally dissolve ancient karmic traits and hang-ups.

These sessions will instill in your soul courage and confidence to meet the challenges ahead victoriously. David Christopher Lewis will be overshined by beloved Archangel Michael to convey information and teaching that will assist you in achieving greater spiritual progress. Archangel Michael is our everlasting protector and he sends his angels to surround you at your call. His protection is required by all lightworkers as we do our part to raise the consciousness of the planet.

* You may ask one question during a 10-minute session. You may ask more than one question if the session is 20 or 30 minutes long. It’s best to prepare your questions. Questions may not be asked about twin flames/soul mates, one’s divine plan, or the percentage of karma balanced.

Note: Two sessions each is the maximum any heartfriend may experience with Kuan Yin, Serapis Bey, Mother Mary, Kuthumi, and Archangel Michael. Holy Spirit Soul-Raising Sessions are unlimited, though no more than one per month.

Prices: 10-min.:$72;   20-min.:$144;    30-min.:$200

After your session you will be emailed a link to an audio file enabling you to listen to and save your message.

These sessions are alchemical spiritual experiences and are not intended or designed to be psychological counseling sessions. When purchasing a session, you consent to this disclaimer.

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