The Ascension:

An Experience Meant for You!


The ascension. Quite a concept. Many believe Jesus experienced it, the apostles having recorded the event in two of the Gospels and other books throughout the New Testament. Paintings have depicted Jesus being raised into the heavens and then disappearing from view enveloped in clouds of glory. Roman Catholics honor the Virgin Mary's “assumption” day, her ascension into the heavens, every bit as dramatic as that of Jesus.

Is this experience meant only for great masters like Jesus or set-apart individuals like the Virgin Mary?  No. It is meant for every soul created by God. Our ascension may not take place from atop a mount, witnessed by loving throngs—but it could. More important than the staging is the profound meaning of this rite of passage into the arms of God.

Who Experiences the Ascension?

The ascension, the closing act in this great drama that we call “life,” is an experience of the greatest joy one can ever know. All human sorrow, all suffering and pain pale into insignificance, for we now know the meaning of everlasting life through love. Our hearts are perfected and we are embraced into the glorious presence of God. The ascension is the natural and final step for souls who are ready to merge with their Source. During this sacred event we are divested of every last sense of limitation and enveloped into pure Beingness.


We each possess an individualized Self of this pure Beingness, which is known as our God Presence, or Solar Presence. (See a depiction of the Solar Presence in “Your Buddha Nature” Chart. The top figure in this chart, surrounded by radiating color spheres, attempts to capture the glory of this individualized God Self that we are.)

The Requirements of the Ascension

We are meant to go through a process of positive spiritual evolution in the sacred journey through life if we choose. And if we have learned our lessons, if we have balanced at least fifty-one percent of our negative karma and if we have fulfilled our life mission in service to humanity, we will make our ascension.

The Ascension clouds

We must also have mastered the initiations of the seven rays,and attained union with our Christ/Buddha Presence by our great desire to be more and more like God each day. (See middle figure in “Your Buddha Nature” Chart.)

We are prepared for our ascension by angels who attend our souls, placing upon us “the wedding garment” 2 that we have woven day by day through prayer, meditation and contemplation upon God. It has been woven through our loving service to family and community, service to our nation and the world.

Life after the Ascension

Having mastered time and space and ascended back to God, we then begin a new life as an immortal being, never more to re-embody. We may now know a freedom and joy not realized on earth as we continue to study, serve and evolve in the beauty and enveloping love of the heaven world. Even in this ascended consciousness, we are challenged to expand our awareness, for God is always expanding.

All May Make Their Ascension

Many have ascended from this planet, and many are preparing for the ascension even now. It is our choice to participate in this process, which includes getting the victory over the dweller-on-the-threshold3 of our own being and maintaining a sense of peace, brotherhood and holiness in our lives through our tie to God.

The crystal cord is that tie between our soul and our Solar Presence. And through this divine connection we have access to all of God. We then experience day by day the great grace of spiritual light frequencies flowing into and through our chakras4 for our cleansing and for our use in engaging in the sacred work of raising all life into its divine blueprint.

Each of us has the ability to understand the nature of life. Through acceptance of God's great gift of free will, we can apply our innate talents and the gifts of the Spirit in order to rise in consciousness and bring to this earth the light of heaven.

The Goal of Self-Realization

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Self-realization is our goal in life. We have access to Self through the voice of conscience. And through this connection we may ascend at the close of this incarnation. It takes focus, determination and the putting of all aside except God within our lives. 

Our Ascension Benefits All Life

Each ascension raises the planet. And when there is a certain quota reached of those who have ascended, then the entire civilization of life upon earth will also reach, through this crescendo of soul victories, a new opportunity to abide within a golden-crystal age consciousness.5

When many more understand this process and the possibility that they, too, like Jesus and many others, may ascend to the heart of God, then the great joy that will sweep across the earth will truly be the divine momentum for many, many more to rise. And there will be mass ascensions from the hillsides,6 and we will witness a time of true peace and harmony on Earth.


1. The seven rays are God-qualities each of us is meant to master as unascended souls:

  • The first ray: the will, faith and power
  • The second ray: wisdom and understanding
  • The third ray: divine love and compassion
  • The fourth ray: purity and holiness
  • The fifth ray: wholeness and abundance
  • The sixth ray: service to life
  • The seventh ray: forgiveness, mercy and soul-freedom



2. Matthew 22:11

3. The dweller-on-the-threshold is a term used to refer to the self-created conglomeration of the misqualified energy of God. It is the result of the misuse of our individual free will over many lifetimes. This grid of energy, woven around the central core of our being over these lifetimes has taken on an identity of its own and opposes the divine mission which we came to Earth to accomplish. It is sometimes called the anti-self or the not-self. Its intensity can be lessened and ultimately, the entirety of its existence transmuted through prayer, meditation, purification and loving and self-less service to life.

4. “Chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel or discus.” The chakras are the spinning centers of energy that receive and emanate the flow of light that descends from God. There are seven main chakras aligned along the spinal column and the head. The crown chakra is located at the top of our heads, the third-eye chakra between and a bit above our two physical eyes, the throat chakra at the Adam’s apple, the heart chakra in the middle of the chest, the solar plexus chakra centered in the diaphragm area, the seat of the soul in the lower belly area and the base chakra at the base of our spine. Five lesser-known chakras are located in the thymus area, hands and feet. In total, the human body contains 144 spiritual centers.

5. The “Golden-Crystal Age” is a time of wholeness, peace and harmony upon Earth when a majority of mankind live together in brotherly love and unity and in service to God and man. Educational, religious, scientific and governmental institutions elevate and serve its citizenry. Music and the arts rise to new heights of sublime beauty and perfection. Nature is unmarred by any form of blight, environmental pollution or violent weather condition. Climates are consistently moderate with the precise precipitation needed to grow delectable fruit, grain, vegetable and lush flora and healing herbs. There is a lessening of disease and lifespans are increased. Pure solar power and the use of spiritual science techniques have advanced technology at every level. And nature spirits, angels and ascended beings walk and talk with us daily in full view. Heaven in great measure is integrated with Earth in this Golden-Crystal age of Aquarius.

6. In some orthodox and esoteric religious cultures, there is the belief that individual physical ascensions, witnessed by others on earth, do occur and will continue to occur and that in the future, as the consciousness of this planet is raised, groups of individuals will be seen physically ascending together—thus the term “mass ascensions.”


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