The Immaculate Concept: Divine Vision

Co-Creating Alchemical Change

The Alchemy* of Holding the Perfect Image
Holding the “immaculate concept” is a phrase denoting how we can visualize and focus on the Mother Maryperfect image or divine blueprint of a person, idea, situation or project such that it may more easily manifest its ideal. This is spiritualalchemy. Each conception that we hold of beauty, poise and grace on behalf of others actually creates an energy field of purity around them so that they can tap into those uplifting feelings and thoughtforms and then express them. This divine art also involves the science of picturization or divine imagination and is actually a form of holy, unspoken prayer.
The blessed Mother Mary performed this great service on behalf of her son, Jesus, who, through her great nurturing love and devotion, was able to fulfill his mission of fully manifesting the Christ-ideal as an example for all mankind to follow. After Mother Mary’s ascension, she appeared to Saint Bernadette Soubirous and told the young girl, “I am the Immaculate Conception.” She is indeed the Earth’s principle exemplar of one who is able to continuously holds the immaculate concept for all of God’s children.
The Alchemical Influence of Mothers, Fathers and Teachers
Mothers have a natural calling or instinct to visualize their children as beautiful and perfect, for they were conceived in love and may more easily grow to express and fulfill their divine plan if nurtured in a safe and loving home environment. However, fathers and men of all ages may also partake of this sacred science through maintaining a positive mental and emotional attitude toward their children, training their vision on the good within them and thereby bestowing great blessings upon them.
The importance of teachers holding the immaculate concept for each of their students has also been documented in many inspirational stories over the years, such as the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, where even those who seemed to be lacking in natural talent or mental acuity made great progress because of the loving attitude and care that their teachers held for them. As with parenting, this may mean suggesting and requiring that certain disciplines be followed by the children. For souls to progress, they need direction and guidance as well as compassionate support in fulfilling their goals.
Holding the Immaculate Concept for Ourselves
Ultimately we must each first hold the immaculate concept for ourselves by attuning to our own Higher Self and maintaining a vigil of oneness through presence and awareness of our own divine nature. Once we have learned to live in this unified field of stillness and beingness and maintain our spiritual poise, especially during challenging times and situations, we can more easily practice the science of the immaculate concept on behalf of all those around us.
Seeing Each Person as Already Whole
One key in mastering this science, given to us by the ascended masters,is to behold every person in consciousness as a newborn babe or soul, without guile or blemish, pure and whole and wholly dependent upon his divine Caregiver. Even amidst the temporary playing out of personal problems in karmic situations, we can help each individual in overcoming by thinking the best thoughts and giving them the benefit of the doubt. By not prejudging or biasing ourselves through a subjective view of a tiny slice of their lives or their soul evolution, we may expand hope and emanate a field of belief that they can be victorious and fulfill God’s plan.
In golden age civilizations of the future, the science of the immaculate concept will be taught and practiced by all from early childhood onward just as it was practiced in golden ages of the past. This spiritual science is a key in manifesting the longevity of all divine cultures and is what allows every ascended master to maintain his or herown immortality in God’s Spirit.
David C. Lewis
*Alchemy is a term originally used in medieval times as a forerunner to chemistry and referring to the pursuit of the transmutation of baser metals into gold or silver. In its modern context, it is the science of spiritual transformation as referred to in the teachings of the ascended masters and usually the process through which the base nature of the lesser self is transformed into the permanent values of the Higher Self.