Knowledge Isn't Everything

Experiencing Higher Consciousness Is

The Information Age—a Tangle of Words
We live in an information age. In this climate we are led to believe that knowledge is everything. I suppose I used to buy into that, but God has shown me the error of my perceptions. Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom but not the end of it. I am reminded of the Bible verse that goes something like, “What does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul?”1 We could know all that has been written about God without really knowing God at all.
It is a matter of perception and priorities. Even as I attempt to explain what I perceive to be true, I am limited by words. A linear explanation cannot fully explain the global and intimate reality of God. There are too many paths; there is too much digression. And so the truth becomes obscured or even lost in all the facts. To know everything about God is to know nothing of God. Knowing is not being.
There is the knowledge that comes to us from the outside world—from books, on the internet, on television and out of the mouths of our parents and teachers. Our factual knowledge of God, outer knowledge, is meant to help guide us to an inner relationship with God. But it is just the beginning, for knowledge is no substitute for a relationship.
Looking for a Relationship
When I was in the army and away from home for months at a time, my wife Linda would write and tell me what my children were doing and what they were like. Those letters gave me an impression of my children, but it was no substitute for knowing them personally. It wasn’t until I returned home and I held my children, talked to them and observed them face to face that I developed a relationship with them.
God loves us profoundly. Even though God cannot be fully known by the finite mind of man, he desires a relationship with us. So getting to know God is not some mechanical thing. It is a quality of the heart. It is a quality of desire. What we focus on we become. So we focus on God and love to become like God and to know and love him. We need to walk and talk with God.
Walking and Talking with God
Every day I go for a walk. While I am walking, I talk with God just like I would talk to anyone I was walking with. And I also listen. The instant after I have asked the question, I have God’s answer. It is really amazing and a blessing. God always answers us because we are his children. He answers us because we ask. It is that simple. We can know God because we are like him. We are beings of love. This means that we can fully know God when we are One with God, when we love unconditionally as God loves.
Jesus could say, “I and my Father are one,”2 because he walked and talked with God and he acted like God acted.  He acted out of love. Only in our moments of oneness with God, with love, do we finally perceive the truth beyond the level of impersonal data. Religious or spiritual knowledge is only a guide that we accept on faith until we learn to experience the direct knowledge that only comes from oneness with our Higher Consciousness.3Oneness comes from focusing on and loving God.
Devotion and Meditation
Turning inside ourselves and focusing on God during our daily devotions and meditations, we discover truths that are beyond words. The outer truths we have learned give us a structure to place our inner truths upon. The outer knowledge we have struggled to acquire is confirmed by the inner voice that lets us know if we are on track. To hear God’s voice we must learn to recognize the difference between the voice of the Holy Spirit and the lesser voice of our ego.
Knowledge isn’t everything but God is. And we are a part of everything God is because we are his children and as such God willingly gives us all of his knowledge and love.
                                                                                                    Brett Wallace
                                                                                                    Denton, Texas
1. Matthew 16: 26
2. John 10:30
3. Higher Consciousness is a term describing an expansion and refinement of human awareness into a divine awareness of what is real on every plane of existence. In the ascended master tradition, Higher Consciousness opens us to perceive personal manifestations of God as hierarchy—from our Father-Mother God, Alpha and Omega, to the Elohimic and angelic kingdoms to every ascended master. Through these individualizations of God, we experience the loving relationships for which our souls hunger that nurture our spiritual growth. Higher Consciousness has also been termed the super consciousness (Yoga), objective consciousness (Gurdjieff), the Buddhic consciousness (Theosophy), cosmic consciousness, God-consciousness (Sufism and Hinduism) and Christ consciousness (New Thought).  

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