What Is a Spiritual Dispensation?


Heavenly Assistance for Individuals and Communities

spiritual dispensation from God

The Hearts Center exists because a spiritual dispensation was granted. A dispensation is an allotment of energy that the ascended masters secure for a person or spiritual community for the good of humanity. It must be approved by one or more councils in the heaven world, based on the nature of the request and what the proposal entails. It requires a promise of repayment in the form of greater spiritual growth, enlightenment, practical work and prayers from those to whom the dispensation is directed.
At times the grant is only made when spiritual “collateral” is offered by one or more ascended masters until that debt of light is repaid in full. In other words, these masters offer a portion of their attainment, or they promise to make up the difference if the grant is not used wisely. Sometimes they place one of their spiritual “jewels” upon the altar in order to secure this boon for the earth.1 The process of reviewing and approving the grant is like securing a loan from a bank or receiving a sum of money from a charitable source.
Creating a New Community of the Holy Spirit
Dispensations given that allow for the creation of a new spiritual movement like The Hearts Center are not easy to come by and require proof of specific plans and potential for success. One requirement for a dispensation to be granted to a spiritual community is that one or more of the members or disciples be capable of sustaining contact with the divine world as an amanuensis2 in order to provide guidance, direction, teaching. 
In addition, the Higher Self of each one to whom the dispensation will be directed is consulted. Promises are made to God at inner levels by these souls who have asked for the grant. And it should not be surprising that those who will desire to be a part of this new spiritual thrust and teaching are more than likely those souls who made promises to secure the dispensation many years before and perhaps even in between embodiments.
Every Dispensation—A Higher Spiral of Light
It is exciting to note that the teaching that is delivered through each succeeding dispensation comes on a higher spiral of light. This is for the purpose of moving forward the spiritual growth of mankind through those who promised to be the vanguard of the most recent release of the Universal Great White Brotherhood.3

This type of assistance and leadership from committed individuals may come in the form of prayer support, leadership roles, coordinated work on projects, the generous giving of their supply or all the above. In some cases, the sacrifice of certain individuals is tantamount to the laying down of their lives to insure the victory of a spiritual dispensation for the sake of the ascended masters. 
So in heaven and on earth, sacrifices are made in order to secure a grant of light for souls embodying upon this planet—all for the forward movement of each individual and the Community of the Holy Spirit worldwide.
David Christopher Lewis     
1. Ascended masters acquire precious gems and jewels in the heaven world as gifts, as rewards for faithful service when they walked the earth and after their ascension, for assistance rendered to mankind. These “spiritual jewels,” beautiful crystalline energy patterns that intensify and direct light, can be used as collateral against an experimental gift of light a master desires to offer to worthy individuals or communities upon earth who are working with the Universal White Brotherhood to raise the consciousness of a planet.
2. An amanuensis is an unascended individual capable of receiving and transcribing and/or delivering messages from ascended beings for the purpose of edifying a spiritual community of believers. In ascended master movements of the 20th and 21st centuries amanuenses have been referred to as messengers.
3.  The Universal Great White Brotherhood, also referred to as the Great White Brotherhood or the Universal White Brotherhood, is a spiritual organization of saints and sages from all paths and religions.  “White” does not refer to race but to the light of purity that emanates from this holy Brotherhood. The purpose of the Universal Great White Brotherhood is the upliftment of mankind so that each individual may attain that self-same mastery and the ultimate joy of this divine reunion.