Lord Gautama Buddha

I AM Awake. I Behold You As God Sees You.

It is estimated that there are between 488 and 535 million practicing Buddhists in the world.1 The founder of their religion, Siddhartha Gautama, was born 563 years before the birth of Jesus.

While many Buddhists would be able to recite for you much of the biographical details of the historical Shakyamuni,2 they would not be familiar with much offered on this page dedicated to him. That’s because we are giving you an Occidental, ascended-master perspective in the tradition of esoteric spirituality. We honor Gautama as a member of the Universal Great White Brotherhood and an ascended master who teaches us through HeartStreams, messages from etheric realms, delivered to us through our amanuensis, David Christopher Lewis

In The Hearts Center, we are not practicing Buddhists in the traditional sense. Esoteric science, mysticism, and progressive revelation come into play in our sharing on Gautama.

For example, when we say that Gautama Buddha is the “Lord of the World,” this title specifically refers to a spiritual office held by him in our spiritual hierarchy. Or again, we acknowledge Gautama as a member of a certain lineage of spiritual masters, or gurus, and their disciples that we refer to as the Ruby-Ray Masters.3

The introduction of Gautama Buddha to the West as an ascended master was most likely launched by the publication through The Summit Lighthouse, Quietly Comes the Buddha.

Now many of the Buddhic rituals practiced in The Summit Lighthouse continue to be sponsored by Gautama Buddha. Also, Buddhic rituals are embraced by our Hearts Center community. Some of our practices may be traced to classical Buddhism itself. As an example, we include several traditional Buddhist mantras in our prayer book. (See prayer 8.001 on our “Prayers and Songs” page.)

Buddhic Meditation with Visualization

In our Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart, large monitors project lavishly colored, sometimes kaleidoscopic, images and visualizations. Many of our devotional songs have been transformed into video productions. These visuals goad us to create our own visualizations. And in our services, we set time aside for silent meditation.

The masters have advocated a greater dedication among their students to the art of stillness and immersion into “practicing the Presence.”5 At such times, students assume the classical posture—seated with straight spines, chins tucked, resembling their Asian Buddhist counterparts. The only thing missing for most in our community is the ability to assume a full lotus posture! (Additional work on flexibility required!)

And in this mode, we are resting in mindfulness through our Holy Christ-Buddha Self.6 Our Holy Christ-Buddha Self --what a beautiful term given to us by the masters, which serves us to understand we each have a mediator that brings us to our true divine identity. It is as though Holy Christ-Buddha Self invokes the Tai Chi, a figure-eight flow between our highest ideals and actualizing our budding Buddha nature here on Earth.

The “yang” of the Christward-striving disciple returns again and again to be seated “upon the ornate throne on the highest promontory of the island within the sun of [their] hearts.”7 Behold the Buddha nature residing at the very core of being, naturally revealing itself as the “yin” aspect of the Tao, perceiving the All-Buddha within. Ensconced in a Divine-Mother flow of her liquid-living light-giving, crystalline nourishment, the disciple is reconceived in flowering bliss while seated before the central altar.

Golden Buddha Altar Statue-Gifted from a Nepalese Lama

I AM a Buddha being; I live within the One.
God’s light shines ever through me; I’m blazing as a sun!
Gautama is my teacher; Maitreya laughs with me.
Manjushri e’er inspires me. They meditate with me.
I AM a Mother being; I live within the One.
God’s light shines ever through me; I’m blazing as a sun! 

   --Excerpt from Prayer 20.030 "I AM a Solar Being"



Entering into Stillness with the Buddhas

And now, Gautama introduces a retinue of Buddhas who complement his work in raising the kundalini for the accomplishment of a holy purpose. Oh, bhikkus,8 meet those who have come out of the Great Silence to lend their spiritual momentum, as Above, now below!

Here shines the presence of the Buddha of the Diamond Crystal light.9 See how his grace flows to the Five Dhyani Buddhas, who establish a pentagram mandala of perfected God-virtue emanating the five crystal rays,10 now anchored by Vajrasattva for the sealing of all in the diamond being of the mind of God.

As the Oversoul of each son and daughter of the Most High, centered in their threefold flame11 melds into oneness under the watchful gaze of the Buddha, all supplicants are beatified by an inner knowing that the Buddha-consciousness serves as a bridge of light connecting Earth with the infinitude of the Tushita Heavens.

Gautama Speaks through an Anointed Vessel 

“Buddha,” as most know, means “Awakened One.” Our admiration flows to those who achieve enlightenment, Self-realization. And even more admiration flows to those who, upon awakening, dedicate their lives to awakening others. And so it was with Gautama, a Buddha and a Bodhisattva. In the lives of the many Buddhas and bodhisattvas who have followed his example, we may trace the origins of his compassion, his desire to end human suffering,

In the West today, nearly 2500 years later, Gautama persists in efforts to awaken a humanity languishing in the sea of samsara. Yes, he comes to us quietly within our hearts as always. And also, in our community, Gautama speaks through our amanuensis David, one so attuned to the inner voice that the ascended masters' messages are conveyed to our sangha12 in the West, even as we abide in the misty plains and valleys here below.

New  to the ascended master teachings?  Not sure what an amanuensis or messenger is?  That's why we're offering a Free 16-page PDF booklet that helps to answer the question: What Is a Messenger? Holy Spirit Empowered Amanuensis vs. Psychic Channeler.  Access  here.


It was Gautama Buddha who released through David the Crystal-Diamond Tube of Light prayer (0.001), which begins virtually all of our prayer services. We encourage you to give it aloud. When invoked with sincerity, it may reinforce your attunement with the God-virtue required in the moment and place you within the atmosphere of God’s crystalline protection.

Here is an excerpt: Clear all resistance to my acceptance of divine inspiration, guidance, intuition and grace; the development of my inner potential and Christic/Buddhic nature; and the acceleration of the precipitation in my world of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the siddhis of the adepts13

Since the founding of The Hearts Center community, we have been blessed to receive many messages from Gautama. Please refer to the module on  the right side of this page under the title: Featured HeartStreams of Gautama Buddha. Click on the icons under "Media" to view, listen or read your selection.

Joining Together in Ritual and Celebration of the Buddha Light

As the practice of meditation is meant to lead us by still waters to experience God as the All-Buddha within, so by word and deed, song of devotion and sacred dance, we move within our raised awareness to be that Buddha-in-action. In The Hearts Center we often join with others in rituals, ceremonies, reenactments and celebrations that serve to align us with our own Buddha nature and our sponsoring Buddhas. And these shared gatherings give us opportunity to honor the Holy Christ/Buddha nature of our brothers and sisters.

As an example, Wesak, a traditional Buddhist celebration, continues to be observed by students of many spiritual backgrounds. This event bonds devotees of East and West, causing the Master to smile as he witnesses students from all corners of the globe focusing on the Middle Way of compassion and self-discipline, and enjoying a camaraderie in spirit.

Considered to be the holiest day in the Buddhist calendar, Wesak marks three key events in the Buddha’s life:  his birth, his enlightenment, and his attainment of nirvana.14

Arcing his presence from its Himalayan origins to the Montana wilderness, emanating from the Wesak Valley in western Tibet to the Paradise Valley area surrounded by the Absaroka and Gallatin Mountain Ranges, the Buddha comes to bestow a powerful blessing of radiant spiritual energy from Shambhala to his students around the world.

According to tradition, this blessing occurs yearly on the day nearest to the appearance of the full moon in early May. Legend has it that a divine grace is released with an immense intensity at this Wesak Festival Celebration. And Gautama has told us that the Lord Christ as well as the Lord Buddha jointly release an interlaced bounty of loving and compassionate rainbow-light essence.

“This Grace manifests as an Increase of divine light, showers onto and into everyone and everything within an enormous radius of the various celebrations taking place globally, and impregnates the Earth itself.”15

Our community joins together with all who are preparing themselves to be both recipients and emitters of this divine energy. We project our Buddhic beingness when we consciously “receive, direct and release the [Wesak] energy by spreading light, love and blessings wherever [we] go.”16

Audio Player: A Bodhisattva Vision of the New Era Dawning



The New Eightfold Path in Aquarius

Gautama preached during the waning years of the Age of Aries. He laid the groundwork for the dawning of the Age of Pisces and the coming of the Messiah Jesus—the Avatar of Pisces. He bequeathed, for many generations to come, a platform and a path to help them navigate through the realms of maya.

The Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path have guided Eastern adepts for 2500 years. Now we stand at the dawning of Aquarius. We welcome Aquarius, an era which brings the energies of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother aspect of our Creator, to the fore.

In response, beloved Gautama has granted a new dispensation, a new understanding for our spiritual path. Eternal truths are being re-configured to expand the understanding of today's adepts. On August 16, 2018, Gautama released a new teaching entitled, “The Four Nobler Truths and the New Eightfold Path,” in which we are called to master the eight heart virtues within the innermost sanctum of our hearts.

As a way of honoring and networking with the greater community of devotees of the Buddha, we are privileged to share with you a Free PDF chart that beautifully illustrates both the classic and New Era versions of The Eightfold Path. Available  here.


Gautama's Thoughtform (Heartform) for 2020

"I AM a fount of eternal love from the heart of the Buddha, manifest now unto all life caught in the sea of samsara. I AM walking the way of the Buddha and the bodhisattva, dedicating my life to the salvation of all sentient beings on Earth and in all systems of worlds.

"Through sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service, I give the gift of my life and being unto all who are awakening from the sleep of non-awareness."              --9.010 "Bodhisattva Prayer" excerpt

Meru University Course: Gautama Buddha on Solar Beingness and Planetary Compassion
(4-minute video preview)


Through course instructor David Christipher Lewis, Gautama inspires us to broaden our kindness and compassion toward all sentient beings and to emanate light on a planetary level with his insights on solar beingness.  Course page here.

Featured HeartStreams of Gautama Buddha

7/2/05 6m 050702 Gautama Buddha 050702 Gautama Buddha

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2. Shakyamuni: In Sanskrit it means "Sage of the Shakyas," a title applied to Gautama Buddha. Siddhartha's caste was the Kshatriya caste (the warrior rulers caste). ...Because of this, he became  known as Shakyamuni “Sage of the Shakya Clan,”  the most common name used in the Mahayana literature to refer to the Buddha. (Google SERP)

3. Ruby ray/ruby-ray path: The ruby ray is the eighth ray of integration, signifying the highest frequency of divine love. Those who walk the path of the ruby ray live a life of surrender, sacrifice, selflessness, and service for the purpose of fulfilling the light of divine love within their hearts, as well as on behalf of the evolutions of light on Earth. (Source: Hearts Center dictionary)
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5. "Practicing the Presence" is cultivating the awarenes, the consciousnesss of attuning with, intimately experiencing our God Presence from which we receive our Source of life, our God Self.  Mindful meditation is an excellent practice to allow us to experiece God as the Divinity within us. Solar Presence: A term introduced by the ascended masters through The Hearts Center in 2005, Solar Presence describes that portion of our being that is God. It is depicted as the upper figure in the Buddha Nature Chart. Also called the I AM Presence, the Divine Presence, the God Presence, it is the individualization of the One, our true divine identity. The term Solar Presence provides us with the image of our total being as a radiating sun center that continually emanates divine love and every virtue to all life. ("Solar Presence" defined in Hearts Center dictionary).
6. Holy Christ/Buddha Self: The mediator between our Higher Self (our I AM/God/Solar Presence), which exists in a perfect state of divine and immor­tal beingness, and our soul, which is still evolving within time and space upon Earth. Also known as the Higher Mental Body, this light-essence of our Self-realized individuality is our true inner teacher and the source of our conscience—the still small voice that guides us inward and upward to our ascension. While yet in incarnation on Earth, many great teachers, such as Gautama Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Krishna, and Kuan Yin, gained full Self-mastery through gnosis, or com­plete knowledge, of their Source and thus expressed the ideals of the mediator to mankind. (Source:  Hearts Center dictionary)
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9. Buddha of the Diamond Crystal LIght:. A very high celestial being who has never taken embodiment on Earth, it has recently been revealed that this Buddha is regarded as a guru to the Five Dhyani Budddhas. Also, he maintains a spiritual focus, or retreat, over The Hearts Center's Sanctuary of the Heart in Livingston, Montana.
10. The five crystal rays: Known previously as the "five secret rays" until new revelations were given through The Hearts Center dispensation,  these rays reside in dimensios:ns beyond the seven rays. Some teachings place the crystal rays in vibration between the white and yellow causal body spheres. In fact, the crystal rays have a mysterious and multi-dimensional quality that may defy placement in a chart or diagram. The five crystal rays scintillate, sparkle and vibrate. The activation of the crystal rays causes a greater sensitivity in the consciousness of the student as the rays clear and spiritualize our auras and widen the crystal-cord connection between our Christ/Buddha Self and our souls...(Source-abridged: Hearts Center dictionary) 
11. Threefold flame: The threefold flame is nothing less than God, blazing within our physical form, individualized in each person. This flame is placed in the secret chamber of the heart at birth and is withdrawn at the time of transition. Three identifiable plumes, vibrating as blue, yellow, pink, compose the threefold flame. See the lower figure of The Chart of Your Buddha Nature. (Abridged definition, Hearts Center dictionary). Additional teaching about the threefold flame here.
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