El Morya on the Radiance of Light Who You Are

Nothing can deter you from manifesting the essence of your divinity as that starfire glow and brilliance of who you are.


There is a star in the heavens that is your star. This is a glorious sun of your divinity. When you attune to this star, seeing its brilliance, seeing its light, seeing that which it holds in perfection as the great possibility for your own God-attainment, victory in a life lived to the glory of God, then you will know your purpose and you will receive direction from that star at all times in your life.

Just as the Wise Men followed the star to the place where the Child lay, so you must follow your star until you fully understand that you, too, are the light of the world just as Jesus is; that you, too, have the same availability of presence to manifest your light to save a planet and her people.

Light as Saving Grace Descends from Our Presence Continually

It is the light that is the essence of the Christ. It is the light that is the saving grace that the Lord Jesus bore to the earth. And it is the light within you shining brightly that can deliver many from a state of unconscious awareness into the new day of eternality in love. 

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.”¹ And the Christ in him affirmed that no one could attend and be in the presence of the Father unless that one proceed through the doorway of the Christic path of light. Yet, he also said that that was the light that lighteth every man, woman and child upon earth—that selfsame radiance, blessedness and grace. For it comes from the crystal stream from Presence into your heart, moment by moment. And when you are fully aware and awakened to the reality of that light, then nothing can deter you from manifesting the essence of your divinity as that starfire glow and brilliance of who you are.

El Morya Comes to Bear Witness to the Light within Us

In this Christmas season I come to remind you that even as I with Kuthumi and Djwal Kul traveled from Persia to the Holy Land to bear witness to that light within the Son of God of Jesus, so I also come this day to bear witness to the light within you. And I see it even if you do not always behold it for yourself. Yes, the shepherds sang even with the angels and were awed in the presence of that great light of Jesus. They sang the song of the Good Shepherd²who was their guide and who came to lead them to new pastures, to a new promise of grace through compassion and forgiveness.

The Psalmist David, an Embodiment of Jesus the Christ

And just as David was a shepherd who sang the songs of the path of initiation and the challenges that he experienced on that Christic path, so he came again as the man Jesus to fulfill that of which he sang, that even in his flesh he should see God. Yes, he saw his Presence, he beheld the light of the star of his divinity. And holding true to his sacred course to be a living witness and a sacrifice for all, he fulfilled his mission and by the grace of God manifested the Logoic light of truth, of the way, of the life³ of a Son of God.

Where you walk, the star of your own divinity may shine always, blessed hearts, if you will it so by your conscious choice to be that light. Nothing of darkness can assail you when you are vibrating in synchronicity with your Sun-Source. Nothing of the human condition manifesting upon earth can keep you from all that you came to fulfill when you live within that space of love that your Presence shines all around you every moment.

Look Up and Look Within

Do not look to others to fulfill who you are within the Sun of your divinity. But look up and look within to understand the full nature of the radiance of the light who you are. When you abide within this level of conscious living, then you, like Jesus, can bear joy to the world, can sing your song, can write upon the universe your own beautiful rendering of your artistic creation as you live in consonance with the Presence, as you abide in harmony with the light within all life.

I am El Morya. And I send forth a stream of light from my heart to touch the hearts of many more whom we would draw into this activity through your conscious efforts of heartsharing, of daily meditation upon the blessedness of all life, and through the crystalline patterns of grace, expressive of your love that you will continue to emanate and to deliver in ways great and small in the year 2010 and beyond.

Create This World Anew. You Are That Light.

Just as Buddha said, "Go, Be!" so I say, go create anew this world as you would have it be with me in perfection, in beauty, in glory of the One light, the One Source, the One ray, the One truth, the allness of God. As you gather and sing your songs in honor of the Christ in the presence of angels, remember, blessed ones, that the angels themselves reflect back that light to you such that you may always remember that you are also that light. For they worship the Christ of all, they honor the divinity within every man, woman and child, and they serve lovingly at the direction of the Lord God that you may even hear the angels one day singing your praises, even as you sing to them the praise of your light, the true you, the blessed son or daughter of God.

In joy I have come. And I have placed a star, a crystalline star of light, upon the top of your Tree of Life this day signifying your divinity and that which I behold with Mary the mother, with Joseph the father of our Lord. Now go and create lovingly, O precious hearts of light.     --El Morya through David C. Lewis, December 22, 2009

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