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A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

A very happy Christmas season to all readers who hail from a Christian background - or who have come to recognize the Christ light in Jesus! I think the latter is all of us.

Throughout the past years, this blog has featured a different angels on Christmas. Let’s review them, in case you’d like to check any of them out. In the very first article, “The Spirit of Christmas Lives,” we talked about how there is actually a heavenly being whom we have been introduced to as the, "Spirit of Christmas". Then there was, “25 Spiritual Gifts for Kids Under $25,” a fun little collation of spiritual gift ideas for the little children in your life. The next year we had, “Re-enact the Christmas Scene!”, an inspiration to get into pretend play with your kids. And lastly, “O Come, O Come, O Holy Family!” was a reflection on how we too are a holy family!

This year I’d like to share with you a Christmas story, inspired upon David Lewis by Mother Mary. This was given on Christmas Eve 2014. I added my own words as you see (non-italics), to make the story even more kid-friendly:

“What I'd like to do today is share with you a story from the heart of Mother Mary about one of the occurrences in the life of Jesus that is not in the scriptures. So this is a story about Jesus, but it’s not in the Bible.

As the Holy Family was returning from Egypt - why were they returning to Egypt? Were they going on a holiday? to the area of Nazareth, the sky opened up at one point to the vision of the entire Holy Family. What does that mean if the sky opened up? Did someone cut a hole in the sky? It usually means it rains but in this case the sky opened to their spiritual vision. So the whole family got to see it! What you may not know is that by that time, Mary had two other children besides Jesus. Oh, I wonder if they were brothers or sisters - or both? When the sky opened up, many thousands of angels sang again to the glory of God in welcoming the Holy Family back from their journey and their life in Egypt, where they had learned much from initiates of various mystery schools, those who had come to prepare the young Jesus in his infancy, while he was a toddler and in his early childhood for his great mission. So imagine that! The angels came again just like when he was born. Imagine the same angels coming and singing when you were coming back from somewhere. That would be nice!

When the heavens were opened to the vision of the Holy Family, there was a great outpouring of light and gratitude, praising and singing. And a number of individuals in that area could also see and hear the angelic choirs singing, just as they had at the time of the birth of Jesus. So others could see it too! And some of the same shepherds that were present at the time of the birth of Jesus were there in a similar area at this time—a little older and yet still tending their sheep. How funny - some of the same people got to see the angels twice! At this tender age, Jesus himself smiled and beheld these angels, and they smiled upon him. How cute - Jesus looks up and sees the angels and smiles and they smile back at him!

And streams of divine energy poured forth from the angelic hosts into the very chakras and auric fields of Jesus, his parents, and his siblings, who were younger than him.

So, that’s a little story about Jesus that wasn’t in the Bible. Did you like it?”

If that was still above your children’s interest level, I’m sure you could even retell the entire thing, such as:

“Once upon a time, long, long ago, when Jesus was just a little kid, something very special happened to him. Of course, being Jesus, something special was always happening to him! But of course, special things happen to you, too. So, do you remember when Jesus was born and Mary and Joseph had to flee to Egypt? Flee means escape. It also means a little bug, but we’re not talking about that today. So, they got away fine and some years later after learning much in Egypt AND having a couple of brothers or sisters too - that’s not in the Bible! - an angel let them know that it was safe to come home. That was nice, wasn’t it? I wonder if Jesus had brothers or sisters first? So here they are coming home and who knows exactly how old Jesus was.  Perhaps he was 7 years old or maybe a little younger or older. Then what do you suppose happened? Angels appeared in the sky! Yes, just like when he was born - remember that? And Jesus’ whole family and even some of the shepherds - because remember, people used to be shepherds back then (someone had to look after the animals!) - they got to see the angels! I guess the angels were just saying hi or welcoming them back or making them feel loved. Would it make you feel good if angels suddenly appeared in the sky? Maybe they do. In fact I think they do appear, we just don’t always see them. They are always around us. Anyway, Jesus smiled at the angels and all the light swirled all around him from the angels. Can you imagine your aura swirling with light like that? That’s right. So, that’s the end of the story. And perhaps next time you’ll get to hear another story about Jesus and the angels. Would you like that?”

Okay, hope you enjoyed that little digression. I wasn’t planning on writing it and actually it took me some while to do a little extra research on the topic, but I hope it helps one person out there.

In case you are interested, here are the links to where I found more information about that time period in Jesus’ life around his stay and return from Egypt:










Do you have a spiritual Christmas story that you love to retell to the children in your life?



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