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10 Great Reasons to Start a Veggie Garden

10 Great Reasons to Start a Veggie Garden

1. It’s getting warmer and moving into spring (if, like me, you live in the northern hemisphere!)

2. Your children can see where real food comes from.

3. Working with the plants will bring you closer to the work of the nature spirits.

4. You will be exposed to miracles every day as teeny little dried-up seeds turn into green, living plants.

5. Your children can see that surely, as you sow, so shall you reap.

6. You and your family will be healthier as you eat fresher, more life-giving food.

7. Having more plants in your yard will make it greener and more beautiful.

8. The flowers on your plants will attract neighboring butterflies.

9. You will get to work outside, which means less time in front of a computer and more time in the sunshine and fresh air.

10. All the recollections of heaven have a garden – okay, I’ll grant you, I usually hear about flowers and rose gardens, not carrots and potatoes!

Is it lots of work? Absolutely! But then, that is a good example for our kids – that anything of value in life takes effort, commitment, and focus. I guess that’s number 11!

Did I miss any of the benefits of gardening?

Oh, it’s cheaper too! And more food security, besides.

So, involve your kids — they love dirt and everyone loves picking their own food!

Finally, let’s just go a little deeper with a spiritual teaching on the topic:

“You have heard in a previous course that Mary and Jesus were supremely engaged in understanding nature through their gardening practices and that Jesus discerned much through his communion with the nature spirits, the plants and the animals themselves ...
  Yes, I come on this Good Friday because, blessed ones, the resurrection fire overcomes death. And you see this throughout nature each spring as the tiny shoots emerge through the soil, take flight into the atmosphere and bring forth their beauty, their glory for you to enjoy in so many ways, so many very simple and yet delightful, ecstatic offerings. When you see a new shoot coming up from the earth, internally you may be reminded of your own spiritual journey and of what within you is ready to sprout forth to give glory to God as your gifts of the Spirit.
  You see, there are many lessons that children naturally, from within, glean and comprehend when they are offered the opportunity to learn from the divine intelligence of nature itself. Blessed ones, many of you read of the great mysteries of life. Many of you are very knowledgeable about spiritual truths and the secrets that have been held from the masses for long centuries and that are coming to the fore now for all to know. The greatest mysteries lie within you. The greatest teachings are yet to be revealed and cognized right within your own neighborhood and backyard if you choose to delve into them...”


How will you garden this year?


P.S. Be sure to check out my earlier article on the topic of children and nature.




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