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Our Holy Family

Our Holy Family

Personally, I love the concept of the holy family. I thank God for my holy family which brings me so much joy, and I love the idea that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus are not excluding us from also being a holy family. Today, let’s examine three quotes on the Holy Family. You can find the full discourse these were taken from here.


The first quote addresses the idea that our families actually have a group purpose. Have you ever considered that?

            “How many families among us have actually discussed this dynamic—that we have a family dharma; we have a family purpose; we can choose to have a mission that we individually are part of the whole of and that will bring our family's name and our family's love to the fore on behalf of the local community in which we live. When the essence of that holy family—a family that is whole, first of all; and second, is purposeful in delivering its gifts, talents and virtues to the world—when that family is integrated, it's amazing to see the effects of the love, the wisdom and the faith of that family modeled. Heaven takes note of this. And often, especially when the parents consecrate their children to a holy cause, to the purposes of light, souls that are highly evolved will be sent to incarnate through them.
      The second quote talks about being different and yet resolving issues with your family, something that is important as we mature:
            “Sometimes families have the dynamic where one individual comes into that unit who may be different from the rest of the people in that unit. And this is for a purpose. It's to draw out something from within the others to bring it to the surface for resolution. In the case of many families, including many of your own, you may have been the one that was different, because you, perhaps being more highly evolved in your spiritual path, chose a different road than others in your family chose. You were sent into your family to do work and to fulfill a specific purpose for that family, one that was or is essential for you to fulfill for the circle of that family to be whole and complete. And unless you resolve the issues that you have with your siblings, with your parents, with others in the greater family circle in a loving and harmonious way, a part of you is still lacking fulfillment.
             Sometimes you may have to go back and resolve an issue with someone when you are adults, because you didn't have the maturity when you were young to really know the psychology of what you were moving through. And once you became more self-assured, more educated, and more emotionally intelligent, you could see all the dynamics at play; and then you may be able to go back in an appropriate way and either ask for forgiveness or forgive others or resolve conflict. It's important, as we mature, to realize that we may have made mistakes when we were immature.”


The final quote on the family reflects on how our family may indeed be beyond flesh and blood:
              "Now, even though we have our blood family, which is important because we chose to incarnate within that circle, we also have the holy family of our spiritual family, our spiritual community. And for many of us evolving on our spiritual path, this spiritual family almost displaces, at a certain time in our life, our blood family; and we actually feel closer to and bonded more with those with whom we have a spiritual connection, an affinity, and a very loving relationship, because we are purposeful in attempting to fulfill a certain spiritual goal. We are driven to meet the requirements of the ascended masters, the Great White Brotherhood."



What are your thoughts on how you experience the holy family?



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