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I used to call the messages from the Masters “dictations”. In The Hearts Center they are called “heartstreams”. What has this got to do with parents? In 2013, the ascended Lady Master Meta encouraged us, “Teach your children to heartstream, and even your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will learn through this sacred skill who they are and return to that state of beauty and inner perfection in which they, as you, were created.”


So, what is this thing called heartstreaming? She explains, “You know that your heart is energetically more powerful than your brain. No longer be invested in brainstorming. Begin to heartstream in a more conscious and viable way with us each day. Everyone, no matter what his or her outer attainment or inner involvement with us, can heartstream by centering in the heart and then allowing this river of love, light, virtue and consciousness to flow through the heart to anyone, anything, anywhere.”


It kind of sounds like centering in your heart to consider a certain situation or person:         
 “There is no one right way to heartstream, blessed ones. It can be easy for you when you simply focus on and through your heart. And through your heart's own intelligence, it will teach you how to accelerate your ability to heartstream with the universe, with ascended masters, angelic hierarchies of light, nature spirits, the world and life everywhere.”

Again, I note the element of the heart in heartstreaming:
“When you are in love, you naturally heartstream with the one cherished, whether it be an individual, a friend, an animal, a flower or the Great Central Sun itself. Miracles are facilitated when you heartstream with your Source, with your sacred teachers, guides, masters, divine beings and angels.”


I can’t say that I’ve specifically taught my kids any of this (yet), but one thing I wonder as I ponder this teaching is, often we will read one another’s mind and I’m wondering if that is simply bumping into each others aura’s or if it’s an unconscious heartstreaming with each other, as we love each other and naturally pick up communication from them. Perhaps those are the same thing. In any case, I guess heartstreaming might be a way to make this connection more consciously?


There is a lot more teaching and tips from Meta on heartstreaming, if I have piqued your interest in this topic.


Please share: Have you any experience of ‘heartstreaming’?



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