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O Come, O Come, O Holy Family!

O Come, O Come, O Holy Family!

It’s Christmas season and my favorite celebration of the year! The center point of our Christian holy day is the Holy Family – Mary, baby Jesus and Joseph, and while we pay due respect to this beautiful family, please remember that God never intended them to be the exception! Have you considered your family as a holy family too? On December 24th, 2006, beloved Mary said:

If mankind simply looks upon Jesus and me as anomalies or something that is impossible to also manifest, then this detracts from the great purpose of our coming and all that we did for and on behalf of earth's evolutions. For it has never been our understanding or our purpose to be thought of as special, different. But our only desire was to reflect the light of the Son behind the son within all, blessed ones. The true Christmas Spirit is the Spirit of the Christos within all.

I pray for my family as the holy family, not because we are perfect, but because I recognize that God is in us all. May your own holy family be blessed this Christmas and always!

O holy Christmas Angels bright, now fill our homes with holiness and light!


How will you celebrate the holy family this Christmas Season?


P.S. While I was looking for quotes I came across these words from Mary, from Christmas Season 2016:

The light truly is growing through your work, and the light of freedom is expanding in many nations. The forces of light are on the march, and those of darkness are in a state of consternation, knowing that their days are short. For truly the days are shortened for the elect. It is a time of troubles and yet also a time of great opportunity to invoke that light, to be that light, to shine forth your light unto the entire Earth.

They seemed so appropriate to our current world scene!  Perhaps truth is timeless…



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