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Making The Hearts Center Relevant For the Youth of Today

Making The Hearts Center Relevant For the Youth of Today

Youth and spirituality? Do the two even go hand-in-hand? They can! Young people are seeking meaning and the purpose of life and all that is.

Today I’ll share with you ascended master teachings from 2013. As you know, I’m going through the teachings in chronological order, so that’s where we’re at today. Are the teachings from then still relevant, ten whole years later? I think so, but I’ll leave it to you to decide. There were many quotes but here are the ones that stood out for me:


1. Young people need involvement

And so we suggest that there be discussions for your young people, open-ended opportunities for questions and answers, just as you had with the youth darshans early in this activity, so that they will feel valued, appreciated and invested in the mission itself, the work at hand.

 El Morya, June 4th, 2013 


2. Young people need action

And provide for the youth, in appropriate ways and as wise ones, opportunities and, when guided, suggestions that will assist them in making progress in overcoming obstacles. And simply be there for them, with an open heart, a ready word of advice or assistance, a hand, a meal, or work for them to engage in. You see, dearest ones, where the youth feel valued, where their hearts, heads and hands are applied physically in some actionable plan and service to life, there the value grows and they feel invested and a part of the greater mission with the adults.

 El Morya, June 4th, 2013


3. Young people need the truth pure and undiluted

Dearest ones, every generation of youth changes, and yet the eternal principles and divine mores of truth are unchanging....If you are wishy-washy and change what you present based on your own perceptions of what may reach the changeable generational matrices of those evolving upon Earth, especially during this cusp of ages, then through your own lack of clarity there will not be the laser-shining light of eternality as the guiding crystalline frequencies of perfection and beauty that those who are ready for the ascended-master path of light will note and then accept.

Rex, October 26th, 2013 


4. Young people need real examples of mastery

Your shining example is paramount, and the proffered truths that you offer and that you model within your lives will shine forth to be the greatest way and means to draw them into your service—the service of God, one with man, within The Hearts Center cause of light.

 El Morya, June 4th, 2013


This generation understands the dynamics of authenticity, inner realism and even the harsh truths that exist at times within what is being outplayed within the world of conflict and duality. Their souls know the integrity of those who are true to Self.

Meta, October 30th, 2013


5. Young people need to be met wherever they’re at

The youth of the world today have their own challenges and that which they must come to terms with as a result of the outpicturing of karmic and dharmic cycles within their lives. You may aid them by your wisdom. You may aid them by your love, appreciating the God within them so that they may see, feel, understand, truly know their own connection—super-connectivity, I would say—with their God Presence. You may be a semiconductor of light, offering yourself as an ion of light-beingness to ever behold the glory of God within them through your own pure vision and then to accentuate it through comforting and uplifting words and sharing.

Meta, October 30th, 2013 


6. Young people need visuals

...you may utilize what you have already received and crafted in a way that is meaningful through visual media for the youth. For you are accelerating in your abilities to refine this important focal point that the youth of today use in all of their communiqués and in their free time, in their gaming and in their sharing.

Rex, October 26th, 2013 


7. Young people need music and movement

As we surveyed past dispensations to see what drew the young people to the heart of the Mother and the teachings of the Summit, we saw clearly that movement and divine rhythm were essential, because in this there is a liveliness. There is an energy within the auric fields of the youth that must be accommodated, accentuated and allowed to emerge as the kundalini fire is raised within them and their inner impulses come out and into play within their lives, especially in their teenage years and in their early twenties. This is a time of great energy within the body temple of the young, and this energy can be directed to a great cause of light through the idealism of their minds and hearts and through the thrust of their wills, one with a true cause of light.

 El Morya, June 4th, 2013


And finally...

You may have your master plans; you may co-create marketing strategies, many beautiful visuals that will excite and stimulate the inner eye, the Higher Mind and soulfulness within the youth. All of these are important. And yet, dearest ones, behind them all is the essence of who you are perfused through what you create that is more meaningful, richer and effulgent.

Meta, October 30th, 2013 


So, go shine your light and be that beautiful Self that you are right now today! The youth will see it and be drawn to your Light. Then you can show them their own Light!


Which do you think is most important? Did I miss something?



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