Djwal Kul on Union with the Divine

Feel now the inner radiance of my joy welling up within you as cosmic principle, as pranic engram of fire. And see at the hand and by the hand of your beloved Solar Presence the seeding of each cell of your being with this new radiance of presence….

Only You Can Accomplish the Inner Work

Your inner work is the key for each of you to sustain the presence of who you are as a God-man or woman and to move into higher fields of presence. This inner work cannot be done by another. Only you have the key to the inner man of the heart,1 the inner woman of the soul. As you are “soulful” and meditate on your inner being and work from the within out, the ascended masters come to augment your work, for they see that you have caught a glimpse of reality and understand the most important work that you can do during this lifetime.


Listening in silence to the inner voice of conscience moves you into a field of connectivity with your Source that allows the impulses of your solar being to be received in an atmosphere of holiness, in an aura of grace and mercy whereby as you caringly listen, you can attend to the nuances of the spirit world that are impressed upon you in this time of deep reverence and silence.

In Stillness Is Spiritual Power

The world is very busy and there is the tendency in the West to supplant busy-ness with spirituality. You can be moving almost at the speed of light and yet on your spiritual path standing still. In stillness you can be emanating the frequencies of love, wisdom and power with the speed of light, co-creating with God a beautiful new world of beingness, truth, understanding.

Take time each day to nurture the sacred fire within you by offering the oil of presence to the flame. As you light the wick with your devotion, the oil of presence burns serenely. The flame is steady. Warmth and light are created as a result, and you may maintain that contact with your Source that is key to your inner work.

The Goal Is Union with the Divine

The mindless ones have taken hold of this civilization at many levels. And thus we must have those who, through mindfulness, can sustain presence to supplant those who lead from the ego with those who by example would lead by the Spirit. The inner graces that you experience when living in your Presence are magnificent and yet need to be understood in the context of why these graces are offered unto you. In and of themselves experiencing the bliss of silence and peace is not the end result or the goal of your spiritual practices but simply the result of the blessedness that comes to you through presence, silence and stillness.

The goal is union and an understanding of who God is within you. Once you have completed your time of stillness in meditation and receive the keys for that day's work, then, moving through presence, you can accomplish all through Christ who moves and lives and has his being within you, through Buddha whose mind emanates throughout your consciousness, through the Mother whose purity flows from the fount of grace, through the Spirit most holy whose presence you may feel everywhere throughout your days of service, your nights of rest, and your deep contemplation upon the things of that Spirit.

Choose to Enter the One Mind

High in the Himalayas we, the masters of the East, send forth our rays of fire to our disciples. And as you are still and pick up on these mindful sendings and frequencies of love-wisdom, you may more easily pass your tests, move through the challenges of your returning karma and abide ever in the heart of God within. Himalaya has come and spoken to you of the One Mind. Entering that One Mind is key. And maintaining mindfulness as you traverse the Stations of the Cross, the Path of the Middle Way Eightfold, or the Tao in the Alpha/Omega, yin/yang cyclings of light through your being, will hold you within that presence of perfect peace whereby the mind emanations of the One may be yours to know.

Divine principles and precepts blossom within. And the simple joy of knowing that God is present where you are may lead you ever unto the fruit of the Tree of Life. You may study the Kabbalah to understand the components of this Tree within you, even as it is reflected in the Elohimic creation of all that is in substance as intelligence manifest in form.

Aquarian Love Moves You into Cosmic Consciousness

Feel now the inner radiance of my joy welling up within you as cosmic principle, as pranic engram of fire. And see at the hand and by the hand of your beloved Solar Presence the seeding of each cell of your being with this new radiance of presence and manifold light such that you may have a greater connectivity with your Source, the Spirit most holy within. Truly, blessed ones, you are moving into cosmic consciousness through this presence of Aquarian love and the culture of the Divine Mother, which you graciously seek to outpicture in some way through the works of your hands, the joys of your heart, and the grace that comes even through the immaculate image you hold of others as you bless them through your eyes.

I am the Tibetan master Djwal Kul, and I breathe upon you the breath of life afresh today. In the twinkling of an eye I see the starfire radiance glowing in your aura, and I am raised in bliss in observance of the God-ness, the suchness of the Spirit who you are.   --Djwal Kul through David C. Lewis, February 18, 2008

1. Ephesians 3:16

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