What Is a Darshan?

El Morya blessing the earth Darshan 
(This HeartStream by El Morya was delivered through David C. Lewis on April 3, 2008 in Paradise Valley, Montana.)
Intimate Communion between the Ascended Masters1 and Their Students
A darshan is a time of intimate communion between a master and that one’s disciples where spiritual radiance and blessing is released both in the teaching and instruction conveyed and also in the very presence of the master. A field of awareness, as a radiance of light energy, is created by the master that is expanded through the chakras and aura of the master through the messenger2 around the disciples as divine wisdom, timeless truths and universal principles are expressed through discourse3 and conversation.
Within The Hearts Center movement,4 a darshan is an opportunity for disciples to ask questions of the master and receive a direct reply. At times a darshan has also been a session when the master asks questions of disciples to elicit, or educe, their own inner wisdom gleaned through their spiritual path, their training and evolving consciousness.

A Merging and a Contemplation
A darshan is a holy experience of oneness with God. It is a timeless journey into the unknown by placing oneself at the feet of the master to receive progressive revelation in the Now. It is a time of contemplation upon the deeper mysteries of life where the master often releases a new wisdom teaching never before revealed in the context of the present reality of life of the individual disciple or student of light.

Within The Hearts Center, time has been set aside during the devotional family services on the first Sunday of the month for a live darshan for youth and adults alike.5 Darshans occur regularly during the regular six to ten-week Meru University classes6 held by teleconference or via the internet throughout the year. Darshans often occur during the major quarterly conferences and local weekend seminars as well as the extended international pilgrimages sponsored by The Hearts Center.
The Offering of an Ascended Master’s Essence

Ascended Master El Morya

The intimate communion heart to heart through the heartstreaming7 of the love-wisdom fires of the master with the disciple is the miraculous manifestation of the conveyance of solar radiation for the enlightenment of every student. The master seeks to convey something of his own essence, of his own experience of the path of beingness as an immortal one to those still evolving in time and space. This bridging between the Divine and the human and the human and the divine is the creation of a portal between the heaven world and the earth itself.
Through the voice of the messenger, the bridge is oiled and the open door is sustained. Through the mind conveyance, as a telepathic communication, virtue flows and radiance grows as each devotee is able to sustain the tie to the master through acceptance, belief, devotion and the residing within of peace. The discourse is the vehicle for the increase of light within the world of form and the soul and beingness of the student.
The Darshan Is Passage to Enlightenment
All teaching is a means to the end of the enlightenment of the disciple, his ultimate freedom. When embraced and assimilated, the light within the instruction, as a seed of fire, grows within the ascending one as a divine sprout that that one may follow through all the coursings of the soul into the divine world. It is as if you are Jack rising upon the beanstalk as it first penetrates the earth and then grows into the outer limits of earth’s atmosphere, penetrating the plane of the human into the Divine.
Each darshan experience is a holy conveyance of spiritual fire as an impetus of light that the disciple may utilize for his victory, for the fulfillment of the mission, for the balancing of the scales of karma and for the garnering within the greater community of a unity field of awareness between all disciples.
The Darshan Is an Act of Grace and Sensitivity to the Needs of Each Student
The master takes the opportunity of receiving one question to enlighten all at their level of understanding. And so there is conveyed in the answer, molecules of light that can grow within each one at that one’s level of attainment, of divine gnosis. This the master does with great alacrity, with great God-mastery because he or she is attuned to the level of the vibration of the Real Self, the Solar Presence of each disciple. And in holy communion with that one’s higher reality, he extends the grace directly from the Higher Self through the vehicle of the teaching to inculcate greater God-beingness within all.

As each disciple is sensitive to the ministrations delivered through the chakras of the master through the messenger and lovingly and reverently receives the instruction and at times the discipline of the light through the message, all are raised as the soul of the one is raised. Thus there is the enfiring of the antahkarana8 of the entire hierarchy through any master’s discourse and teaching. Elemental life,9 angels, unseen masters, devas and divine spirits witness this alchemy of the transfer of light and beingness and also receive the currents of love-wisdom through the heart of the master through the mind of his solar radiation.

Every Darshan Is the Coming to Earth of the Kingdom of Heaven
It is as if during each darshan and discourse the sun comes to the earth through the solar beingness of the master and enfires all within the radiance of that solar light with the golden liquid Christ-essence, Buddhic-beingness of the master. This is a type of cosmic photosynthesis whereby the photonic energies from the Solar Source of the master is conveyed and is synthesized within the divine factory of beingness of the soul of the disciple as that one is able to assimilate and sustain the light and the photonic particles within the teaching.

The divine science of every darshan is magnificent to behold and should be understood in the context of the higher science of the Spirit whereby the kingdom of heaven comes to earth through the greater blessing of beingness of the one sent, the master unto his disciples.
Glory by glory, earth is raised one by one and through the sacred sangha, the communion of hearts who resonate as one crystal, as one great focus on behalf of the Lord God and the Universal Great White Brotherhood.10 Respect, courtesy, reverence and humble acknowledgement of the master’s presence serve the disciple to receive the fullness of that which he would convey. It is a grace. It is a miracle manifestation of light that all should appreciate, revere and glory in the awesomeness of the One.
Thank you, blessed hearts, for your attention, the focus of your love, your deep devotion to holy purpose and the New Blue light of Alpha and Omega come to earth. I thank you.
1. The ascended masters are the saints and sages of all religions who once walked upon this planet and other worlds and have earned the right to ascend back to God. They are called “ascended masters” for they have gained mastery over the world in which we live. And in the heaven world, they work together on projects that assist us here so that we may attain that self-same mastery.
2. A messenger is an unascended disciple who, due to spiritual preparation in current and past lifetimes, is able to receive from higher planes the communications of ascended beings. The messenger is then responsible to deliver these messages to a community of believers for the edification of that body.
3. A discourse is a type of communication through a messenger from ascended beings that is more conversational and informal in tone.
4.Founded in 2005 by David C. Lewis, The Hearts Center Community is a dynamic ascended master movement for the 21st century and beyond. With its central location in Livingston, Montana, its mission is to help spiritual seekers receive up-to-date inspiration from the ascended masters in order to re-connect and strengthen their tie to divinity and empowerment. The Hearts Center Community is composed of many heartfriends whose mission is to sustain the balance of light upon the earth and work toward their ascension through advanced studies of the wisdom teachings and in service to life. For further information, please see: Welcome from the Founder and An Overview of The Hearts Center.

5. In 2012, monthly youth darshans are no longer occurring.

6. In 2012 Meru University courses have run 4 weeks, with a few in 2013 planned as 7-week courses.

7. Heartstreaming is the science of connecting with inner divinity through deep meditation, prayer and devotion. It is the streaming of God’s light through our being allowing us to feel joy, love, harmony and peace and emanate these feelings to the world.  It is an ancient art. The key to experiencing heartstreaming is presence—being in the moment.  Heartstreaming can be done in a group setting to multiply the action of light, as a means to bring about solutions to problems or to bring creativity to team projects. Heartstreaming can occur with an ascended master in personal prayer and meditation or through communications coming through a messenger of the Universal Great White Brotherhood. These transcribed messages are called HeartStreams in The Hearts Center movement.

8. Antahkarana is a Sanskrit word meaning “internal sense organ.” Often called “the web of life,” antahkarana is a light-love-energy grid that embraces and interpenetrates all planes of consciousness from Spirit to matter, allowing the flow of communion to occur throughout the creation and between the Creator and the creation.
9. Elemental life, also called the elemental kingdom, is composed of a hierarchy of guardian spirits ranging from the mighty Elohim to the littlest sylph. This hierarchy is God manifesting in the natural world, responsible for the precipitation in form of the ideations of both God and man. One of the three kingdoms created by God—the other two being the kingdom of angels and the kingdom of man—the elemental kingdom is divided into four areas:  earth, water, air and fire. Each area has its directors and servants. For example, the earth elementals, known as gnomes, are under the direction of cosmic-being twin flames named Virgo and Pelleur. See chart below.
  • Earth—Virgo and Pelleur—gnomes
  • Water—Neptune and Luara—undines
  • Air—Aries and Thor—sylphs
  • Fire—Oromasis and Diana—salamanders
10. Great White Brotherhood, also referred to as the Universal White Brotherhood and the UniversalGreat White Brotherhood, is an association of saints and sages from all paths and religions as well as angels and cosmic beings. “It is the authority and governing body which represents the Godhead in this system of worlds.”* Many members of this august Brotherhood walked the earth or other planets in our system at one time, striving toward union with God. Some members are embodied. Because of their great service and devotion, those who are embodied have earned the right, even from the unascended state, to be considered among their ranks. Still other members have never entered the rounds of rebirth, residing in etheric octaves. White makes no reference to race but to the purity that emanates from this holy Brotherhood. The purpose of the Great White Brotherhood is the upliftment of mankind so that each individual may attain that self-same mastery and the ultimate joy of this divine reunion. (*from 080601 darshan with the Maha Chohan)
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