Your Buddha Nature: 
Vehicle for Your Soul’s Ascent to Perfect Oneness

(This HeartStream by El Morya was delivered through David C. Lewis on May 6, 2008 in Paradise Valley, Montana.)
Blessed Hearts, I would speak on your Buddha Nature. As you gaze on the image of your Buddha Nature beautifully provided to The Hearts Center by the careful brushstrokes of the accomplished artist, Norman Thomas Miller, you see a most glorious rendition in form of the very formless beingness of your divine reality presented in graphic, two-dimensional form. In truth, this Higher Self of you is dimensionless and timeless, co-existing with the very Solar Presence of the One God, the I AM THAT I AM of all life.
As you know, the Buddha is “the Awakened One.” As the essence of you that is fully awake and all-knowing, this sacred Presence of perfection is the individualized expression of God’s light as the monad of who you truly are as a solar being.
The Upper Figure
Tom’s rendition depicts the upper figure as a light being circumscribed by seven colored bands of light through which scintillating rays of white light are projected out in all dimensions to bless all life.
This upper figure is your Real Self, the part of you that is fully God and with which your soul, the lower figure in the chart, will merge and fully unite when you ascend into the very heart of God at the close of your earthly incarnations once you truly know who you are, pass all of your initiatic tests, balance the flames of love, wisdom and power within your heart, complete the balancing of at least 51% of your karma and fulfill your divine plan, your life mission.
Your Buddha Nature is the allness of God who you already are but whom you must fully accept and become through letting go of the human ego and lower nature and fully embracing the divine light within. Through surrender of all vestiges of selfhood outside of the circle of oneness of God’s being, you enter into this picture-perfect Presence of ultimate joy, peace and wholeness. You merge with the very heartstream of God that is constantly pouring forth to you all the qualities and quintessences of beingness through the crystal cord that you see in the chart, descending through the middle Buddha figure into your heart chakra.
The Causal Body
Your Buddha Nature has access to all the gifts and graces of the Spirit which you can know in greater and greater spirals of consciousness by tapping into your causal body, which is the composite of all of the blessedness of your reality manifest through the good karma, or works that you have accomplished in all past embodiments or lifetimes upon Earth and even on other planetary and solar homes of light. This giant reservoir of perfection is a cornucopia of light-energy as a divine bank account from which you can draw the resources of the Spirit to re-energize your life’s mission and fulfill every calling to be an example of grace and holiness to your families, your co-workers, your communities and your entire nation and planet.
The Middle Figure
The middle figure in this chart is the Mediator, or Intercessor, your Holy Christ/Buddha Self, who knows both the perfection and ideal emanations of your Higher Self while also being aware of the limitations and imperfections of the lower self as it evolves through time and space. This inner teacher is your conscience which goads you into higher consciousness by reminding you of your inner vows, of your true reality and as the abiding presence of inspiration and joy, leads you to pure beingness as you are silent and listen to that “still, small voice,” also known as the inner man1 of the heart.
In this depiction, the Holy Christ/Buddha Self is seated in the lotus posture, blessing you and all life through a sacred mudra, or hand gesture. Behind both the upper figures is the depiction of a rose of light, symbolizing the very nature of elemental love-wisdom that is the essence of God within these aspects of your own being, the upper rose being more golden and depicting the Buddhic emanation of omniscience and the lower rose being more pink, or roseate in color and emanation, depicting the love fires of omnipresence.
The Lower Figure
The lower figure is surrounded by and subsumed into the violet transmuting flame and is also ensconced within the mighty crystal-diamond tube of light, sealing all in a protective action of impenetrable light energy, a sacred forcefield, or flowfield, of divine radiance. This tube of light also surrounds the Holy Christ/Buddha Self, descending from the center of beingness of your Divine or God Presence.
Depictions of the Nature Kingdom
Around the tripartite rendering of your own Buddha Nature you see a depiction of nature in its fourfold aspects of earth, water, air and fire with colorful elemental life all about you, providing a platform for your evolving soul in form within time and space.
The True You
In truth, you are more than all of this because in your Buddha essence you live, move and have your being in many dimensions of light beyond the physical universe. And yet, this rendering of the True You is a great visual that you may use in your meditations and while giving your prayers, mantras, decrees and songs. For through your sight you tap into the divine world in which your Buddha nature lives and coexists with the One God.
Blessed hearts, utilize this glorious rendition of beingness in your daily life by becoming it fully through all of your spiritual practices. It will only be for you what you make of it through application, through presence, through correspondence. As above, so below, I, El Morya, live within the Buddha nature of the God-reality of all. My presence of joy be with you always. I thank you.

1. Ephesians 3:16
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