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Examples of Spiritual Conversations You Could Have With Your Kids

Examples of Spiritual Conversations You Could Have With Your Kids

I tend to talk a lot, sometimes too much. So, my son gets an earful at times. Anyhow, I like to explain things. Here are a few examples from conversations with my one year old and four year old. Some are word-for-word and others recreated, but all true! Some examples are tiny, but that’s often all you need.

Example 1. Lemuria song, God is the source of all

This is a song about Lemuria. It was an ancient civilization, like Atlantis. They could do really amazing stuff… It’s not around anymore. “Why are don’t they exist anymore?” They forgot about God. They forgot that God was the source of everything…. You think your toys come from Daddy but God helps Daddy to have that job so he can earn the money so I can buy the toys. You think your clothes come from Daddy but God helps Daddy to have that job so he can earn the money so I can buy the clothes. And if God didn’t give you energy your heart wouldn’t work and then you couldn’t be alive either. So God really is the reason behind everything.


Example 2. Pebbles in the water, ripples, our life

Okay, let’s throw some rocks in. Good Job. Wow. Isn’t that pretty. Do you see those lines going around? “Yes” Those are called ripples. Watch them. What are they doing? They’re getting bigger and bigger aren’t’ they? Well, you know, this is like our life. We’re supposed to make ripples of love, happiness and blessing to others and to make this world a better place. Let’s throw some more stones in and make more good ripples!


Example 3. Telephone Conversations with angels

Ring, ring. Ring, Ring. Oh, someone’s calling. Oh, hello Archangel Gabriel Wow, I’m so grateful you could call me. Thank you for the message. I love you so much. Please call me again sometime. Okay, bye! Wow, I wonder who’s going to call next. Oh, there it is again. Ring, ring. Ring, Ring. Do you want to pick it up? It’s your turn? Ring, ring. Ring,ring. Wow, so busy today. I wonder who this is? Hello? Oh, hello! Hello again, yeah, sorry. I was just telling Michael it was you. We’re so happy to hear from you! How’s it going out there? Chuckle. I’m glad you like the grass and trees. Yeah, we like the garden too. Hey, thanks so much for all you do. You really do an awesome job and it just looks great out there. We’re so grateful for all you guys. Well, okay, thanks for calling and please check in with us anytime… Okay, bye!

PS. We started off talking to family and progressed to calling angels and nature spirits. We had so much fun we ended up ‘calling’ the worms and sunflowers in our garden too!


Example 4. Being in control of yourself, after time out

I want to tell you something. You know how when we read your bedtime stories we sometimes talk about the saints in heaven, the Masters, the angels and all that stuff? “Yes” Right. Well, how do you think the Masters became masters? Do you think they became Masters by controlling others? No, it was by controlling themselves. Their thoughts, their feelings and just being the master of themselves. And if we want to get there too we have to be the ones in charge of us. Not our temper tantrums or our anger or mad, grumpy feelings. That’s not who you really are. It’s okay to feel these things. But, we’ve got to think of a way to express our disappointment and so on so that we don’t hurt things or other people. You know, you can talk about how you feel, you can just sit still and think all about it and realize it’s going to be okay or maybe go and give yourself a big hug. Okay? Alright, give me a hug. I love you too.


Example 4. Talking with your baby, while reading a baby book

“Each day there are miracles in front of our eyes.” See, there’s the baby. And there are his eyes. Here are your eyes. You see with your eyes. You see God with the eyes of your heart. “Ba ba” That’s right, that’s a baby. You’re a baby too. Well, this is just your physical body. You have a spiritual body too, a spirit. That’s who you really are, a spirit of love and light. Okay, let’s turn the page.


Example 5. Introduce bedtime story about angels to your baby

It’s time to read from our bedtime stories book, Walking With Angels. Angels are messengers of God, of love and light. They come from heaven, just like we do.


Example 6. Pray to God within

You know, there are different ways to pray. You can pray with your arms up, like this. You can pray with your hands together like this or this. You can talk to God standing on your head. You don’t really have to do anything special. You can talk to God if you meditate too, like this. You know, a lot of people think of God as up there and that’s kind of true but God’s here too, so maybe we should pray like this . You know, I’ve had some bad dreams where I’m stuck in some bad place and I’m trying to get out and look for the sun and I can never find it or get to it. But, actually, I should l be looking for the sun inside me. Once I did do that in a dream. It was a really bad dream and I looked at the light inside me and it exploded out, freeing me from the bad dream. So, we should really pray to God inside of us.


Example 7. Body book God discussion

‘Ears.’ You hear God with the ears of your heart. ‘Eyes.’ You see God with your eyes of your heart. ‘Nose.’ Do you smell God with the nose of your heart? Chuckle. I wonder what God would smell like. “I think like cobbler or sweet potato pie”. Chuckle. I was thinking more like sweet flowers. ‘Fingers.’ “You can touch God with the fingers of your heart.” Chuckle. I guess so.


Example 8. Story, asking God when you need help

So, those people didn’t ask for help. God just helped them. Maybe someone was praying for them or maybe they didn’t need to ask. But other times when people were in trouble they had to ask and then God helped them. So, you don’t want to wait for God to help you if you’re in trouble. Just ask for help!


Example 9. After my son said Grace

That was really sweet, thank you. That’s okay. It came from the heart and that’s what matters.


Example 10. After reading a kids reader about the Statue of Liberty

So, that’s the little island where it is. And I’ve been there. You go on a boat. I’ve got a photo of myself standing in front of it… You know people used to have statues of virtues and qualities and things like Spring or Patience or Faithfulness or Courage and they used to think that they were people and they kind of are. There are divine beings that actually represent these things. So, people think the Statue of Liberty is just a statue of a lady but there’s actually a divine being who represents liberty and we call her the Goddess of Liberty.


Well, I hope these simple and everyday examples get your ideas flowing, those of you who need them. Now, over to you! Please share the kinds of spiritual conversations you have with your kids! I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of wisdom you have and share with your loved ones.



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