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Weaving Spiritual Lessons Into Your Everyday Family Life

Weaving Spiritual Lessons Into Your Everyday Family Life

As any parent knows, time is not, at least, personal time is not! It’s a busy thing being a parent. So often there isn’t time to plan things outside of daily life. However, it’s okay! You can bring spirituality into every moment, if you choose. Just consider the following morning.

Your kid wakes up and comes out. You give him a big hug and kiss and ask him how he’s feeling. You let him know he is loved infinitely. Then you prepare breakfast. Over breakfast your kid initiates a spiritual conversation (because, after all, you talk about this stuff all the time). He says, “I see God everywhere.” And you say, “Oh?” He says, “I see God in the clouds and I see God everywhere…” And you reply, “yep, and the most important place to see God is in yourself.”

You make him a drink of fresh orange juice, which you know he likes. You bring it over to him at the table with a big smile and ask, “Do you know why I smile when I serve you?” “No,” he says. So you smile again and say, “I smile because I’m serving God. Do you think that’s nice?” He responds, “Yes, that is nice, because I’m God.” “Yes,” you say, and leave him to his juice.

Meanwhile you get your baby ready for her meal. The bib for today happens to say ‘princess’ so you show it to her, telling her that “God is the King and Queen and you’re the daughter of God (the princess!)” You’re into baby signing so to say grace you sign thank you God along with your baby, teaching as she points upwards to sign God, “That’s right. God above you and, God’s also inside of you!” as you point to her heart.

So, your son’s finished his meal, and, as you are working on manners, he chooses to thank you this time. “Thank you Mummy for the food.” “You’re welcome,” you say. “It’s not just me. It’s Daddy ….and God too. It’s the nature spirits …and the farmers. So there are lots of people to thank, although God’s the source of all of it.”

Well, that’s it for eating. It’s time for some books! Your son, as many boys do, loves vehicles. This one’s about helicopters. After reading a page you pause to observe, “Helicopters fly through the air without the use of wings. Like Angels. Except angels don’t use propellers! Or fuel! Their fuel is God!”

Next you get out some playdough for your son. You join him creating and shaping the playdough into all sorts of things. When something doesn’t work out the way you would like it to, you mold it again, explaining, “This is like your life. When you don’t like something you can make it again.”

There’s time for one more activity before nap time. You get out your son’s gears toy, which has lots of gears and, as gears do, they all turn together once connected. While building with him you are inspired to comment, “This shows us what life is like. We’re all connected. If something happens to one person it affects others. We’re all connected to each other. It doesn’t look like I’m connected to you but I am. And you’re connected to Mary and Daddy.” He replies, “I’m connected to everyone!” “Uh huh,” you say.

Well, time to pack up for nap time, tuck in your little baby with a kiss and a wish to fly off the heaven worlds in her spirt. Tuck in your son with love and wish for him to wake up happy and well rested and breathe a sigh of relief that weaving spiritual lessons into your everyday life can be so simple.

This is a very condensed day, and no, we don’t mention God in every sentence or activity. Not that there would be anything wrong with it, per se, after all, God is all-wonderful and the source of all good. Anyhow, I just included it for fun so that you could see real examples of how to include God and spirituality into your everyday busy life. Hope it helps!


Please share your day! How do you find time for spiritual lessons in the midst of family life?



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