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On Fatherhood – by Saint Joseph

On Fatherhood – by Saint Joseph

Those of you who are regulars here know that we call Saint Joseph “Saint Germain” after his ascension name, having had many lives after that distinguished one as the carpenter who was also Jesus’ father.

As a mother, I don’t speak very much about fathers – how can I? And yet today I present to you his words in a form of new age bible study. Why new age? Although Joseph is traditionally a Catholic saint, not all accept that he is in heaven (ascended, as we say) or that he is speaking to those on earth today.

If you are a Father, perhaps you will enjoy these little gems, inspired upon David Lewis on April 7, 2012:

...I was always in a state of humble prayer before my God to be the purest vessel through which my light would shine to protect and seal my son and all of our children in the glory of God, the buoyancy of Spirit and the field of energy that was required for Jesus' mission and purpose to be fulfilled.

Question for yourself: How often are you in a state of prayer?

What does fatherhood represent for you? Have you been a sure, stable source of inspiration, knowledge, protection and support for all your children and also for your spouse?

Question for yourself: How do you measure up to those questions?

...when there is harmony between father and mother, as spouses of the Holy Spirit and beloveds of each other, your children feel the connection between your hearts and minds, and there is naturally the energy extended to them that represents this integrity and wholeness, which they pick up on and which nurtures them as a spiritual energy field for their protection and their own integration.

Question for yourself: Have you considered how the interactions between you and your spouse influence your children?

I speak on this matter because at times our best disciples become so busy with doing various projects that there is an ignoring of their responsibility as fathers and mothers to be present, to be a listening ear, to be a receptive and understanding heart and soul that allows the messages of life and the lessons of life to be learned by the loved ones who are in their care and whom they serve. 

Question for yourself: Are you there for your family?


How did you measure up?


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