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The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2010, Part 3

The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2010, Part 3

For our 3rd and final selection of quotes from the Ascended Masters from 2010, I have chosen my favorite quotes that I have found while searching our database for the word 'children'. Here they are, then, with a summary comment by me:

Women raising their children are the child’s original teachers:

The women have held the heart at the hearth and the home with Vesta and the vestal virgins for eons. They have kept the flame in the homes, raised the children. They are the original teachers within the family and the communities, who impress upon their children the truth. They allow that light to flow through their bosoms when they breastfeed, sharing the essence of their heart as the child grows. And when that child is old enough and has the nurturing of that mother love and light, the father can show the child other things. But without that first training and teaching and essence of the mother, we would not be whole.

Discourse inspired by Saint Germain, August 13, 2010


If you weren’t raised perfectly (and who was?), choose to forgive your parents for their mistakes:

Don't blame your parents for who you are or who you think you aren't. Don't be caught in that web of blame: “Oh, my parents were dysfunctional; my family was dysfunctional; therefore I'm dysfunctional.” That's hogwash. We all have free will. We have responsibility as sons and daughters of God and it's time we forgive previous generations for their seeming imbalances and misunderstandings and realize we have our own divine inner teacher, our own inner parents.

Discourse inspired by Saint Germain, August 13, 2010


The souls of the seventh root race are now embodying and it is up to us to help them:

Yes, the seventh root race is embodying even now. And some of the children within this continent* have come and volunteered to fulfill a greater mission on behalf of the entire Earth. You can help them, blessed ones, by knowing who you are and by teaching them the way through a proper means of education that is far beyond that which the systems of today teach and offer. You must teach them the truth of their Higher nature. You must demonstrate heart-centeredness in all that you do. You must prepare a platform for them to give their gifts of the spirit in ways and means that will elevate the entire race unto a new divine culture of beauty, of grace and of oneness. Will you do this, each one, in ways great and small, blessed hearts, and honor the integrity of this seventh root race aborning even in your midst? [Audience replies, "Yes!"]

Heartstream by Archangel Michael, October 8, 2010

*This was delivered in Santiago, Chile


God is with us and is speaking to the hearts and minds of our children:

We are with you blessed ones, and speak often to the hearts and minds of the children. All that we do is for future generations to understand and learn such that generation to generation each new lifestream will receive exactly what he or she requires for their life path through the true teachers of humanity, those who have heart, those who live through their heart, those who emanate true love-wisdom through their own heart/mind connection.

Heartstream by God Meru, October 12 2010



What is your favorite quote or teaching and why?




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