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Parenting for the Aquarian Age – Abortion and Conception

Parenting for the Aquarian Age – Abortion and Conception

It’s been a while since we visited the topic of abortion. Unfortunately  ? in this land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ?  it’s still too often a controversial topic. The ascended masters have been very clear on this issue. It is one on which they will not compromise. While all have the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it must not compromise the right to life itself. Today I’d like to share some comments given October 27, 2019 by David Lewis and inspired by Mother Mary. She, of course, is the one Catholics pray to for the ending of abortion and she is also the mother of Jesus, among others (yes, Jesus had siblings!) Some thoughts relative to conception and abortion follow:

So, in Mother Mary's retreat I saw thousands and thousands of young women, girls as well as fathers-to-be who are young boys and men. All were coming to understand the nature of life, the nature of the development of life and of how God has embedded his/her spirit within this life and how we, the conscious ones upon Earth, can consciously involve ourselves in this creation, this co-creation by participating in the most optimal development of the body temple. We can be doing things that safeguard that life, first and foremost, and then allow it to develop beautifully, reverently, holily with all of the faculties coming unto fruition within that little body temple and of the greater faculties of the spirit and the soul also developing simultaneously.

And although the soul is already in a sense developed, yet it must have a house, a vehicle through which to express, and of how miraculous it is that this spirit actually then proceeds into the auric field of the little being in gestation—at some point during gestation—in utero, and then when the actual birth occurs through the woman's birth channel, there is the miracle of life that we all know as a most amazing alchemy.

....And we can even choose, through a higher awareness, to involve ourselves in the immaculate conception of souls of a higher order, spirits that are more developed, souls who in past lives have wielded great divine light and who now seek incarnation in order to bring to Earth the higher teachings of the Aquarian Age.

....As we engage in the holiness of life itself and the co-creation of life, we fulfill our purpose—becoming closer to God, becoming more God-like as fathers and mothers. The closest we can come to understanding who God is and what God is, is when we engage in co-creation with a partner in this sacred yielding of ourselves to the process of creation itself, allowing the Spirit to move through us and the energies and the powers of heaven to flow through our chakras and through our physical vehicle so that this beautiful life form can come forth and emerge within our plane of being.

When man and woman understand the sanctity of life and first, of their own life, then they will never dishonor their own being through licentiousness or perversions of the life force. They will guard that light as Jesus shared in the parable of the ten wise virgins.1 

....Kahlil Gibran said that in effect our children are not ours; they come through us, but they are not ours, and this is true. The soul has its own destiny, the soul has its mission; we are simply here to help facilitate it, yes, to guide it, to nurture it, to protect it until it is old enough, conscious enough to go forth into the world to co-create its own destiny.


Which of these thoughts most resonated with you?




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