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Loved Rice is Happy Rice

Loved Rice is Happy Rice

So, looking at the picture here you are probably wondering what happened and why the jars of rice are different colors.

Or, to be more precise, why two look like different shades of mold (do you know I spied red mold in one of them recently?) and the other looks normal? Well, normal that is, if it were freshly cooked. It’s actually 12 weeks old. Honest!

No, I didn’t do anything different to the jars. In fact, all the jars were identical, freshly washed and filled with identical organic cooked brown rice.

After that however, it’s a different story. I stuck labels on the jars that the kids and I had made, based loosely on what I saw online.

Every day I spoke to the jars, according to the labels. Of course, the ignore one was ignored. My kids weren’t so active talking to them but that’s okay. They can still see the experiment and witness the results.

I didn’t know if it was going to work for me, but it had worked for others, judging by the many experiment photos posted online.

Imagine how thrilled I was when my ‘good’ jar started to stay immune to the burgeoning mold blossoming in the other two, thanks to sitting out on my kitchen counter over the summer.

The more it worked, the more I really did want to send love and thanks to that jar. Wouldn’t you? (By the way, the words ‘thank you’ were stuck on the back.)

What a cool experiment! I have no idea how long this is going to last but I’m curious to see.

I now bless my rice and pray over it as well, just for good measure.

My mother-in-law asked me what I’ve been doing to preserve the rice. I said, love and gratitude. Truly! This is motivating me to start talking to my body and my family member’s photos with the same love and gratitude. And what else?

The coolest thing is, Dr. Emoto believed that water is the great retainer of memories and vibration, even the water in this rice, which is probably why this experiment works. We are 60% water, more or less depending on your age. How much then can we charge our own bodies with “love and light”? Unlimited, it seems.

Try this experiment with your kids
 It will be a great visual reminder of the power of our intentions, thoughts, feelings and words!

P.S. What are our prayers and songs but ways to charge us with love and light, and our whole beautiful ‘water planet’ too?

If you do this experiment, let us know how it went!



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