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Spiritual Conversations With an 8-Year-Old

Spiritual Conversations With an 8-Year-Old

Today I’d like to share just a nugget of little things kids say. I personally love Memories of Heaven by Wayne Dyer. In it he shares countless children’s memories of heaven as well as their current connection. I remember one bittersweet moment where a little child was heard bending over their baby sibling and saying how they missed heaven and were beginning to forget it and to please tell them about it. Or the one of the kid trying to jump off the crib (ouch!) because they were trying to fly like they did in heaven.

With that in mind, I’d like to share the couple of memories I took the time to write down this year from my 8-year-old.

One day when I’d expressed my reticence about the animal games she and her siblings were playing, her older sibling suggested a game where you get to visit the heavenly retreats. Next thing you know your 8-year-old is dressed up like a Goddess and seated on a ‘throne’ surrounded by plants, angel statues and a ‘violet flame’ carpet. She, as ‘Goddess’/‘God’ goes to 'fetch' her little sister to take her to heaven. Turns out the little sister’s karma wasn't good enough to have her stay in heaven so she was told she has to go back to earth, but she can stay in heaven a little while first. Then she announces, "I think when you come to earth you should take this little soul with you.  She needs a new home." Then handed a doll (i.e. baby) over.

So sweet.

Another time when I was outside weeding with my 8-year-old the topic of bright light comes up – I don’t remember why, perhaps because it’s always bright and sunny outside in Arizona. She casually volunteered that the nice thing about when she sees her angel is it’s really bright but seeing her doesn’t hurt her eyes. I didn’t ask for this comment, nor did I unduly praise it. Instead, I took it as fact and treated it as special and yet normal.

She thinks she’s more spiritual than me because she can see angels and I can’t – and maybe that’s true! But even then, I try to keep her humble and say, there is more than one way to express spirituality – but yes, you are truly blessed.


Do  you know of a child in your family who has had a spiritual experience? If it’s not too private, we’d love to have you share below!



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