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Nourish Your Children, But Not Just Their Stomachs!

Nourish Your Children, But Not Just Their Stomachs!

Nourish your children, not just their stomachs but their heart and head as well. Feed them, but not only food, but of the spirit. For we are spiritual beings and not merely these flesh and blood bodies. When our children realize, and recognize themselves as divine beings (which they are) the world will be transformed!

Can you imagine the world, as I see it, with children everywhere, now grown up as adults and raising their own children, yet fully conscious of themselves as God-free beings? What a wonderful place! Surely, then, war will be no more, for as we realize (with real-eyes) ourselves as brothers, it makes no sense to fight each other.

A message from the heart is a great way to start this process with your kids. Don’t wait for another day! Today is the best day you can ever have. In fact, the only one!

As your children know themselves as Gods we will see the long awaited Golden Age become more manifest on earth. And indeed, how could it NOT manifest, with such awakened hearts? Perhaps the first place to start is by awakening ourselves!

While children often look to their parents – and it is right – for we must be the divine example, we can also look to our children in some senses as the example of the childlike spirit of faith and hope, which after all, is of God. Jesus said we must become as a little child to enter the kingdom of heaven. So, as we teach our kids and lead from the heart, let us learn from them too, and soon, may a golden age ensue! Thank heaven for all the advanced souls who are taking embodiment in this hour – and even for the not so advanced ones, for we have personal lessons to learn from them too!

Speak up! How do you see the Golden Age manifesting and how do you see it relate to our children and their/our own self-awareness?



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