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The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2012, Part 1

The Best of the Masters’ Quotes on Children: 2012, Part 1


As we go through the printed Hearts Center teachings relating to children, today let’s check on 10 years ago and see what was being said and what we can learn. These quotes were all found by searching the free library with the keyword ‘children’. I’m sure even more would be found if you searched on other keywords such as ‘child’ and ‘family’! Today, here are just a few of my favorites:


Do you have younger kids? Then these quotes are for you!


 We are also there at the dawning of a soul's incarnation in time and space to assist mothers in delivering their children, and often we create an auric field of protection around the womb and around the body temple of the mother to secure that soul's descent into time and space through the birth canal into physicality in your realm.

¾ Heartstream by Virgil, Angel of Deliverance, October 23, 2012



Those of you who are parents and have looked upon your infants know what it is to feel your Godhood as a co-creator of this little being of light. If you can have this same feeling of your own pure state of divinity as you have felt for your children upon holding them in your arms in their infancy, then, dearest ones, you will always know your blessedness, your belovedness to God and to your Higher Self.

¾ Heartstream by John the Beloved, April 05, 2012



Some of you have witnessed the prayers of little children with words that may tickle your funny bone. It is prayers such as these that God hears with great revelry and sends the magnificent archangels of heaven to answer with great joy and spontaneity.

¾ Heartstream by Saint Germain, June 22, 2012



Or perhaps you have older children, soon to leave the nest? Then these teachings are for you! There’s something for everyone!


I am Portia, and I have seen within the lives of some the strain of maintaining a certain spiritual balance vis-à-vis the physical realities of life, of making a living, supporting a family and sometimes an extended family, including some who should be out of the nest and on their own to support themselves. Dearest ones, some of you enable others in ways that do not fully allow them to master their lives, their reality through effort, striving and work. How long will you provide resources that strain your own livelihood and life to the detriment of their own initiatic path, divine plan and soul direction? There are a few of you within this movement who feel so impelled to provide every level of resource and givingness that you are in effect curtailing the greater trajectory of the soul of your most cherished ones, and now you have seen the effects of what I would call excess comfort extended toward these beloved ones....

Therefore I ask some of you to consider just how you have been involved in this beyond what is truly noble or according to the greater plan of your family and loved ones. Yes, dearest ones, when too many resources are provided and some grow up with a silver spoon in their mouths, fed over and over with no effort or little on their own behalf, what is the end result of this dynamic? When some great initiates have consciously chosen a life of hardship in their youth, it was for the very purpose of allowing them to move into the arena of action, of striving, of delivering by their own initiative the light-energy for their self-mastery and for their greater divine progress in life.

There is an entire generation of lifestreams that have been in some way enabled by the materialism of this world beyond what they and their souls have chosen. And, dearest ones, even when a certain basis and foundation of material goods is in a just way provided for your family, your children and the youth at large, it does not mean that you are required to offer them every trinket, every new electronic device, much of which is simply geared for the stimulation of the senses and not toward their divine or spiritual growth or learning.

¾ Heartstream by Portia, April 06, 2012





What stage of parenting do you most enjoy hearing about?


PS. I’m changing the image for this series, replacing the image of David, with one of children and families. The messenger delivers the message, but it’s not about him, it’s about the message. :)




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