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How Your Children Can Benefit From Nature

How Your Children Can Benefit From Nature

I came across this message today from the ascended lady master Portia. I was fascinated with it, having just read a similar thing in the Anastasia books.* I quote beloved Portia:

How long, O mankind, will you be engaged in the level of materialism that does not move forward civilization as a whole? One of the reasons that we have encouraged all of you to engage in permaculture and gardening is that within the experience, you become involved in the natural processes of life itself by watching a seed that you have planted with your own hands in the soil grow and become a plant that offers its effulgence to you as food and nourishment—a process that God has created, not man through the mechanization concept of his own dream state of unreality.
  Yes, beloved ones, when you fully understand these holy processes within the natural world and engage your children
and grandchildren and all who look to you for guidance and spiritual direction in this work of the hand, the heart and the head—outside, under the sun, breathing the fresh air, engaging in that work that results in the fruit of labor—you will see joy within their souls, a new Ă©lan manifesting in their worlds, and even a spirituality blossoming, flowering within them that you had not seen before.

....What can plants teach us? some of you ask. I say much. What will the birds, the bees, the tiny insects, the worms and those who are integrally involved in the growth cycles of all that you ingest as your food teach us? Well, dearest ones, if you simply listen, if you communicate with the nature spirits and the beloved elementals, much will be given you, and you will be amazed at just how much inner growth will truly manifest within this dynamic.

So there you have it. I was just reading about this from Anastasia, like I said – about how children benefit from being among plants and even bugs because they are more intelligently designed than all the technological inventions of society, which tend to make man more mechanized and less in touch with his soul. Through the living things in nature we can begin to understand the mind of the Creator, whereas the gadgets of society are only created by primitive man, not yet aware of his true identity. Through observing nature, we may notice the Creator speaking through his acts. I am ever amazed at how a seed or a dormant orchid knows just what plant or breathtaking flower to bring forth. It makes me wonder just what seed God planted inside of each of us?

So, with that, I’m out to see how my plants are doing. And maybe I can plant some seeds and share them with my kids!


Share your experiences in gardening with the children in your life!


*Chapter 14 from The Space of Love, Book 3 of The Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre (out of print but still for sale used) 




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