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Archangel Michael Fiat

Archangel Michael Fiat


I AM always trusting Michael 'midst tribulation's plight!


10.023 I AM Standing Now With Michael Prayer-33x 

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In the name of Alpha and Omega, Hercules and Amazonia, Archangel Michael and Faith, Micah and Unity, all Legions of Blue Lightning Angels and Defenders of the Faith, Lives, Mission, Joy and Heart/Head/Hands of all Lightbearers, and their families as well as their homes, sanctuaries and vehicles throughout the cosmos, I affirm:


I AM standing now with Michael, defending every soul! I AM always true to Michael; his mission is my goal!


I AM praying now to Michael to save all sentient beings! I AM flying now with Michael amid his blue-fire wings!


I AM soaring now with Michael around the Earth each day! I AM serving now with Michael; I’m always in the fray!


I AM blazing now with Michael blue lightning far and wide! I AM helping all with Michael, forever at his side!


I AM staying near to Michael through Armageddon’s night! I AM always trusting Michael ‘midst tribulation’s plight!


I AM ever calling Michael to save, protect, defend! I AM loving blessed Michael, my dearest angel friend!



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