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Fortuna Abundance Prayer

Fortuna Abundance Prayer

I AM Fortuna’s Partner 50.024

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I AM Fortuna’s partner to manifest money and abundance in my world! Beloved I AM Presence and beloved Fortuna, I thank you for being my partner in manifesting money and abundance. Guard and overshine me that I may know your perfect will, and direct and guide use this money and abundance to support your projects in the Earth.

I AM Fortuna’s partner. I manifest God-supply.
I AM abundance flowing from em’rald hosts on high.
I AM abundance flowing by all God’s love-desire.
I AM abundance flowing; I love the sacred fire.

I AM abundance flowing, beloved great I AM.
I AM abundance flowing; my treasure, thy command.
I AM abundance flowing, supplied e’er by your hand.
I AM abundance flowing right now in ev’ry land.

I AM abundance flowing everywhere I go.
I AM abundance flowing to all who claim it so.
I AM abundance flowing; I see my radiance grow.
I AM abundance flowing; gold’s mine in sacred flow.

I AM abundance flowing; all cares I’ve had take flight.
I AM abundance flowing; a crystal river bright.
I AM abundance flowing, bringing healing light.
I AM abundance flowing; O what a glorious sight!

I AM abundance flowing; I know my sacred worth.
I AM abundance flowing through me to all on Earth.
I AM abundance flowing. I see God’s heart so kind.
I AM abundance flowing to raise each heart and mind.

I AM abundance flowing to all on Earth today.
I AM abundance flowing so all on Earth can say,
I AM abundance flowing to raise the Earth God’s way;
I AM abundance flowing to raise the Earth to stay!

Everywhere forever! Beloved I AM! AUM


Submitted by a heartfriend. Used with permission.
Copyright © 2008 The Hearts Center®. All rights reserved.
Released April 5, 2008. Rev. 06-01-11.




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